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  1. Rooney is suffering form that early start to his career now though. He's absolutely shite these days.
  2. 3 Million on transfers. Anything over this and i'd be pleasantly surprised
  3. What is the significance of the picture? Wiki says the first floodlit match was in 1878
  4. Has he? Do you have a link to this?
  5. Naw. See to be honest, Niko was just as shite as Barton. Blowing out his arse whenever he tried to do anything. Fantastic against smaller teams, weak as fuck against anything formidable. A luxury we don't need.
  6. So what happened then? Tailed off into a rant about Union Bears singing. The police left empty handed from what i saw
  7. If we are honest with ourselves, McCann has done nothing to warrant the post. He talks a good game on Sky and we like him for that. Nothing more.
  8. Yeah, hopefully they can keep it up. Previously, they haven't been...
  9. He put a shift in yesterday with the whole team. Hope he can keep it up
  10. Sounds like his voice is finally breaking
  11. Will you resign?
  12. To quote Warburton i am bemused
  13. Miller ruled out then. Bummer.
  14. Really hope it's Miller. I think that will help with the link between the foreign management and the players as they have his respect hands down. All other candidates will not have this apart from Murty.