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  1. Kilmarnock Sack Lee McCulloch

    Some appointment that. Fair play to kilmarnock.
  2. No. Couldn't care less who gets it tbh but I wouldn't give it to mcleish regardless. Paranoia on Rangers media is becoming unbearable
  3. The Boxing News Thread

    Yeah looking forward to this tonight but I'm not paying ppv for it. Just hope I get a decent link to watch it live. Groves really should have too much for cox but cox has a bit of the unknown about him. Groves jab has is up there with the best about but he does tend to fade late on. Interesting match up

    At last some uplifting news. Delighted to here he's out and about.
  5. The beginning of the end!

    It's actually quite staggering to think our board decided to go with a guy who had zero experience in British football never mind scottish football when everybody knew this was our most important appointment possibly in our history. Huge gamble at a time when we needed some stability. Another couple of seasons wasted by the looks of it. Sickening
  6. The beginning of the end!

    And if he gets no reaction on Friday then his times up.
  7. The beginning of the end!

    My guess is this will be true. Say what the fucking you like but these cunts have folk leaking info to them but again the first reaction is for folk to say it's a lot of shite. It's not good reading but you can bet your bottom dollar there is truth in this. Friday for me is the last chance. If we don't get a reaction then it will most definitely be time to go.
  8. We need an enforcer

    We always seem majorly outnumbered in midfield. Dorrans and jack always look like the need to cover acres of space. So fucking frustrating
  9. Candieas

    Without a shadow of doubt I would have him in the starting 11 every week. Totally disagree with op. Been a terrific addition.
  10. Pena

    Could be a seriously good player after all. The wee slid pass to Morelos we he fainted to strike it just screamed that his football brain is alive. Something about this guy.
  11. So important we get the 3 points before heading into the old firm. Miller and kranjcar have to be dropped surely.
  12. Candeias

    What a fucking player this lad is. Must be an absolute dream to play alongside this guy. Works his socks off every minute of every game. I remember when he signed I was least excited with him. He hasn't half proved me wrong. Excellent again today son
  13. Jinty Bear

    That's a sore one.
  14. Miller And Kranjcar

    They are both finished. Partick away should see the both of them hooked surely.