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  1. He will not play another competitive game for Rangers.
  2. 1. Miller - Class act 2. Dodoo - Needs a regular run of games. I would start him for the remaining games of the season. 3. Waghorn - Scottish Championship level. 4. Garner - Leaps like a salmon to win most balls, can't finish from 3 yards. Needs a striker to play off him. Could start a fight in an empty room.
  3. He's one of our best players. Actually my preference for #3 role but he wanted to keep on playing.Well done. We need to keep him at the club beyond his playing career as well.
  4. I'm not bothered about him leaving us tbh. He's just pretty shite, that's the problem.
  5. From Wiki: ''At Rangers he picked up a Scottish Premier League winners' medal in 2005, and appeared in every game in their UEFA Champions League campaign where he was earmarked by Luis Figo as the player that "impressed him most"'
  6. I can't remember what the lowest BMI is. Something like 24.5. After that I dunno to be honest. I've got a while to worry about that
  7. That wasn't aimed at you mate sorry if it looked that way
  8. exactly mate. people can't win. Laughed at for being fat, laughed at for doing something about it
  9. Not everyone is massive mate. There are a lot of guys there that are standard blokes. Anyway, as i said, not for everyone.
  10. First off, I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed here. I know there are a few topics like this in the Bears Den but I think this can help improve the health of some of our larger Bears like myself! Those who don’t want to go to slimming world or some equivalent, this is playing fitba for guys looking to lose weight. I love playing 5’s with my mates but if anyone has ever played, you’ll know it’s a proper pain in the arse to get a regular thing going ever week and if you’re overweight like me, trying to join a normal team for regular games probably isn’t an option. I spotted ManVFat last year before it started up in Glasgow. It was all over England but hadn’t been set up here yet. I forgot all about it until I started playing 5’s again with my mates a few weeks back but as usual, games were cancelled and there were some really fit players there so it was like chasing shadows. I checked up on it again a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to find that they were near the end of their season! After looking into it again, I joined up on the Saturday night after playing 5’s that day and was playing the next morning! Have a look here and check the page out. One of the teams has uploaded some photos of their squad and it’s a really good indicator of the average size of the players. If you think you’re too big or unfit to play, you are wrong. Some lads are massive, some just carrying some extra pounds and all the in-between. Games are on a Sunday over at Glasgow Green Football Centre. They start around 12pm depending on when your team is up. Although I think this is being changed to an earlier time for next season. Talk is about 10 or 11 start time. There are 3 weeks left and teams are looking for players to play in their cup games. After the 3 weeks, the new season starts 1 week after that so it’s pretty regular. It’s 6 a side, normally with a dedicated keeper, but some of the teams swap their man in the sticks if they are blowing out their arse. Teams can use subs for the same reason. When you join up, you get the What’s App group code and then you are allocated a team and their team What’s App code. I was fucked into the bottom team that hasn’t won a game this season But I don’t mind as it’s a laugh and I’ve lost half a stone and been there only 2 weeks. It’s not for everyone but for me, I just wanted to play some football again. It’s an easier way to lose weight and the motivation is there because if you pile the pounds back on above your start weight, you cost your team an own goal.
  11. Who do we keep? How to we sell? Who in their right mind is gonna buy our shite players?
  12. I agree mate. Most on that park for us were. But to say he should never play for us again i think is too far. Only got 5 games left.
  13. Hyndman has been one of our best players this season. Halliday..more likes takesaday to do anything. Once again, left his man and is strolling back for their first goal. Fucking shambles of a player.
  14. Brutal player. A tank of shit
  15. Plenty can talk a good game on Sky, but it doesn't mean they can do it on the sidelines.