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  1. Noticed a SAS flag on the UB secton aswell, fantastic.
  2. I think that's him at his medical, shocking that the paparazzi got to take that.
  3. Is that him in London mate?
  4. I geniunely thought backup's posts were Jeffrey at it again.
  5. Apparently the cunt tried to get Federer to sign his tap and was dinghied!
  6. How are the filthy Taig cunts you share this podcast with? Good Lhads?
  7. Looks like dek is cocking Rangerswuls.
  8. I was enjoying the news until I saw this.
  9. He's better at being backup than the real backup.
  10. That's them made up for us signing Mo Johnston, don't think we'll ever recover from this.
  11. Good to see us get this one over the line, welcome to the famous big man.
  12. His first press conference will be interesting. No doubt the only Club he wanted to sign for and something about the Lisbon Lion's.
  13. https://m.facebook.com/events/blackpool-pleasure-beach/blackpool-true-blues-rsc-end-of-season-party-2019/347743046067715/
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