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  1. I’d take Oxford away 😂 saves the 6 hour drive
  2. Someone has had a shocker with the background “music”
  3. Is it abuse if it’s the truth? 🤔 😂😂
  4. I’m heartbroken I wasn’t mentioned 💔😂
  5. fog

    ST renewal

    Chances of me ever getting my old seat back are slimmer than me winning jackpot on EuroMillions 😂😂
  6. I waste all my money on “hot hatches” and never do anything with them really. I would have been better keeping one but buying an older hot hatch to use on track days etc, I don’t know how I’d react if I smashed up a brand new car 😂
  7. Wouldn’t surprise me to see LM looking to sell quicker than reported in the press. The ideas they are having to try and improve the sport are not exactly being well received by the big 3 and eventually I can see them giving up trying to “improve” Love it or hate it, a cost cap would in theory make it more competitive and try and level the playing field slightly. The days of someone winning a race from “best of the rest” seems miles away yet.
  8. Wonder if it worked 😂
  9. It would appear he’s down at the mighty Exeter City since January 😂
  10. Looks like it’s been deleted anyway now 😂
  11. Some people focus more on Brown than Rangers at times 😬 Brown thrives off the attention he drums up with his actions and for some reason we as fans give it him on a weekly basis. A few weeks of not giving him the attention he craves and he would soon stop his antics as it isn’t winding anyone up.
  12. Can’t see Defoe getting the service he needs to be up top on his own. Defoe and Lafferty together has the potential to work but guess we don’t see what happened if they’ve tried this in training etc.
  13. Surprised it was super fast tracked to tomorrow morning 😂
  14. Edu last minute goal has to be right up there.
  15. Thought this was well known? 🤔
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