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  1. Yes. I agree. We need someone who has had no success in the past, that's it. That is the answer!
  2. It's not the answer to out predicament, and never will be. This is just timing and papers looking for clicks and paper sales
  3. I don't think it's happening. We would not appoint someone who is failing in the 3rd division as our first team manager. There are other out there that would do the job and have vastly more experience than Barry. Not going to happen.
  4. Didn't know your dug has an account on RM mate
  5. It would be acceptable because Warburton had a specific way of doing things and was hellbent on keeping his philosophy regardless of the situation. Murty is not a manager and the players are getting worse and worse with him. I expect a manager would come in, look at the issues, and try to address them ASAP without worrying about a stupid philosophy
  6. Yeah but the man in charge doesn't know what he's doing. Until we appoint a proper manager, then we can differentiate between warburton and the new manager.
  7. Tav looks up when crossing but to be honest, there is rarely anyone there worth putting a ball in for. Wallace is just a hit n hope
  8. You could write a thread about anyone of the players tonight. Bar Fod though. I don't get why people give him such a hard time. Given the fact he's got a hopeless back 4 in front of him, he's a good keeper. The player should have reacted in a positive manner after the penalty save. They are like a fart in a trance
  9. Yeah i got it wrong mate (tu) . What can i say, it was a shitty stream
  10. Why are you liking these abuse posts to you Ryan?
  11. If you can put up with that tonight, you can fuck right off
  12. Basics. We struggle with basic things. Remember when we couldn't put a corner in past the first man? Now we just take 'em short
  13. Why did you get my hopes up? The game only finished 45 mins ago ffs. Some of the directors were at the game!
  14. My mistake, thought it was Wallace
  15. I don't think he can say no to that without putting his job at risk.