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  1. Linfield's Away Kit...

    Like the older version?
  2. Linfield's Away Kit...

    Preferred the Orange and blue one they had a few years back
  3. 8 Weeks

    At least we can go and win the challenge cup
  4. Streams

  5. Streams

    This one looks good.
  6. Away Fans.

    £4 is decent I pay more than that a bottle in pubs down here. Posh Cider Loyal
  7. Away Fans.

    It probably depends where you sit. I brought the top in the shop (no boycott here) and the bag it was in got searched Surely if I've paid 5p for a bag I can use it to store what ever I wish
  8. Adam Johnson

    Brutal but getting true.
  9. 2 and half hours away from me... hmm temmpting
  10. 2015/16 Home Kit Revealed

    Have to admit it's the first time I've been up all season. Weekend off as its my birthday and it's a home match
  11. 2015/16 Home Kit Revealed

    Was going go buy it but refuse £6 for next day delivery or £4 for about a week service. It's even £4 to pick it up from a local SD. Hopefully they have it in the shop on Saturday and I'll pick it up then (should be empty with this boycott eh)
  12. New Seventy2 Magazine - Subscriptions Available Now!

    Used to get this Wondered where it went to, might sign up again
  13. Help a bear out

    Never thought of that
  14. Help a bear out

    Doesn't help me get up there though Shame Stoke RSC seems to have disappeared as I used to travel with them a few times a season.
  15. Help a bear out

    Maybe not quite 10 Oxford