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  1. Colin re-signed for us in March iirc. His first game was v St Johnstone at Ibrox and resulted in a crowd of 42619 which was the highest attendance of the season to date outwith the game v Celtic in January (70638) Still one of my favourite players alongside Davie Cooper. I have been lucky enough to have met both men and they were two gentlemen who never hid the love they had for our club.
  2. Still got the Rangers my team mag along with all the home programmes v Rennes, Sporting, Torino & Bayern lying in a drawer somewhere.The scarves were fantastic back then and far better than the current offerings.
  3. This is why i wouldn't invest a penny in 72. As soon as RF became the body with the largest membership then certain people seen the importance of combining the fans groups as a way of taking control. The poster who said "if you put 3 Rangers fans on a desert island within a week you would have 4 organizations" summed it up perfectly. As for CH, the guy should be nowhere near our club. Someone with his background would be out the door quicker than Chris Graham once his past was delved into.
  4. A is for Apple, B is for ....... Should be nowhere near our club.
  5. Pos - High intensity pressing from the start, More aggressive style Neg - No subs after an hour.
  6. Something we have never really done in all my time (46 years) of watching us. Used to do my head in, watching us retreat thus allowing both time and space for the opposition to attack us. Even our more successful teams relied far too much on the goalkeepers rather than playing a pressing game
  7. February 1970 is the game you're referring to i think. Scottish cup game at Celtic park where we lost 3-1 Jim Craig scored an own goal and Willie Johnston congratulated him by patting him on the head iirc. I wasn't at the game but remember the pitch was just a mud heap and that Davie Hay scored from 25 yards.
  8. Couldn't disagree with any of that.
  9. But we also had Ally McCoist, our top goalscorer of all time & Scottish internationalist who turned out to be imo the worst manager in our history.
  10. Is the photo of the pitch from today ?. If so i have seen it look a lot better even at this time of year.
  11. Lewis Mayo, Stephen Kelly & Jack Thomson are the other Rangers players.
  12. So 5Live say he has been confirmed and RS say nothing has been confirmed but that he is the No1 choice. Good to see the BBC covering all bases.
  13. You have no idea if AML wanted assurances or even if he spoke to anyone at the club. You don't know the amount (if any) that may due to MW/DW/FMP I would expect the final decision on both appointments will be made by all on the board and not just one man. If as i have been told MW wasn't DKs choice of manager that seems back this position up. In what way is he "hiding and not giving a fuck". Once again you are not privy to what is happening in private between the various people involved. Far more important we get the right people into the jobs regardless of any timescale imo.
  14. Is it not more important to get the right people in the DOF & Manager roles rather than any timescale set by impatient supporters.
  15. I agree that this discussion is for another time so won't add to it. Never met BMN in person but wish him well in his battle with this terrible illness.