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  1. "We need to talk to you in private Neil, somewhere nobody would expect to find you..".
  2. theweebluenose


    He definitely gets it, as do a lot of our squad now. Night and day from the last few seasons.
  3. Shitebag blade merchants, no doubt those Govan Emerald cunts who aided the Croats.
  4. Did the cunts no try it at the WRC last year? Need to return the swerve, cunts have been getting far too brave.
  5. Cunts think they have a rivalry with us haha.
  6. John it is, their Reserve Keeper who thinks he's a Lisbon Lion. Absolute crackpot, makes pishy pants Auld look sane.
  7. I think some time on the sidelines and pep talks from Gerrard and Gough have been good for him, has been brilliant recently.
  8. I hope Fallon survives as he's fucking hilarious.
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