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  1. ....Debt free and with a new owner. I would be delighted with that.
  2. Fingers crossed but I'll wait until something official comes from the club. Looks a prospect though.
  3. The same 'expert' who recommended Bangura most likely I've not even seen the YouTube clips and I already want us to sign him!
  4. (4-2-3-1) Alexander McMillan Goian Bocanegra Papac Edu McKay Aluko Fleck Wallace Healy McMillan deserves his shot at right back, no Broadfoot please. Wallace to continue in wide left role for his ability to get up and down the park. Chance for Matt McKay to shine although wet and windy Arbroath is probably as far from sunny Brisbane as he could get. Hutton to get a run out later on with subs places also for Bartley, Bedoya, Wylde and McGregor. Struggling with strikers though aren't we? Could've been a shout for Kal Naismith although he's now away on loan again.
  5. Unfortunately I think the scum will do Motherwell today. I do also think it's only a matter of time before they slip up again, they're nowhere near consistent enough to sustain the kind of run they need.
  6. McGregor Whittaker Goian Bocanegra Papac Naismith/Bedoya Davis McKay Wylde Lafferty/Naismith Jelavic Depending on Lafferty's fitness. Don't think Ally will start McKay though
  7. Agree with that. Let's go for a 4-0 score though, takes away any danger of a Tim led conspiracy to award Maribor 3-0 from first leg
  8. Any confirmation to when he will actually arrive. Assuming the work permit is granted I hoped to see him in the team on Sunday. Press reports seem to suggest he will stay in Oz to prep for the upcoming internationals though and it might be early September before we see him Anyone know any different?
  9. Doesn't that story sound familiar!! Anyway the more I hear of this boy the more worried I become we haven't got him yet. Sign him up Ally!!
  10. Looks good and a bargain at the price being quoted. Has to be said though, I think I could get a game for Uzbekistan!
  11. Left peg like Jorg Albertz So it's a yes from me. Over to you Mr Whyte!
  12. Can't you call United in your best Craig Whyte/Gordon Smith/Ali Russell voice and offer to match Blackburn's bid +£1!!
  13. This. I believe this will be the making of our team tonight - triumph through adversity. The spirit which took us to 3IAR is about to be rekindled. Bring it on :21:
  14. I think I'm going to cry. Please resolve this one way or the other Rangers!
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