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  1. Aye well that's true mate....you never know with that fuckin lot.
  2. I seriously hope you are right mate. Its been hammer blow after hammer blow for years now.....just expect the worst I'd I'm honest.
  3. It sure is. Worst type of cunt. Horse should have rammed it's cock up his smelly arse until it came out his bigoted gub.
  4. I apologise for repeating myself but they will be given this title. I would be absolutely stunned should they not get it. Mark my words
  5. Got 4 dinner ones and 4 small coasters.
  6. What a picture πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
  7. I hope nobody is getting there hopes up because as i have said time and time again, they will be given the title. Watch this space
  8. Call me a cynic but I alwaysexpect the worst whenever shit like this comes out.
  9. The cunt has no shame.
  10. All the best rossπŸ’™
  11. Absolutely no question they will be handed this title. I have hardly been following the story tbh as the outcome is inevitable.
  12. Will cancel it tomorrow cheers for the heads up.
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