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  1. Probably one of the worst to date. Didn't enjoy it at all.
  2. They always do mate. Agents a dirty bastards.
  3. I can't see where you are getting g that morelos wants out the door. Plus he's been on instagram on a number of occasions recently posting about the club. Also signings will come....don't panic.
  4. Ya robbin bastard!!!!
  5. I remember high hopes were around for lennon but it never happened for him. Like so many of our youngsters over the years.
  6. Honestly never seen him play but by all accounts some on here have and have been impressed. Great that we seem to be doing business without much being leaked in the press. Welcome to the club.
  7. No support like it anywhere in world football. What a backing
  8. Was in the gallant pioneer a few years ago over the September weekend and some poor cunt got stabbed. Think that will be my last visit. Blackpool years ago was a good weekend away but the place is an absolute dump now.
  9. Big fuck off thighs
  10. Oh well that's that then. celtic have spoken.
  11. dee9

    Rod Wallace

    Terrific wee player for us and as good a finisher you will see. Top player
  12. See this absolute myth about jacks performances being overrated. He was far and away out best midfielder last season. Rate him big time and obviously some don't....its all about opinions.
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