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  1. Wallace - Rangers Seb Faure - retired Bilel Moshni - Unattached
  2. One way to ensure he starts a game i suppose.
  3. Second for them is success. Second for us is failure. That's the difference between us.
  4. Read the Rangers forums. Lift a story that you know nothing about. Put a negative spin on it. Add on a few lies that weren't in the original article. Write "Exclusive" on your headline knowing no-one else has made this up. Job done. I think i have the makings of an award winning Scottish sports journalist.
  5. Canelo for me. Hard one to call though with many people basing their opinion on GGGs last couple of fights. Whether he knew he was going to win without much trouble beforehand or if he is slightly dipping is key imo. I believe Alvarez is a fighter who is improving, whilst it may be that Golovkins best years are behind him. Great matchup though and a throwback to the glory years of the early - mid eighties with Hagler, Hearns, Leonard &Duran all fighting each other.
  6. The BBC aren't banned from Ibrox. Chris McLauchlan isn't banned from Ibrox. Rangers withdrew his press accreditation for continued lies regarding the club. The BBC then decided to withdraw all reporters from covering home games.
  7. Think you are safe enough for another 24 years as it won't happen. No matter the part of the ground chosen (if it ever comes to fruition) there will be people not happy, which i understand totally. As long as the GR is left to the moaning oldies like myself.
  8. As a GR4,5&7 occupant for nearly 40 years i think you'll find i outrank you.
  9. Govan Front would be ideal imo. Large enough to accommodate those interested plus given the positioning of the cameras would create the best visual impression. Given they are among the best (expensive) seats the club would disagree i suspect.
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