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  1. Arfield has been way way off for far too long now. He actually looks done too me if I'm honest.
  2. Btw just a reminder. Just because we were so poor doesn't make they cunts any better. Long way to go.
  3. All I will say. A very very long way to go. We will be ok
  4. Never understood it either. The magic of going to the games is being able to go absolutely mental when the teddy bears score in amongst your own kind.
  5. I want to see ryan jack back to his absolute best today. He's been magnificent this season but hes been ever so slightly off the boil the last few game. We need to dominate that midfield and to do that we need ryan to be right on it today along with the rest.
  6. Yep.....they should have been well up. They are due to drop points again very soon.....defence gives away far far to many opportunities not to be punished.
  7. Telling you this game is not done. Expected these cunts to score early 2nd half but it's not happened. County still getting success
  8. Tom boyd shouting PENALTY......ugly fuck😂😂😂😂😂 Debatable at the very least
  9. That defence of celtics is absolutely rotten btw. They have been exposed properly 4 times in the first half.
  10. Ross county have missed chance after chance here. Should be 3 up
  11. Offt......That's ridiculous btw
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