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  1. I would be amazed if, Gary Lineker excepted, there has ever been a single football pundit, presenter or commentator who never committed an intentional foul in their career, anywhere in the world, ever.
  2. On inflation alone. There used to be crowds in the hundreds of thousands for heavyweight title fights.
  3. And it says a lot about him that breaking Marciano's record against a novice won't even be in the top 5 shittiest things he has done.
  4. I don't think there's any question that nobody will take the 50-0 record seriously. The only upside for Mayweather in all of this is for his wallet. His reputation suffers whatever the result.
  5. Got a product to advertise.
  6. Why the fuck are Madrid wearing turquoise?
  7. I don't think Lewis ever broke Beamon's record, did he? At least not with a legal wind.
  8. The funniest thing I have ever seen in athletics is Marita Koch's 400m world record.