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  1. Leverkusen, Dortmund, Atletico and Juventus £10 @ 10/1
  2. This WC has been brutal for me betting wise, just glad every time messi scores I get another free bet cos I ain't putting any more in! going for it tonight with the two bets he got me today. France (-1.0) & Switzerland (-1.0) double and Griezmann/France and Xhaka/Switzerland Double. Not confident but anything can happen I suppose
  3. Anyone else fancy Bayern and Chelsea to both qualify at 7/2?
  4. Think that horse was in reverse in the back straight!!
  5. Prob more luck than judgement but stuck a couple of quid on 3 draws - Bayern, Barca and Wigan games. No bad return but was nervy towards the end to say the least!
  6. Anyone going for a Juve & Napoli double tomorrow? Hate betting on the europa league usually
  7. Seen demichelis was playing and took will hill up on his offer of messi anytime and barca to win @ 3/1. First winner since November ffs!
  8. Was tempted by valencia anytime and man u to win @19/2 but played safe and took rooney @ 4/1. not had a win in ages either so not too confident!!
  9. £20 on RVP anytime and Man U to win @ 2/1 tonight was good so decided to put £10 of the winnings on super mario anytime and AC to win @ 6/4 just to keep things ticking over
  10. Put £20 on torres anytime and Chelsea to win in 90 @7/4
  11. goals is gomez's game and that ultimately is what Dortmund are losing in lewandowski. Bayern play a similar system to dortmund from what i can gather and the tv commentator said Gomez's record this season was 11 in 11 starts so I don't see why they wouldn't try to get him as he can still do the business in that system
  12. Could anyone see Dortmund trying to replace Lewandowski with Gomez?
  13. BBC reporting he has pulled out of the running mate
  14. Just finished watchin it myself and it was very poor. So many of the promos were just cringeworthy and full of botches
  15. What I found most strange and unbelievable about it was when he got lifted on to Brock's shoulders he didnt even attempt to break free. Thought Super Cena would of at least put up a fight!
  16. Did anyone else not particularly enjoy Lord Tensai's debut? Expected a bit better tbh, waddles about like Great Khali!
  17. Where is the best place to get this to watch today?
  18. Another frustrating fight to watch by klitschko
  19. Anyone else watching the klitschko fight tonight?
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