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  1. Have a really good feeling about this. The gaffer will be delighted....he's got his main man. Welcome the the famous 💙
  2. Delighted. I have been crying out for a bit of height up top to mix it up and this big fella seems to fit the bill. Its been some day.
  3. That's a tremendous lineup. Can't ask for much better than that.
  4. Im in the minority but I thought he had a terrific game tbh. His link up will be a huge loss when he goes.
  5. I'm fucked if im listening to mccoist top 100 jokes all season.
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 It's the first game of the season ffs Hagi is a diamond.
  7. dee9

    Leon Balogun

    That Mckenna is a donkey btw
  8. dee9

    Leon Balogun

    Looks the real deal. Finally....a central defender with pace. Makes a huge difference.
  9. He can do a job for somebody no question. Just the time was right for us to move him on.
  10. Fuck sake I didn't realise he was only 28.
  11. dee9


    He's quality. I'm expecting a real big season from him.
  12. dee9

    Joe Aribo

    To think this lad was written off last season on here by a number of people. He's absolutely brilliant and we will make a fortune when he eventually heads to the premiership. Unplayable AGAIN
  13. dee9

    David Hagen

    Lovely card mate. I recognise gordon durie signature from a ball I have in the house. Love to see stuff like this well looked after. Rest in peace davie💙
  14. Because progress has been made. This was never going to be a case of walking in the door and winning the title. He's improved massively. We weren't a million miles away last season. His job was to stop 10......he's got another season at it. Guys like aribo have had a year to settle into this shithole of a league. I'm quietly confident gerrard and his staff can deliver us the title.
  15. Fuckin well said that man!!! People need to chill......trust gerrard and his staff ffs We are looking very good....pre season aye but would folk rather we got fuck 4-0 against motherwell??
  16. I'm delighted with this. Plenty of international experience and played at a high level. Decent age aswell for a CH. Free transfer.....he will do. Money being kept for the firepower areas.
  17. Best Rangers podcast by a country mile.
  18. It certainly worked lastnight. Big test will be when the season starts at Pittodrie but as pre seasons go I don't think we could have asked for better results or performances. I'm quietly confident this season but tbh honest I have always felt this team had something about them.
  19. We are looking superb. Absolutely blown motherwell away. Hagi....Kent.....aribo......frightening.
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