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  1. theweebluenose

    Tell all the tims you know....

    This is why we can't have nice things.
  2. theweebluenose

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Happy with those, away ones in particular. Pisses over our Puma offerings.
  3. theweebluenose

    Can’t see a thread on here about this piece of shite.

    The guy is utter scum, not far off Phil MacGobblegvier these days. And to think he actually managed to attend a Rangers game a few seasons back and not only make it out unscathed but actually had some utter throbber ask for a selfie.
  4. theweebluenose


    Didn't realise that, thought the just played both full back positions.
  5. theweebluenose


    Unless we get in another CB in I can't see us letting him go, especially since Cardoso is clearly being punted. If he does that would leave us just Katic, Goldson and McCrorie as senior players who play CB.
  6. theweebluenose

    Louden Loyal RSC

    I hope it wasn't thehost.. What an utter embarrassment the Marshalls are
  7. theweebluenose

    Louden Loyal RSC

    Grassing Bastards Loyal.
  8. theweebluenose

    Gerrard wanting total commitment

    The half arsed attempts to press and win the ball back were probably the most frustrating thing to watch last season, glad its being addressed early on.
  9. theweebluenose

    Of all the signings !

    The loans we seem to be signing year after year concern me, second and third rate youth players who get hyped up because they play for a big Club. I'm all for using the loan system but we are accepting cast offs rather than going for quality.
  10. theweebluenose

    Brandon Barker

    If this is the level of player on loan we are targeting I'd rather we didn't bother. Surely we can aim higher?
  11. theweebluenose

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Get it roon yeez ya Argie Cunts!
  12. theweebluenose

    Johnny Hubbard

    The word legend gets passed about far too easy these days Mr Hubbard however was a man befitting that title, he will be sorely missed. RIP Mr Hubbard.
  13. theweebluenose

    To the SLO or the ITK - Safe-Standing - any updates?

    A Tarrier.
  14. theweebluenose

    Season Tickets

    First season ticket since our last season in the Championship just confirmed there, in BF1 which should be interesting. Had to get my auld man to order it for us as there's no way I would manage to do so at work, only worry is that auld bastard has all my bank details now!
  15. theweebluenose


    Herrera's having an absolute cracker of a game.