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  1. Wee Josh was the Team Mascot on Saturday!!

    Managed it this morning mate thanks , dunno if it was just cause I was mortal
  2. Wee Josh was the Team Mascot on Saturday!!

    I've tried the donate to josh 3 times today and the link isn't working can anyone help me do it
  3. The Blue Order & Union Bears

    The flags are sound i just think they could be waved a bit less when the ball's in play .
  4. The Blue Order & Union Bears

    I thought the atmosphere was great on Sunday , only slight gripe i had was there was a bit too much flag waving during the game there was quite long periods i could hardly see a thing atall during the second half.
  5. The Blue Order & Union Bears

    which seat number are u mate ? i'm in 17 , i thought it was brill i was total fucked mind you .
  6. The Blue Order & Union Bears

    row h seat 17 for me
  7. The Blue Order & Union Bears

    me and my mate are joined up for next season ! Any ideas on the numbers of the two groups combined ?
  8. Where's the best place to watch OF match in Blackpool?

    the jaggy thistle mate !
  9. Sky Sports, Vote Goal Of The Season.

    done big boogie pishing it
  10. BBC radio 1 today

    quality dry yer eyes papes !
  11. Who Was Your Biggest Inspiration?

    big Arnie ! in a football sense Gazza
  12. Emotions!

    my first love i've always told any bird i've had i'll never love you as much as Rangers , probably why i'm single
  13. The Establishment members list...

    Darth Vader, Quentin Tarentino , Peewee Herman are all good Orangemen
  14. Do the English know just how big we are?

    why does everybody hate him ? cause he's a smug hairy handed bastard !