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  1. The Blue Ranger


    Mexico is in North America though?
  2. The Blue Ranger

    Bristol Bar, Duke Street. Looking good.

    Touch of class.
  3. The Blue Ranger

    Hardie to Livingston

    I had always hoped Ryan would break into the first team, nothing like seeing one of our own scoring goals for the team they love but unfortunately as it hasn't really happened for him by now I doubt it ever will. All he really lacks is the physical presence, the boy is a natural goalscorer for sure, and he will no doubt go on to make a successful career for himself.
  4. The Blue Ranger

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    https://www.freesports.tv/ Saying Rangers v Atletico is 4pm today.
  5. The Blue Ranger

    Jamie Murphy top

    This thread
  6. The Blue Ranger

    Forum activity.

    I've only visited FF once. Reading through some threads I got the impression everyone is an absolute whopper and left without ever signing up. Not for me.
  7. The Blue Ranger

    Tav's defending

    I've always been critical of Tav, his defending in particular, but he's obviously a lot more comfortable with a hard grafting player like Candeias in front of him than a fucking rattler like O'Halloran.
  8. The Blue Ranger

    Lalo Herrera

    Miller offered the square root of fuck all the whole game. Start anyone but him up with Morelos. Hopefully the big man will kick on now after bagging his first.
  9. So the system is allowing crosses to come into the box? I think it's more likely to do with both Wallace and Tavernier being pish defenders.
  10. The Blue Ranger

    Kevin Thomson class interview

    I hope we're tapping him up for the best youths in his system and would love to see him back at the club in some sort of coaching capacity.
  11. The Blue Ranger

    Tie & Scarf

    I used to work in the Sky call center at Ibrox and on lunch break one day a colleague and I decided we'd go buy ourselves a couple of ties from the Megastore as it was a shirt and tie effort. We both strolled in wearing this exact tie and within minutes we were frog marched out and told to go home and get changed! Needless to say neither of us lasted long in that job.
  12. The Blue Ranger


    I noticed that too, came off as a bit arrogant but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here as he alluded to MW playing him out of position affecting his performances.
  13. The Blue Ranger

    ***** The Official Motherwell V Rangers Thread*****

    Those dirty cunts at the end goading us. Scum.
  14. The Blue Ranger

    ***** The Official Motherwell V Rangers Thread*****

    Those dirty cunts at the end goading us. Scum.