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  1. Fraid not buddy. https://forvo.com/word/legia_warszawa/ Never question Tam Miller again.
  2. Still can’t believe he choked that away.
  3. Sure, but which makes it all the stranger that he threw away a set by swinging for the fences when he didn’t need to. He is hanging in the rallies just fine. He needs to pick his moments.
  4. Federer is being far too aggressive when he doesn’t need to be. Should have taken this set but made so many daft errors.
  5. Breakpointerer can be such a bottler at times.
  6. Funnily enough though, Big Dado is Croatian Serb and Papac is a Bosnian Croat and both chose to play for the Republic they were born in, instead of Serbia and Croatia, like almost all Serb and Croatian players do when born elsewhere. Confusing as fuck.
  7. Prishtina is probably the most pro-British city in Europe, so bears should feel at home there, even if they have horrible taste in statues.
  8. Trying to understand the thought process here that led the Mail to seek out someone who had formulated a “chimp theory” so they could apply it to Scotland’s top, black footballer.
  9. It's exhilarating to watch us play like this.
  10. Come on now, Federer and Nadal have done that too, to be fair.
  11. It's very likely that they do, yeah. It's definitely against the rules though. It was the key doping method for Lance Armstrong's last few tour wins. I'd be shocked if David Ferrer wasn't doing it.
  12. Blood transfusions are not legal in tennis.
  13. Wouldn't every decent person prefer football fans to visit art galleries than to display the iconography of a regime that killed 450,000 British citizens? I would be baffled if you wouldn't.
  14. No doubt they will, thanks to these idiots giving them cheap ammunition. An insult to the Rangers players who fought the nazi regime in the Second World War, and to every Rangers supporter who died doing the same.
  15. Here's the stupid fucking cunts associating the quintessential British club with the SS. With friends like these... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/12/15/chelsea-fans-scrutiny-flag-bearing-nazi-logo/
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