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  1. My uncle gave me his season ticket when he was on his death bed with Cancer. Drew taylor - followed rangers everywhere for 50 plus years. He would be turning in his grave just now how much we have fallen. Gutted at the state we are in but i cant help but think that when 55 comes it will be the most emotional time for me as a rangers fan.
  2. The last 5+ years have been heartbreaking. Clubs in some fucking mess but i love them so much. We will return of that im sure but it doesn't look like anytime soon. We just have to keep going😞
  3. Always liked him as a commentator.
  4. Zero chance of Kilmarnock getting anything.
  5. I have just bought this on sky and it has not asked me for viewing card number so i cant watch??
  6. Zero service simple as that
  7. Its horrendous. Normally the fat fuck next to me is running late but surprise surprise he was in bang on time today. Times like today make it all the sweeter when we lift that championship again.
  8. You get sent to train with the unders as punishment not because you are not good enough. Total lack of man management from a guy who im now concerned about big time.
  9. I have to say i thought we looked much more dangerous with him on the park. Will get slaughtered for this but i would keep him. Been hammered with injurys since he signed but im convinced if he gets a proper run he would change a few opinions.
  10. Totally agree. The minute i heard he had told halliday to find a new club or train with the u20s was when i lost a bit of respect for pedro. Its simply uncalled for.
  11. Started work at 9 and getting it seriously tight already. Strong possibility i will lose my job today
  12. Can anyone tell me what he offers that barrie mckay didnt?? The guy looks well out his depth and even before he played a game for us that mexican or Portuguese reporter who gave his opinion on the knew signings was amazed we had taken him on as he had been pish with benfica b. Starting to get seriously worried now
  13. I noticed on thursday its says we are the people as the players enter the tunnel. Wasnt there last season
  14. If this guy was my mate he would be disowned😫
  15. The minute ward seen kov moaning about low blows mid round the fight was over. Some of those were borderline. Kovalev wanted out simple as that. Ward was only getting stronger. Fight was only going one way. Zero credit aswell from kovalev to ward after the fight was poor. The bully got bullied. Well done andre ward👌 Must be up in the p4p list now👋👋👋