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  1. Absolute cunts. Hope he's ok.
  2. dee9


    Offers absolutely nothing. He's been an expensive mistake. That happens.....can't get them all right but we should cut our losses as it's not happening.
  3. He's done absolutely fuck all since coming for a big fee. What was mental though was the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding him after he signed because he had a good game against us at ibrox. Dury out big time on him.....for what we paid I expect a much better return.
  4. Spot on GOAT said to the old man at the time it was a fucking disgrace.
  5. Love lee but hes done. As the old saying goes....got to be cruel to be kind. Great servant and I'm sure I speak for all of us saying......wish him all the very best. Carried himself with a touch of class when we were in the doghouse....Won't be forgotten 👍
  6. A big gent. Delighted for him and his family. Played in the English top flight for years but his greatest achievement was pulling on the Rangers jersey. Wish him all the best Fantastic picture
  7. The crazy world of RM ha. Yea i have enjoyed a few jars in the district on a number of occasions. Love it.
  8. I'm not so sure....if he's had a look at the what you been eating thread you have every chance 👌👍
  9. Yeah but I don't see a huge problem with it mate. Saying that they should just have asked for a pic I'm sure the gaffer would have been more than happy to have one taken.
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