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  1. Do you mean the worst record while no. 1 or the worst career record of a no. 1?
  2. This is the greatest piece of defending I have ever seen. Virtually anyone else boots that out for a throw. Awkward, bouncing ball, Hugo fucking Sanchez chasing after it...
  3. The fact that he can be arsed to do this after playing sport at the elite level for a quarter of a century suggests a truly sick mind.
  4. The fact that McGregor has even managed to get a licence is absurd.
  5. That's the way it goes! When did you last see Nadal lose to someone on grass that he had any business losing to? Djokovic in 2011?
  6. To be fair to Stan, he didn't get annihilated quite as badly as Federer in '08
  7. Nadal will challenge at Wimbledon, he is moving so much better. Either that or he gets horsed by some journeyman or young gun in the first week.
  8. I think we can all agree that Soderling would have won if he had been playing.
  9. Some achievement.
  10. What a damp squid this match has been.
  11. Oh what could have been, if I had an ounce of athletic ability.
  12. Not that I'm comparing myself to a top sportsman, but I'm two-footed, I feel perfectly comfortable kicking a ball with both feet, but I have definitely scored far more screamers on the volley with my left foot than my right, so there may be something to that Can't think why it would be though.
  13. It's "fail again, fail better", not "be better" you muppet.
  14. That inside out forehand moving backwards from Rafa was fucking ridiculous. That right there is why I don't like him. He has some of the best attacking weapons in the history of the sport but plays mostly defensive tennis.
  15. Oh NOW you start playing Stan.