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  1. This vote will be ‘shot down’ very quickly imo we will have a statement out from the SPFL in the next few hours about ‘moving on for good of the game’ , ‘putting this episode behind us’ all that kinda shite the compliant media will already have the script to follow our next move is crucial once the vote is flung out need to keep this in the public eye and relevant there is certainly an “appetite” for an enquiry, we just need to manage this correctly
  2. I don’t see why Rangers would announce unibet will be brought into the fold for no reason it could be unibet on the training tops (is that allowed in Scotland?) or unibet bookies in the stadium 32red on shirts or vice versa
  3. I read it as, 32red will be our sponsor but unibet will be on the strips (same company) I don’t see why they would announce any info on the 21/22 season when the 19/20 season hasn’t even finished officially yet
  4. Gazelles and hamburgs are usually my purchase of choice most old skool Adidas trainers are cracking 👍🏻
  5. I’m going for silent e 👍🏻
  6. Fair enough. The demand thing is worrying, but we will set out target for them to reach also gazelles are fucking belters of trainers by the way they go with anything if your were AirMax 95s with jeans you look like a Dick, just saying
  7. So even though the brand is good the design (in your opinion) is shite, you wouldn’t buy it. So if this Castore released a belter of a top you would buy it, even though you don’t like the brand 🤔
  8. But they are Adidas.........they’ve got Lionel Messi, David beckham............
  9. And killie and Aberdeen are Nike 🤔
  10. Aye, but everyone knows who he is thats the point
  11. If we go with them I would imagine the club will have a big input into the design
  12. This is my understanding of the situation, but fuck knows
  13. And Real Madrid had Kelme
  14. I know mate. Only way to raise profile is to get big teams on board if we go with them the social media following will go mental also if these lads are from Liverpool more than likely Liverpool or Everton fans, so I’m sure their goal is to be the supplier to them liverpool maybe out of reach in the near future but Everton could be an option in a few years if they keep building into football?
  15. The newest one is the plain white one with the ‘dots’ underneath it looks good imo
  16. Adidas - one of biggest sports manufacturers for all sports for 70odd years or something Castore - Small local business for 5 year. Them getting Andy Murray on board is a pretty decent coup imo
  17. Tbh they are more fashionable tbh, at the moment most of their customers are probably these trendy fuds who go to the gym wearing £1000 worth of kit. hence the reason the company want to enter football and the more main stream market, to obviously raise their profile and make more money
  18. I hadn’t heard of it until a few hours ago tbh they are looking to enter the football market checked their website, selling hoodies for over £100 so canny be that bad the club has just announced the superstore is getting revamped and I would imagine a proper website for sales if castore are offering the best amount of cash then it’s a no brainier Any established manufacturer won’t touch us until that fat bastard is well and truly gone away from the club or any sort of dealings/court case and finished
  19. Plain white looks good, better than 32red imo
  20. Probably the official deal as came to an end. The court cases will rumble on I fear. That fat bastard is still there
  21. So it’s looking like Castore and Unibet as the sponsor anyone any good as these mock up things 🤔
  22. Hopefully no all tight fitting shit 😂 Ashley definitely hindering us to make a new deal with suppliers If this is the best deal on the table then we need to go for it. Just hope they can meet demand if this is happening. We are only ever one Ashley story away from a ‘merchandise boycott’ so will/can this company manufacture thousands of shirts to sit on a shelf if it happens again 🤔 I reckon the Hummel supply problems were more to do with them being cautious
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