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  1. Roberto Martinez

    Phantom's the biggest Rangers troll on Twitter, its amazing how often you see people reposting his stuff as if there is any truth in it. Not surprising it was oor Kirk though.
  2. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    You forgot Halliday mate.
  3. ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Lets just forget who his horrible cunt of a Granda was.
  4. The Arsenal in Europe thread

    People said that before his last contract extension and look what happened.
  5. The Arsenal in Europe thread

    Good news that Arsenal are still in Europe, will keep Arsene in the job for another few years. Wenger in Fam.
  6. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Definitely a second account from Bp9, giving himself hauners.
  7. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Has Bp9 got two accounts now?
  8. OBFA to be scrapped

    Yep pretty much, as much as I dislike the OFBA the only reason it was scrapped was as Tarriers were affected. The won't make that mistake twice.
  9. C.Company

    Finally a group worth joining at Ibrox.
  10. Windass stat

    Think how good his stats would be if he put in shift for a full ninety minutes?
  11. Daniel Candeias

    Happy with that, proper grafter and can actual cross a ball for the most part. Him and Tav on their day are great together.
  12. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    Hopefully him and Kenny are offered three year extensions, we miss a bit of experience in our side currently.
  13. Wallace at CB

    Sounds like they are trying to shoehorn him into a position, nothing from what I've ever seen from Wallace suggests he'd be a good option at CB.
  14. Police Yesterday

    It irritates the fuck out me how they get to have their extended celebrations with their scummy fans without interruption whilst attempting to antagonise our fans, not even the supports and players of diddy teams have done that when they have beaten us at Ibrox in recent years. Remember the famous huddle incident Ian Ferguson started at the Piggery? Quickly ushered down the tunnel and slaughtered by the press for almost starting a riot, meanwhile Griffith's scarf incident from last year was almost celebrated by the media.