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  1. Leverkusen, Dortmund, Atletico and Juventus £10 @ 10/1
  2. This WC has been brutal for me betting wise, just glad every time messi scores I get another free bet cos I ain't putting any more in! going for it tonight with the two bets he got me today. France (-1.0) & Switzerland (-1.0) double and Griezmann/France and Xhaka/Switzerland Double. Not confident but anything can happen I suppose
  3. Anyone else fancy Bayern and Chelsea to both qualify at 7/2?
  4. Think that horse was in reverse in the back straight!!
  5. Prob more luck than judgement but stuck a couple of quid on 3 draws - Bayern, Barca and Wigan games. No bad return but was nervy towards the end to say the least!
  6. Anyone going for a Juve & Napoli double tomorrow? Hate betting on the europa league usually
  7. Seen demichelis was playing and took will hill up on his offer of messi anytime and barca to win @ 3/1. First winner since November ffs!
  8. Was tempted by valencia anytime and man u to win @19/2 but played safe and took rooney @ 4/1. not had a win in ages either so not too confident!!
  9. £20 on RVP anytime and Man U to win @ 2/1 tonight was good so decided to put £10 of the winnings on super mario anytime and AC to win @ 6/4 just to keep things ticking over
  10. Put £20 on torres anytime and Chelsea to win in 90 @7/4
  11. goals is gomez's game and that ultimately is what Dortmund are losing in lewandowski. Bayern play a similar system to dortmund from what i can gather and the tv commentator said Gomez's record this season was 11 in 11 starts so I don't see why they wouldn't try to get him as he can still do the business in that system
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