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  1. If anyone has found a quick way away from Ibrox on match day, no chance they will post about it
  2. The game is too fast for him and he hates it. I thought he was off for that tackle yesterday. That slip kick as was he trying to do. He looked like he didn't have a clue, couldn't be arsed, and pissed off.
  3. What the actual fuck?
  4. Laudrup for me. I tried to be him when i was younger. I had patrick boots similar hair. Tired to run like him with my fingers pointed out like he did. Just idolised him as a player.
  5. Seen a thread like this before and remember the guy saying that the rolls sat in soggy boxes. They were soggy because the terracing was wet. The terracing was wet because of pish.
  6. Would that not be sorted out before hand? I know it's not like that in football manager but reports suggested that it was submitted weeks ago. I don't think he would be coming out for a medical if the permit wasn't in place.
  7. I think keepers are fine for now. All available investment should go into other areas of the park.
  8. And mine. Thank fuck it isn't
  9. Wallace has shown tremendous loyalty to the club in our recent times, but i'm not sure if he is the type of captain we need at Rangers. When the Alves deal looked a stick on, i wondered if Pedro would make him captain. Judging by what he's said on the Rangers website after Alves signed today, i'd say it's not a bad shout...
  10. What did he say?
  11. What was he actually injured with, anyone know?
  12. In addition to the Portuguese Pedro Caixinha would be interested in taking Carlos Peña to Rangers , another of the Mexicans who could leave for Scotland is striker Eduardo Herrera . According to reports Fox Sports , the Pumas attacker could reinforce the new team of Caixinha , who already directed it in 2013 when he was loaned to Santos Laguna and whom he considers a great player in the aerial game. Although he knows that it is difficult to get the Mexican forward, the former coach of Santos would try to take the attempt to take Herrera , as he would also want Javier Abella to be part of his new project. How do you see cracks, do you think Herrera can reach the Rangers ?
  13. Not at all off topic mate. I totally agree, as i said to Thermopylae, you can't get away with eating crap
  14. I agree mate, it's not all about exercise. You can't be tanning takeaways all week and play 6s on a Sunday and expect to lose weight. MVF has given me that motivation though. If i eat poorly and put on weight through the week, it affects the team as much as if i score an own goal on the pitch. So not only do i not want to let myself down, but i don't want to let my team mates down as well. You could (and we have) lose the match on the pitch but actually win the game off it due to players losing weight and hitting their targets. It changes the final score. So you don't have to be a good footballer to help the team win games. Just a good eater