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  1. dee9


    He's been excellent recently but yesterday was his best performance in a Rangers jersey for me. Loved his wee step over in the first half. 1.5 million is looking like another terrific piece of business.
  2. Outwith his pace big Helander looks worth ever penny of the £3.5 million.
  3. Controlling this now. Lovely to see. Another and that should be 3 points.
  4. Lovely wee ball through right enough for the goal😂👍
  5. I actually thought it was a push by morelos first.
  6. That wee prick done my acca aswell. He was playing the much better darts aswell but finishing was poor and Thornton just wouldn't go away. Canny get a bet up for love nor money whatever the sport😂
  7. Hopefully Stan collymore takes to the streets to report like he did a few years ago and takes one flush to the jaw.
  8. Wasn't moult mate it was that wanker bowen.....another fuckin hammer thrower.
  9. I have a real feeling that gerrard is almost like a father figure to him after last season. He's loving it....El buffalo you absolutely hero💙
  10. This lad is going right to the top. Absolutely outstanding AGAIN.
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