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  1. A bit of nonsense in the box from Juve, ref should have done better there, but other than that a deserved win.
  2. I find Liverpool the best entertainment in the EPL tbh. And it has nothing to do with their football.
  3. I remember when Brendan said Liverpool would come second, I didn't think he meant every game.
  4. This guy is furious
  5. Here's an idea, don't open the threads. On a related note
  6. Is it really the fans fault for what their club did? YES IT IS EVERYONE IS THE ENEMY
  7. 0-0, boring as fuck, 4-3, shit defending, can't win eh?
  8. Is this the highlights?
  9. Madina Carroll
  10. Anyone got a link to full highlights of Barca gettign stuffed?
  11. You dont need to get so emotional Barca are shite
  12. 6th best team in England beating Barca :lol: La Liga is pish.
  14. Drogba at half time.