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  1. It’s like asking the nazis to have an enquiry about the going’s on at auchwitz ffs. They will come out with some pish about ‘things being missed’ but will accept no blame or responsibility for this. It has to be an independent enquiry no matter what their ‘findings’ are
  2. How are the sizings? Same as the last top?
  3. No it’s not it’s going back in like for like. Hybrid was the plan, but got pulled at the last minute
  4. Don’t like it. The wee 32red logo is a mess.
  5. No really bothered who wins it. Maybe would like to see spurs win it. This could well be the only CL final they will ever reach, where as Liverpool already have 5 titles and you would imagine they will be in more finals in the coming years. Just hope it’s a proper cup final and doesn’t just default into a premier league game
  6. Anyone still waiting on email from credit folk for the 10 month option?
  7. It would be but it’s not about the incident, it’s highlighting the biased procedure that the SPFL implements for a certain club I would appeal it
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