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  1. Great to see Rogers get a cracking reception.
  2. Not too sure about that, the main thing I remember from him was his claims that the UDA were after him for "exposing Sevco."
  3. John James has to be the number one moon howler amongst the Tarrier mentalists which is really saying something, makes Mad Phil and even John Fallon look relatively normal.
  4. True, but some of the mental stuff I've read in the Bears Den in recent years has made me feel like gouging my eyes out.
  5. Potentially better than Kent? I fucking hate this forum at times.
  6. Looking forward to this, reckon there will be a decent turnout. Fuck Wrexham.
  7. Absolutely strolled it yesterday, him and Goldson have been really good together of late.
  8. Van Gaal wae the rapey hover hand.
  9. Politics, mostly between their Casuals as Wrexham's firm are Left Wing Welsh Nationalists who have been known to attend Republican events in the past so obviously get on with the filth.
  10. Guaranteed him and the Wrexham lot will be guests of honour at some Tarrier slophouse, more than likely celtic's mob will be meeting up with them.
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