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  1. JamieD

    Chelsea racist

    No doubt they will, thanks to these idiots giving them cheap ammunition. An insult to the Rangers players who fought the nazi regime in the Second World War, and to every Rangers supporter who died doing the same.
  2. JamieD

    Chelsea racist

    Here's the stupid fucking cunts associating the quintessential British club with the SS. With friends like these... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/12/15/chelsea-fans-scrutiny-flag-bearing-nazi-logo/
  3. JamieD

    Tommy Robinson wasn't at the match yesterday.

    I didn't say anything about racism. There is a relatively strong appetite for negative press about Muslims, yes. British people, when polled, admit in far higher numbers to prejudice against Muslims than any other ethnic/religious group, and this is reflected in the coverage sold to them by the mass media. Of course, these two reinforce each other. A news story about a gang of 12 Muslim men raping teenage girls is much more sensational news than four news stories about four gangs of three white Christian rapists, where even if their affiliation to, say, the Catholic church is mentioned, it's always implied that the church's role was organisational protection, not some kind of cultural or theological influence in the crimes themselves.
  4. JamieD

    Tommy Robinson wasn't at the match yesterday.

    It is an accurate description of the collaboration dynamic of white British Vs Asian/Asian British grooming gangs. Whites make up the vast majority of British child abusers, but they also tend to work alone or else in small rings of two or three people. Asian grooming gangs tend to be much larger and make for much more shocking news stories. Since the discussion became exclusively about the large gangs, the smaller gangs and individuals seem to have been forgotten, and if, on the rare occasions anybody draws attention to the religion of those small, white grooming gangs in the UK, as on this forum, it is exclusively to blame Catholicism alone, rather than Christianity, funnily enough, so we can avoid tarring Christians as nonces like we do with Muslims. Feel free to explain why what I said was shite though. I'd be happy to change my mind if you have some facts that contradict it.
  5. JamieD

    Tommy Robinson wasn't at the match yesterday.

    It had a no blacks policy WHEN HE JOINED. It was embedded in the party constitution. He was, allegedly, the only man in Britain who didn't know it was a whites only party. It said it explicitly on their own bloody website. Either he knew, and he's a racist, or he didn't, and he's a fucking idiot.
  6. JamieD

    Tommy Robinson wasn't at the match yesterday.

    Indeed. The difference is that Arthur pairs up in twos with Nigel and never makes it onto the news because the audience wants to hear about Abdul and his four brothers. All the evidence suggests white British paedophiles tend to walk in small groups and Asian ones in larger groups. Why anyone thinks this is a moral rather than a logistic distinction is beyond me.
  7. JamieD

    Glenn Hoddle

    Diamond Lights
  8. JamieD

    Ruud Gullit

    It's like the fanboying I did over Roberto Baggio when I was 7, except this is a man in his 50s
  9. JamieD

    Ruud Gullit

    It's remarkable the way Gullit has kept talking about this for decades. Coop must have made a hell of an impression on him. He was banging on about him in that clip in the early 90s posted above, he included him in his FourFourTwo dream team about 10 years ago or so and now he's bringing him up again. A 20 year career played at the highest level and one friendly game against a guy playing, at the time, in one of the worst Rangers sides ever made such an impact on him.
  10. JamieD


    I get the point you're making, but the reality is that Cannavaro, Thuram, Zambrotta, Vieira and Ibrahimovic all jumped ship for obvious reasons. The best keeper in the world, with the pick of any club and guaranteed Champion's League football, did not.
  11. JamieD

    The sun again.

    It's not a newspaper, it's a sewer.
  12. JamieD


    Sure, but if you're going to point out the differences in the scenario, Buffon was the best goalkeeper in the world and possibly ever, and a newly crowned world cup winner, and Steven Naismith was Steven Naismith. One did the right thing by his club and reaped the career rewards. One didn't.
  13. JamieD


    Was it not the other way around? Willie Waddell visited Dortmund's stadium after the disaster to get ideas on how to revamp Ibrox?
  14. JamieD


    He won the IFFHS World Goalkeeper of the Year award while playing in Serie B, which is hilarious and amazing, and also something that puts the likes of Steven Naismith to shame.
  15. JamieD

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***