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  1. Could understand the first game as both teams were looking to get fitness levels up before Europa League games but surely a different team could have been chosen for tomorrow.
  2. Was reported last week mate.
  3. Goram Jardine, Gough, McKinnon, Numan. Laudrup, Souness, A MacDonald, Cooper. D Johnstone, Mols. Cant believe i've left out Gazza & Durrant. By fuck and we have been spoiled throughout the years.
  4. Remember it well. Over 41,000 in the ground and a really competitive game. We could compete with, and defeat many of the best England had to offer around this time. We really were the biggest club in the UK with the best stadium and a team of internationalists. Always thought it would be like this but then Sky tv came along.
  5. Remember the left-back Di Meco putting in a sliding tackle that lasted for about 20 yards followed by Ian Ferguson telling him "you're mental" which was ironic coming from Fergie.
  6. Twice i believe. Went to Monaco for a season in between his two spells at Marseille. They were some team tbf.
  7. Was that not Frank Sauzee?
  8. They have been the "establishment club" for some time now with their various board members.
  9. SPFL admitted in 2015 there was no legal mechanism open to them in which title-stripping was possible.
  10. A bit too good tbf.
  11. At least he didn't have to flee the country whilst be pursued by both the UDA & UVF like poor old John (Donate or i'm quiting) James. Imagine not being able to return to Glasgow because you would be assassinated upon leaving the airport.
  12. Are you saying it isn't?. Ill Phil 5 names/1 jacket, James Clabby/Kirk, Mad Joe O'Rourke, Pat McVey (Auldheid) all say it is a respected site and they can't all be wrong again surely.
  13. Didn't bother checking to see so i replace the fat mess that is Andy Muirhead with the man with a set of teeth that Neil Lennon would be ashamed of, Paul Brennan.
  14. I thought that the fat mess that is Andy Muirhead had folded his anti-Rangers Scotzine site but i guess if there's still money to be made from hating us he will be near the front of the queue. Child support must be expensive.
  15. No urgency when going forward allows them to organize themselves. No attempt to press high and win the ball back quickly. No threat from the few set-pieces we have had. No-one demanding the ball. No passing movements of any purpose. Apart from that pretty poor