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  1. I don't mind Doherty actually. Virgo is annoying though. Dennis Taylor has the perfect commentary voice. Got a lot of time for him.
  2. My dad always likes to talk about he used to play football with Frank McGarvey when they were kids and he thought the guy was a fucking genius, he said watching him vs players like my dad was like watching Maradona vs England, and then when he became a professional and wasn't even close to world class, that's when my dad realised how many levels there are above "good"
  3. I strongly doubt I could take a frame off the worst pro on their worst day
  4. Anthony Hamilton is based at the club a few minutes from my house. Occasionally I think about going down and checking it out but then I think how demoralising it would be when you realise how fucking good the player ranked 66th is
  5. The guy is and has always been an utter wank but he makes a very good point in his statement about the fact that the game is utterly immersed in gambling culture, the teams are sponsored by betting companies, betting adverts are shown in every advert break on football coverage etc, yet the authorities are happy to let this continue while not considering that players with problems are basically being tempted everywhere they go, every time they play a game, every time they watch their own sport.
  6. Looking at Ding's record against top 16 players on his wikipedia page, he has a winning head-to-head against every top player except Ronnie, Murphy, Selby and Bingham, and his record against those isn't awful except vs Ronnie. Looking at that, his Crucible record really has been quite poor until last year. Wonder if today will give him some bottle.
  7. This. And is he claiming that he has a specific addiction to gambling on football? I'd take some convincing that you can claim a medical cause for that. There are loads of other sports he could have indulged his addiction with.
  8. Hard to believe it took so many posts for someone to say this. It's also worth pointing out that players with "winning mentalities" don't leave Rangers to play for the likes of Norwich and Southampton.
  9. Could genuinely have watched another five mins of that. Hypnotic.
  10. "Messi has been the Maradona of Mexico '86 every day for five years" - Jorge Valdano, Maradona's team-mate at Mexico '86
  11. Aaaaaand that's the other side of Ramos.
  12. About fucking time Messi had a game like this.
  13. Filthy pass from Iniesta.
  14. Wow. What a miss. And I think he was offside too.
  15. I'd be waving an imaginary card at Alcacer if I was one of his team-mates after that.