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  1. Recommended signings in the first season lads?
  2. Good read. Surely better to have Bears in this position. Maybe then it wouldn't be such a one sided newspaper?
  3. Miller ruled out then. Bummer.
  4. Really hope it's Miller. I think that will help with the link between the foreign management and the players as they have his respect hands down. All other candidates will not have this apart from Murty.
  5. McCann talks a good game, doesn't means he's a good number 2. Leave him on Sky to back us up on there.
  6. Given what happened wit hour last foreign manager i think Barry Ferguson would be ironic would it not? I'd like Kenny Miller to be the man. I think the players like him, he's passionate about the club and knows the script. I'm not sure if he's ready to hang the boots up yet though. It has to be someone at the club already IMO. Bringing in an outsider i'm not sure it's a good idea. Miller or Murty for me.
  7. We will get another chance. If we can keep our heads and stick together that will be be 1-1 and not 3-1
  8. Had a bad viewing of the Waghorn pen shout. It looked a pen, and no booking? Can anyone shed any light?
  9. I left at 2-0 with my kids as the youngest was tired. Got to the BP garage for a piss. 2-1. Shit. Got to greggs 2-2 wtf is this shit!!! Looped the car round going ASDA way and saw the fans coming out thought we had blown it. Couldn't even bare to turn on sportsound to check. Get in and find out we wont 3-2
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