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  1. Good shout OP. £20 odd quid saved for the forseeable 👍🏻
  2. If all teams in the league complete 38 games then fair enough. I still believe best to write this one off and get a complete season next year, but who knows what will happen. We will have a better idea on Tuesday
  3. Aye that’s what I meant. They finish atop of an incompleted league season, no trophy for that
  4. If it ends tomorrow, they finish top of the league, but are not champions. If they give them it, we have to fight it all the way. The fans can’t keep seeing this club getting treated like a doormat. We all blindly fling money at the club every month of the year, so we expect to be defended
  5. Mate a 10 year could understand it easy ffs. You complete 38 games. If you have the most points after those games, you win. Simple watch the dirty tarriers bastards demand the goalposts being moved and new rules to be implemented SPORTING INTEGRITY demands the season should be cancelled and no one crowned champions that’s my stance
  6. I see it as each team must complete 38 games and the winner is who ever has most points after those 38 games. Any game that has been postponed or has started and been called off during the game for what ever reason shall not count towards the 38 games required to complete the season. So in theory you could play or at least start more that 38 games in a season, however only if a game is concluded it will count towards the points tally and Be recognised as one of the 38 games required to complete the season. Only once all teams have played those 38 games, a winner can be determined
  7. England is probably the one league where no one would really have an issue with crowning Liverpool champions This season. But most other leagues are close and have large rivalries at the top (Barca/real etc) no way the rest of the teams in the other leagues are going to just accept this imo and if every other league declares null and void, I don’t think England (the so called best league in the world) would deviate from the rest, and in turn Scotland and the rest of uk would so what England do
  8. I would hope the relegation/promotion issue to the EPL would help in this instance. Means potentially 3 would have it go down with games remaining, losing mega bucks. Also promotion not decided, mega bucks at stake again mirror that all over Europe and you have a complete cluster Fuck the easiest and fairest way is to just void everything, discard season 2019/20 and start again when we can
  9. Klopp comes out with a compassionate statement despite Liverpool possibly not winning their first title in 30 years Lennon slabbers about we must be champions total and utter scum bag
  10. Chelsea squad going into self isolation now, the EPL is going to get cancelled. The clowns up here will wait until someone dies from this pish ffs
  11. His confidence is fucked just now anyway. And let’s be Honest his record in OF games is pretty grim. So maybe she should sit this one out. Hopefully SG starts them both
  12. The message that he is playing absolutely pish and another player deserves to be in before him
  13. Don’t think you can edit the titles. I think only admin can do it edit - just seem that you can if you edit the original first post, cheers right what are we going for then? Is this poll worthy 😂
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