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  1. I genuinely can’t give my support to any of these fuckwits feel sorry for big eck, couldnt give a fuck about any of the rest of them hopefully that wee no neck cunt gets injured
  2. Was listening to the game at work pishing myself laughing 😂😂 a fenian/sheepshagger fest. Get right up them, possibly the worst result for Scotland ever that’s what happens when you try and destroy your most successful club team
  3. Would love to give a fighting chance but we just can’t finance the amount of players we need all in the one window we are a fickle bunch, let’s be honest, so if he fails to get into Europe next season and doesn’t have an exceptional start to next season then the fans will turn and will be all calling for his head by Xmas Complete shambles of a situation yet again
  4. I think he should go in the summer for the good of the club. he may improve slightly next season but it still won’t be good enough, unless he gets a fortune to spend on players, and by this time next season he will probably get binned and they will have 9 in the bag. Experienced manager in at the summer and hopefully a good manager will have enough to bridge the financial gap with the tims
  5. I can’t even watch him anymore it’s like watching an apprentice at work Fucking things up, knowing it will happen, but not being able to do anything about it. Continue your career down south Stevie and I genuinely hope you do well, but please leave my club before you inflict serious harm I can see some sort of ‘dressing room/training ground bust up’ in the next few weeks and a third place finish
  6. Most of that team and the manager have to go ( he will be a good manager one day , but we simply don’t have time) and it will be another patched up squad which another manager making a cunt of it, until we get lucky. It is a mirror image of the tarriers in our failed 10 campaign.
  7. season done fuck yous cunts SG needs nearly a whole new team by the look of it. And once AM goes we won’t have a threat get rid now and try and salvage us from facing 10
  8. The post old firm game campaign has certainly work for the tarriers fuck right off you corrupt shower of cunts
  9. Fuck knows but a rookie manager (no matter how good a player) would always struggle in the current situation here
  10. So either DK gives him a war chest and buys him good players, or we get a few loans in the summer again and get served up the same shite. SG is not the right man at this time for us, no even close ffs
  11. Another fucking embarrasing end to an embarrassing season. Let’s just end this SG apprenticeship/experiment and get someone in who know what they are doing ffs
  12. Us to get a red or killieto get a pen soon I reckon
  13. SG is out his depth. He will be a good manager one day. But not today, and certainly not in a Rangers team that needs ‘that extra spark’ to Compensate for the tims having much more money done for the season wouldn’t surprise me if he was away in the summer, cos clearly he won’t achieve anything here, and won’t want that against his name. I can see a ‘half decent’ job coming up in England and him being off in summer
  14. Couldn’t give a monkeys Fuck tbh will probably be a draw of some description season is done now so watch most of these fuckwit players stroll about no giving a fuck
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