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  1. That's how I see it in my head what happened tbh , let's hope UEFA do the same and we can take on Leverkusen without Havertz et al.
  2. Yep and as SEMA has said it isn't even being questioned or challenged by anyone, reeks of corruption and desperation from that lot.
  3. Won't even be the same teams involved, players contracts expiring etc and obvious scum reinforcement of players with their tainted CL finances, where is the sporting integrity or even sporting merit?, the whole thing is a joke tbh.
  4. This was of course expected but we gave them an offer to pay for the independent investigation so they wouldn't need to suffer financially they fucked it so now they will be paying part of the bill when we take the SPFL to court.
  5. I actually thought that if we were to get the Investigation then both of them would be suspended as requested at the start, surely they wouldn't be wasting any of their time or am I wrong here.
  6. When he said he was having to come on radio etc to defend himself several times is keeping him away from saving our game or whatever he said along those line can't remember the whole bullshit, ALLOW THE FUCKING INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION THEN YA SPECKY WANK!! defo hiding something tho because the lengths they are going to deflect etc is ridiculous.
  7. There's team that need to be relegated.......unless a board members club is one like Brechin eh.... fucking wanker
  8. Was gonna say maybe as they are all off work on furlough but ye know.......
  9. Armini is World Class but this was too much to turn down in my game.
  10. It's not that hard when you have the script tbh. he still lied several times on national radio though.
  11. Don't forget the part where he said that club directors should come forward about bullying and that none have, then after he hung up one of the hosts/guests i think it may have been English that said he just received a text from a club director stating that 2 clubs reported bullying or pressuring, something like that on the Friday of the vote so there's yet another lie, the whole interview was just lies and bullshit as usual. Hope our stuff is explosive and exposes the corruption and lies spouted for the last 2-3 days from Doncaster.
  12. Doncaster said the loans were requested before the resolution had been put forward then withdrawn after the passing of the resolution and monies paid, so English is correct in asking how were the requests dealt with but Stewart is just sucking doncasters boaby.
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