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  1. I shall be attending, Fuck the BBC.
  2. Best rendition I've heard of that outwith a sasbash. Tremendous.
  3. Fuck the lot of them, we are the billy boys. Quis Separabit
  4. Get the bigotry started brer, cunts are actually discussing fitbaw on here.
  5. I could be wrong but didn't Boyce score more than Dembele one season?
  6. We do have other strikers in our squad tbf
  7. I really like Kamara but without Morelos we'd be further behind the Tarriers this season.
  8. Still by far our best player.
  9. I loved Amo as player and don't doubt he he loves the Club but like many ex players he see's our support as easy to fleece - we are far too generous and rarely is that reciprocated by ex players.
  10. Rest in Peace Mr Caldow. To absent friends..
  11. We need to match their physicality so McCrorie could be a shout.
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