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  1. 100% agree. But all they need is a 5 second video of somecunt saying FTP and they have won unfortunately. The club should however highlight the clear conflict of interests within their organisation
  2. I know ffs. But these cunts aren’t to be trusted I’ll no be singing absolutely Fuck all the morra night. I hope everyone can keep the heid for 90 mins then start belting out the songs on the car or bus home
  3. So all it takes is an episode of peaky blinders in the background and we are banned fae Europe πŸ€” this FARE mob have clearly transparently massively got an agenda here. The board must at least question their credibility to uefa and clear conflict of interests.
  4. No matter the outcome of tomorrow, or indeed what ever anyone in the ground sings, we will get another charge. All it takes is these cunts to say they heard someone saying or singing something and uefa will jump on it The stadium could be silent for 90 mins and one of these fare cunts will say they heard sectarianism in the fucking woman’s toilet or something it will be 3 strikes after the morra. The fact the club have already KB’ed tickets for next away match, leads me to believe they know will get fucked again, and a real possibly of getting papped out the competition. The board hope that if we qualify the decision to decline tickets will be taken in consideration, but I think the outcome has already been decided.
  5. These FARE cunts will be listening for one wee whisper of TTB or something similar and will be right onto UEFA. Don’t give these wankers the pleasure. If anything is heard tomorrow (and we qualify) they will push for us to be flung out the competition. Make no mistakes. Clear agenda against us, the cunt who runs it and his boot wife Both a pair of rhabid bitter scum bags.
  6. A water break in Paisley ffs maybe global warming is an actual thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. Hopefully he makes at least one sub at HT. we need something different so far it looks like one of those games we could play for hours and not score
  8. Need changes at HT no fucking about waiting until 80 mins ffs
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