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  1. Has this Dick no been sacked yet 😔😔😔
  2. If he had been offered it he would have came, no matter what imo pedro has been terrible since he arrived. Last minute goal against partick ffs, out played at home by 10 man hearts, destroyed by the tims, draw with Motherwell at home, the pittodrie game was a complete fluke, and tonight's shambles. He has done nothing to warrant this job and has shown nothing since arriving he is up to it. Unless he is given a fortune to buy a complete new squad then most of the players will still be here next season, and it clear he has lost the dressing room already. Signing a few ex players won't change a thing, if anything it will make the situation worse with cliques forming. Really don't see anyway he will be a success here tbh
  3. Mcinnes was/is the obvious choice, for the situation we are in, with the budget that will be available then it's clear he would come in here and do a job. Still amazed Pedro even got an interview tbh never minded gift wrapped a 3 year deal. Board 100% to blame for this
  4. Exactly mate most managers have a initial positive impact on a squad regardless of the players. Pedro has had a complete negative effect, we have actually got worse with him in charge. Why anyone is failing to see that is outrageous. He cannot be allowed to even sign a fuckin tea lady at ibrox. He must be sent packing now, and we move on. Suicide to keep him on
  5. The guy is an embarrassment tbh spouting all that pish about the sheep then getting turned over. Must get rid pronto.
  6. The guy is full of fucking shite.
  7. Spice boy cunt can go at anytime. Hopefully some fuckwit down south will buy him
  8. No giving a flying fuck tbh
  9. Ok, I can see that logic. As I have said, this is just MY opinion on the man and I stand by it. He is NOT the man to manage rangers just now in the situation we are in. And before you ask, no, I don't know who is. But I would much rather see a "home grown" manager at the helm who can make up what he lack in quality on the field with a bit of passion and determination. I haven't seen Pedro instilling any of these qualities on anyone, even the players who know they will be staying, or have a good idea of it, aren't even trying. The training is supposed to be a shambles as well. He won't cut it, and fans will turn very early in the season and board will have to act and we will be left with more shite players for the rest of the season. Grim times
  10. Tactics? No
  11. They won't but they should will save a lot cash and heartache on the long run
  12. The guy is out his depth and has no chance of re building rangers to a good level. Out by xmas if not before. Probably after a skelping at the tattiedome will be the last straw I'm predicting end it now
  13. Squad is rank manager is a tit board is full of incompetent wankers its fucked
  14. Exactly. So why even give him the chance. Just bit the bullet, hold your hands up whatever the fuck you want to call it, and get rid and start a fresh
  15. This is just my opinion. Also my gut feeling is that this isn't going to get any better. Could be totally worng. And I hope I am. But I reckon a few Scottish middle of the road signings and some obscure foreigners we have never heard of with a mix of the youngsters for next season, and I don't see anything about Pedro that makes me think he will become a tactical genius overnight just because a few of his ex-players have joined him at rangers. In MY opinion, this is a disasterous appointment which will leave us even further behind the tims and dare I say it Aberdeen. I don't even want to think about next season tbh. I am at a complete loss. Actually feel sick at the thought of it