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  1. I see nothing has changed. The usual suspects believing there is no agenda against Rangers. The usual arseholes working for a rag that wants us cleansed from Scottish society. Rangers fans my arse.
  2. That's how i see it. A totally different game to the 6-2. In all honesty that was a freak result where every chance we had went in. I think Hibs will line up differently and not be as open as they were then. We have still to really be tested but i think we will come out on top by the odd goal or two. 2-1 or 3-1 Gers.
  3. Only way to combat it is with one Pro Union Party against the SNP. Won't happen i know but Labour is finished in Scotland and the Lib Dems are an irrelevance. Those voting SNP simply have no respect for the traditions and history associated with Rangers.
  4. It will be one winger. Our midfield was over run by fecking Livingston on Saturday because we played with two wide men. I think it will be tighter in the middle as a result.
  5. I think at most there will be 3 or 4 changes. 2 he is forced to make with Vuckic and Faure out injured. He isn't going to make wholesale changes in his 1st or 2nd game. He will assess each position and look to see what can be improved with what he has at his disposal. And with a dearth of choices in defence i am not expecting to see many changes at the back. Only one looks to be Bell returning from injury going by his comments in the media. Most managers go with the train of thought that experience is crucial in the defence. Midfield and up front they can be a bit more adventurous. So is it going to be Templeton for Vuckic and Sinnamon or McGregor at RB. I have a feeling Black will return tonight and Hutton will be dropped. I just can't see him dropping Law having worked closely with him at Motherwell. One other change may be up front with Shiels maybe looked at in place of Clark.
  6. But but but the new board will bring the fans flooding back. All the boycotters who stayed away did so because of the spivs.....
  7. Same failings from the same players. McCulloch too deep. Law anonymous and Miller running about doing nothing.
  8. You obviously know nothing about man management and positive speaking.
  9. Kenny's expecting a tough game....just like McCoist before him. Full of negative rubbish.
  10. Oh and drop that useless waste of space Law as well. An ever present mystery to me
  11. 4-0 Rangers Jig 2 and Boyd 2. Copyright ..the clueless fan who knows nothing about football and thinks McCoist is a great manager!!!
  12. McCulloch and Miller fit means only one thing. McCulloch definitely waltzing back in and Miller may do so as well. With Zaliukas out also we could (god forbid) have looked to repeat the success of young Murdoch. Sinnamon and Halkett could have been used but won't be. Another scrappy game awaits.
  13. Pace is the key and without it we struggle. Murdoch has brought more pace and urgency in to the midfield as has Vuckic. Up front we need to match that pace. Walsh and Hardie are deserving of a call up to the squad but not a start...yet. If McCulloch is fit he will return so no point thinking otherwise. And if he does it reinforces my belief about him having a clause to start every game. Mbabu had his first training session this week so he may figure as well. Going to be harsh on some of the lads if we do go on a winning run then the Newcastle lads get fit and take their place.
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