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  1. TBB - Word change question

    1 They have used the F word in many of their songs in the past so no problem with us using it imo. 2 We used to be up to our necks in the 70s so we have toned it down.
  2. Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    His assist for the fourth goal is something beyond most of our players vision/ability.
  3. Second for them is success. Second for us is failure. That's the difference between us.
  4. Disgusting claims by the mentalist John James this morning re- Walters health. Not going to repeat on here but please don't give his site the hits. Absolute scumbag of a person.
  5. Development squad vs Valencia (Rossiter starts)

    Has its ups& downs.
  6. Development squad vs Valencia (Rossiter starts)

    1-0 Rangers final score.
  7. Development squad vs Valencia (Rossiter starts)

    1-0 Rangers. Zak Rudden with the goal from a penalty after Dallas was fouled.
  8. Dick of a driver.

    Bunch of cnuts behaving like cnunts it seems to me. Total cnuntery by all involved. Anything i missed?
  9. MSPs recommend repeal of OBFA

    That is exactly why it will be repealed.
  10. Injury Update - @4Ladhadadream

    The black knight in the Holy Grail springs to mind.
  11. Colin Stein being my boyhood hero .
  12. Some people just look like they were born to wear the jersey. JC is one of them.
  13. Our club & board are a shambles

    Really?. When were we running on a break even basis?. I know they were directors for a short period of time but we made a loss of £7.535 million that season. Unless you have access to the internal financial monthly figures how would you know. Any evidence would be appreciated.
  14. Willie Vass Pictures.

    Kevin Clancy.
  15. No trashing, simply speaking as a concerned fan. What exactly would you disagree with in the article?.