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  1. I think i'm right in saying that Stephen Wright was a coach in the youth system about 10 years or so ago.
  2. Is he painting the house? Seen him give away a penalty versus Luton last week. Never a foul to be fair.
  3. The Sunday Mail is linking us with a move for him. Also claiming Ryan Jack is a done deal.
  4. You could be an honorary Highlander in that case.
  5. It's a highland thing.
  6. Looks better in real life. Allowed her to borrow my umbrella a few years ago much to the Accies players amusement.
  7. Never mind his singing he would be a better signing.
  8. You could be right but it is to me. The team should return to the park as one and not the 2 or 3 at a time we witnessed last night.
  9. He was in our youth system mate before being released and going to St Mirren. I think we had a choice, either to keep him or Rhys McCabe and chose Rhys.
  10. Beerman reminds me of Tom Cowan, who played left-back in the early 90s. Technically decent, who impresses going forward more than actual defending. At least there is something there to work with and improve unlike the majority of his teammates who showed no desire or pride in their performance. Aidan Wilson & Jamie Barjonas will also play a part in the team going forward in the years to come.
  11. 2nd place for Aberdeen is success. 2nd place for Rangers is failure. That's the difference.
  12. Is Wilson not out for the season?, unless of course you're referring to young Aidan Wilson.
  13. This is just the fund raising vehicle is it not hence the nature of business description ?.
  14. Dynamo Kiev 2-0.
  15. They paid nearly 30k for both the damaged seats and also for Kilmarnock to stay silent. We played a reserve game there the following night and the rows of broken seats were clearly evident.