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  1. Like others that are currently there nothing more than ‘bottlers’
  2. How times have changed remember the days when the police took flags off you at games but what about this one
  3. We will learn from that and move on
  4. ps95v7


    The arse fell out our title challenge because to a man they ‘Shat It‘ and we have the same ‘bottlers’ in place for this season
  5. Like the rest of that team that played that day
  6. Pumped by Hamilton at Ibrox and Hearts twice, totally agree shut to Fck up we have the same bottlers as we did last season, unforgivable what they did last season the are still shitebags until I am proved otherwise 😡
  7. He would fit into the Scotland team fine no spine, no bottle and no skill🤣😂
  8. They are having a fkn laugh.........special categories handed out for bottlers to a man 2019/20 will be forever known as the season that was full of “shitebags” and by their own admission “we are not good enough”
  9. Maybe this was the news that would be broken today🤔
  10. Here’s hoping he goes and takes Tavernier with him👍
  11. Could yea, no just Batter the shite who seems to get louder & louder as the interview goes on, there is always one. Otherwise great viewing👍
  12. They were the days Rangers got to Cup Finals and won👍
  13. Fuckin spot one I thought we had got rid of the bridge builders but sadly they are still fkn there under a different disguise
  14. That prick Stewart Robertson should be making noises (instead of taking punters money) he is on the fkn SPL Board
  15. 👍 I was 11 years of age do not think I will see us lifting another trophy in my lifetime in Europe
  16. If this is true and with being disabled and use the ACP where are those that are disabled and have a range of issues going to park? I have emailed RFC to see if they ha e any contingency plans in place for disabled supporters should this be true awaiting response.
  17. Love playing the victim card
  18. Was it not unanimous ? if so the shister SR must’ve voted for it
  19. We were not governed by the SNP or Sturgeons Stormtroopers back then and yea it was in Evening Times or the Evening Citizen😉
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