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  1. fog

    Season tickets

    I got an email tonight but didn’t get chance to look and it’s sold out now. Lets see what happens next year then.
  2. Fully agree but just saying what was said 😉
  3. There is something clearly the clubs can get a payout from, I remember a few weeks back listening to TalkSport through the day they where talking about the situation down here in England and clubs can’t say sorry etc as it will affect the insurance payouts and the insurance companies will be telling them what can and cannot be said.
  4. Apart from it was all over the media way before you posted? 🤔
  5. Send me the PayPal email and I’ll fire over the funds
  6. I’m sure it was announced over the tannoy at the Aberdeen game it was blocked off? I wasn’t there yesterday so can’t comment for yesterday 🙂
  7. Shame it’s not down here.
  8. fog

    ST renewal

    Wonder who has my old seat in West Enclosure I had to give up a few years back 🤔 By all means feel free to not renew and I can have it back 😂
  9. Would be interesting to see if Dorrans was up in a suite at all, he walked over a minute or two ahead of Lafferty and was in the same “travel” track suit.
  10. I was waiting to get out of the Albion car park and he walked past the front of the car. He looked down in the dumps to be fair to the lad.
  11. fog

    New Kit Reveal

    Feel I’ve missed out on the voice over as the video doesn’t work anymore 😂
  12. I’d take Oxford away 😂 saves the 6 hour drive
  13. Someone has had a shocker with the background “music”
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