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  1. Actually excited about this one. Looks the real deal.
  2. Fucking laughable the luck these cunts get.
  3. dee9

    The Boxing News Thread

    Yeah im really looking forward to that aswell mate. Fancy parker if im honest....just cant see whyte catching him clean enough. Im going for an away fighter double....parker and takam both to win.
  4. dee9

    Where are all the strikers?

    Bang on
  5. Totally agree mate. Just doesnt sit well with me that. So if he comes up and plays say 5 stinkers in a trot we are still obliged to play him? This is a huge season for us and i dont like the idea of being held to ransom by liverpool to give one of their young players a certain amount of games regardless of his performances.
  6. dee9

    *** The Official Open 2018 Thread ***

    Looking forward to being off saturday sunday and lying with the feet up watching it all unfold.
  7. dee9

    2018/19 Football Shirts

    That's an absolute fucking disgrace btw. Seems they couldnt give a toss about the average fan in the street now.
  8. Talksport and stv now running with the kent story. They both seem to think its happening.
  9. dee9

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Still an awful lot of work to be done. Cant say I've been impressed with these first 2 games but we must give SG time too settle his own team. Happy to be in the next round.
  10. dee9


    Superb. Cracking show this.....much better listening to this platform rather than clyde superscoreboard. Will be listening in as per usual. Well done all involved for providing this to us bears.
  11. dee9

    Ross McCrorie - good enough?

    Yes agreed. However i think McCrorie will start alot of games this season. Im a huge fan but granted lastnight he was a bit off. Plenty of time
  12. dee9

    Tannoy guy

    Im sure that was adrien coll.
  13. dee9

    Ross McCrorie - good enough?

    Yes. Hes a pup ffs. The boy is a huge part of our future. God help us if this is after 1 game of the season.
  14. dee9

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    I watched jack for the first 45mins up at pittodrie before he got sent off and i thought he was absolutely terrific. It was enough for me to think hes got something about him. Hopefully he gets his chance.
  15. dee9

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    Sitting in the warehouse at work with a boner at the thought of us actually having a defence who can defend.......we wont be fucked about next season thats for sure.