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  1. *** Official NBA thread ***

    In most regular season games you really can just tune in for the last few minutes and, unless one side is horsing the other, all the excitement is still to come.
  2. Arthur Numan

    I doubt you would believe you were actually going to play very much going forward if your boss had told you that you were worth a mere 25% of what you were the previous season. Very obviously, because he didn't move on to another club, giving up football at that stage of his career wasn't much a of a wrench for him. If you were in the twilight of your career and your boss told you he didn't think you were worth the money any more, and you said "Ok boss, I'll take a pay cut then" and he came back with "I reckon you're worth maybe 25% of what you were last season", I doubt you would have this burning desire to keep working for him that you seem to think Numan should have felt either. Football players aren't 10 year-old boys in awe of their boyhood club. They are professionals who are as entitled as any other professionals to tell their employer to take a hike if they try to take the piss. Numan seems like a good bloke, loves the club, has time for the fans and, judging by the way his career ended, he knows his own worth too, as everyone should.
  3. Arthur Numan

    Who in the world would take a 75% pay cut in any job if they didn't have to, and who wouldn't be insulted by the mere suggestion they should? I'm sure your boss would love to test your convictions on this matter.
  4. Danny Wilson

    Some of his passing and control in tight spaces was exceptional, and unexpected.
  5. Morelos nutmeg on Brown

    Ryan Jack red cards are invariably innocuous fair challenges. Voldemort's was a blatant straight red.
  6. Tav

    He was absolutely fucking brilliant. Anticipation, strength, power, creativity, leadership. If we had in the middle of the pitch what we had at right back we would have won.
  7. Mate that's filth, wouldn't be seen dead listening to that. Try this:
  8. Souness must have thought very highly of Mark's strength of character to give him his debut against that mob.
  9. Can't see that, myself. "Walters' first match in Rangers colours, at celtic Park on 2 January 1988, was marred by vile racism from the home support, with bananas and other assorted fruit items thrown onto the pitch as supporters made monkey noises and gestures any time he collected a pass or ran down the wing with the ball." "At Tynecastle, Walters was subjected to more fruit being thrown at him along with appalling taunts from the crowd, and BBC Sportscene presenter Archie Macpherson called out the fans' actions on the weekend highlights programme in no uncertain terms. Hearts chairman Wallace Mercer apologised for the behaviour of his club's supporters and Scottish FA president David Will released a statement deploring the incidents."
  10. His best hit since this:
  11. If that was Ryan Jack he would be crucified.
  12. Big night for McCrorie, with Kranjcar starting.
  13. He's relatively mobile for a 33 year-old Yugoslav playmaker. Typically the laziest of all sportsmen.
  14. I imagine this is true of most of the greatest goal-scorers too.