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  1. No it’s not it’s going back in like for like. Hybrid was the plan, but got pulled at the last minute
  2. Don’t like it. The wee 32red logo is a mess.
  3. No really bothered who wins it. Maybe would like to see spurs win it. This could well be the only CL final they will ever reach, where as Liverpool already have 5 titles and you would imagine they will be in more finals in the coming years. Just hope it’s a proper cup final and doesn’t just default into a premier league game
  4. Anyone still waiting on email from credit folk for the 10 month option?
  5. It would be but it’s not about the incident, it’s highlighting the biased procedure that the SPFL implements for a certain club I would appeal it
  6. I’m sure it will be double fast tracked so he can’t
  7. Fucking clown mcgregor i would appeal it but, and let’s juts see how fast the SPFL can assemble and panel to review it, cunts
  8. I done it earlier and still nothing from the finance mob. But had an email fae Rangers saying thank you for renewing blah blah blah so i think it has went through Alright, but Fuck knows
  9. Is there still no 10 month option to pay it up?
  10. Slabbering mess 😂😂😂 right up ye
  11. I’ve still got mine, hardly ever wore it. A timeless classic 🇬🇧
  12. Meh. He has 2 more games with us and that’s it. Just hope he doesn’t Fuck it up against the tims again and take more off his market value.
  13. At least they will give it a go. The sheep are just total shitebags againsts the tims, they are beat before they get on the park. ‘Just happy to be involved’ seems to sum them up.
  14. Because it feeds their victim complex and puts more pressure on the refs, despite them getting most of the decisions anyway. They are sneaky, conniving, wean tampering manky bastards.
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