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  1. West Ham are cunts but I did find that chant funny.
  2. Zola, Roberto Carlos, Lampard, Zidane, Pirlo and Drogba. There's current players I really enjoy watching but don't have the same attachment as the above players.
  3. Reporting an International War Crime at their local Police Station like those Scottish Resistance crackpots.
  4. Rest in Peace Mr Brown, a great ambassador for our Club to the end.
  5. "Our game" Screams of the backwards attitude that will always ensure that Scottish fitbaw will stay a backwater, don't want uppity foreign players getting above their stations.
  6. Chris Sutton and Hartson, good guys who played the game the right way? Got to there and had to give up.
  7. Sounds like he's accusing you of being a Taig mate, shocking behaviour from Redwhiteandblue.
  8. Just need Sutton for a hat trick.
  9. Dr Biomechanics at it too.
  10. They'll go for the celebrations and Alfie's gesture no doubt, if they don't the meltdown will be unreal
  11. If Christie is being cited no doubt there will be several for us to come.
  12. Aye but its different cos Sevco....
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