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  1. Referee today

    I pointed out in this very thread that Alves should have been sent off too. Would love to know how the "Don't criticise the ref" mob would spin that as a defence of Pedro.
  2. Referee today

    It is, quite literally, nothing more than childish wanks being actually pleased that we got fucked by the ref so they can weaponise it against the manager. He's shite. That doesn't mean we have to put up with having our players kicked and elbowed all over the shop and can't pipe up in case it looks like making excuses for the manager. Fuck that. Anybody who thinks like that is a half-wit.
  3. Referee today

    Fuck off, cretin.
  4. Referee today

    Yes, there is a major problem with you posting that you wish we were good at football so you wouldn't care about our players being assaulted with impunity. I'd like us to be good at football and still care about our players being assaulted, and I think most fans would agree.
  5. Referee today

    All I'm saying is if we won 5-0 and the ref let someone break Cardoso's nose I would still have started this thread and every word of the post would have been exactly the fucking same. Is that easy enough for you to understand?
  6. Referee today

    The ref was a couple of metres away, staring right at them too. The clearest case of bottling out of making a decision I have ever seen. Didn't even speak to them.
  7. Referee today

    Referee is a fucking loon.
  8. Referee today

    I'm not using him as an excuse for losing the game, I'm using him as a reason why our player ended up with a broken nose inflicted by a player who should have been sent off an hour earlier.
  9. Fair play, a goal fit to win any game.
  10. There are bad refereeing performances and there are referees who actually put the players in danger. He's the latter.
  11. Bowman, who should have been sent off an hour ago, broke his nose with an elbow and the ref did nothing.
  12. Referee today

    At half-time I thought this was the worst refereeing performance I had seen since Howard Webb at the world cup final in 2010, but after that Bowman cunt decided he was able to smash our player's face open with impunity, I realised I have never seen a worse showing from an official. What an embarrassment to the game.
  13. That Bowman scum is a disgrace.