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  1. dee9

    BBC wank

    We won 5-1 mate......fuck them.
  2. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    A little bit casual at the back today.
  3. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    This is very very good. Starting to look really strong now.
  4. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    I would rather not mate......changed days.
  5. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Lets rattle the goals in here. Playing well. Well deserved goal for Morelos.
  6. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Wee morelos putting in a shift here.
  7. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Unlucky Rangers
  8. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Need to up the tempo a touch here.
  9. dee9

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    It had been a bit of a slow start however that goal should settle us down. Smashing freekick
  10. Fucking superb. Wee burke has been immense.
  11. I couldn't actually be arsed typing this earlier as I doubted myself but fuck it I'm doing it now. I'm absolutely convinced during one of the scuffles between broadfoot and boyata that Griffiths runs in and stumps down on broadfoot however he moves and misses him. Broadfoot didn't react as he was face down and didn't see it but fuck all said in commentary. I'm convinced of it however I cant rewind on the sky in bedroom so couldn't check.
  12. Great strike. Killie are right in about them. PS I cannot stick that wee runt Griffiths.
  13. Killie need to keep this tight for as long as possible. If they are still in it around the 70min mark then they have every chance.
  14. dee9

    H&H Reaction - Villarreal

    Can also tell he absolutely lives the club day in day out. Good man
  15. dee9

    H&H Reaction - Villarreal

    Absolutely love his post match reactions. 9 times out of 10 he's spot on. No pressure on Middleton but he's better than pele😂