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  1. Honestly yet to see a single thing that makes me believe that grezda will make it at Rangers. Disappointing as I had high hopes.
  2. He's been outstanding for them. That's why he gets away with the odd mistake. Some centre half regardless of who he played with previously.
  3. The bottom line Is these cunts keep going and going until the last whistle. That's what's needed to win league titles. We could honestly be still playing and never were we finding a winner. Fucking sickening
  4. The cheek of the cunts considering some of the tackles on the pitch yesterday from Kilmarnock.
  5. I have to be honest I have no idea when this will end. Boot after boot after boot in the balls time and time again. I suppose the bottom line is until we spend serious money they cunts will win as many titles as the like. Worrying
  6. You can normally tell within his first few touches Wether he's on his game or not. If he starts poor you would be aswell taking him off there and then.
  7. Totally disagree. Thought we were absolutely hopeless. As predictable an attacking display I have seen in a long time. Worrying
  8. dee9


    Fantastic goal but outwith that he's been poor the last 4 games. No coincidence that when he doesn't play the team doesn't also.
  9. As poor as I've seen it. There was absolutely nothing today and I mean nothing. Horrific from start to finish. Never seen this capitulation coming after the old firm.
  10. dee9


    Will we ever have a decent centre half again?? And before anyone hits out with the katic pish he's bang average aswell.
  11. Well will this fucking shit end. Scunnered absolutely Scunnered
  12. His was 100% correct to walk out of the national side. Wouldn't hold that against him.
  13. dee9

    Eric caldow

    Fantastic to see such a great turnout yesterday for his funeral. Delighted to see gerrard at the service aswell along with Mark allen. As much as I can't stick rod Stewart he sent flowers to the church which was a nice touch even tho he's a cunt.
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