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  1. He brings a balance and steadiness to the defense we've lacked for a while.
  2. Decent ad. The song in the video is by a Scouse mob called Red Rum Club, seen them in King Tuts a few weeks back.
  3. https://www.freesports.tv/ Saying Rangers v Atletico is 4pm today.
  4. The Blue Ranger

    GTA V

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rm_casuals Have yous been able to get online? I've not tried yet today.
  5. The Blue Ranger

    GTA V

    Oh aye here's a handy wee site someone has created to save people waiting on GTA Online loading only to be cut off! http://caniplaygtaonlineyet.com/
  6. The Blue Ranger

    GTA V

    I've tried to get online a few times and have never got past the screen where your guy stands waiting on people to race. Pain in the arse! SP was excellent, imo. Finished the game with $850m on each character after some very astute investments doing the assassination missions. Bought up all the property now so hopefully they give me enough to do to keep going back.
  7. The Blue Ranger

    GTA V

    I finish work at 2pm so I'll be on soon if anyone on xbl wanna go smash some cunts.
  8. The Blue Ranger

    GTA V

    Pretty sure it goes live around 12pm GMT today. Wish I had a reason to finish work early but at least I'll be home just after 2. If anyone wants to kick about add me on XBL - INT0 THE ETHER (the 0 is a zero btw).
  9. The Blue Ranger

    GTA V

    I've joined the RM Casuals crew, R* id is t4ct1c4lnuk3 and xbox gamertag is INT0 THE ETHER so anyone feel free to add me. I noticed a few of the boys in the RM crew are on PS3. I know crews go cross platform but I dont think we'll be able to play together. Are there any other xbox users in the crew?
  10. Good performance, feel sorry for Edu. Barely put a foot wrong all game, scores a goal n then equalises for Valencia. He'll be wanting to shoot himself for that one tonight.
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