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  1. Think you can get an adults with no sponsor?
  2. Belter! Still not seen any evidence to prove the hype that surrounds Totti though...... You not watch the season he won the European golden boot? He was awesome that season. He played the lone striker of a 4-2-3-1 If I remember correctly. Great player, bit of a thug at times but.
  3. Totti deciding to kick a lump out of Balotelli.
  4. If they are, I'm going to be rather raging! Only showing the 2nd half, unless it's on the red button? Probably will be, but even still. They've already done this with the Barcelona v Real Madrid game at the start where they only showed the second half. Absolutely ridiculous!
  5. If they are, I'm going to be rather raging!
  6. Oh no. You mentioned him, everyone hide! Let's hope there's not another argument about Adam
  7. Good game so far! Peter Crouch's first touch is just sometimes
  8. As much as I try I will never be a Gent. Really? Had me fooled for a good wee while Well to be honest that's no big challenge fooling you. Yeah, she had the whole world fooled after she ran that 800m... True! you only know me as someone on the internet. I want it to be more I am only one person and so many of you! You can have Lynn instead. Hmm Lynn... I've seen her masturbate... and she's good.
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