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  1. I had to take a step away from my desk when I first read this, absolutely gutted. Thoughts go to his family at this time, Rest easy Fernando.
  2. Some of the players on that photo still give me the fear.
  3. On current form he'd be ahead of Arfield for me at the moment
  4. The one where they go Ooh ah up the RA, celtic Symphony apparently.
  5. Aye I remember that, don't remember the wee man looking like he was loving life either. No doubt he'll claim he didn't know the significance of the song despite having Ulster Prods as family.
  6. I would cut him some slack if he wasn't actually the cunt filming and sharing it, with a massive grin on his face.
  7. Fucking hilarious having Taigs beside you singing IRA songs.
  8. Looks like he's singing to me, mental as by all accounts before even signing for us he was one of us.
  9. No the Taigs bid never got accepted, he would have signed for them no doubt at all.
  10. Genuinely falling asleep watching this, Steve Clarke sets his teams up to play brutal Football.
  11. Cultkits are selling Deadstock ones at the moment for anyone interested, only a few left. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rangers-97-99-BNWT-Home-Football-Shirt-M-Soccer-Jersey-SPL-Nike/323903191381?pageci=fa75147f-5ec7-49e5-bab0-f5a05360a81f
  12. Welcome to the Rangers family Casper.
  13. Follow with Pride......... Up tha Fucking Wombles!
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