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  1. JamieD

    Ruud Gullit

    It's like the fanboying I did over Roberto Baggio when I was 7, except this is a man in his 50s
  2. JamieD

    Ruud Gullit

    It's remarkable the way Gullit has kept talking about this for decades. Coop must have made a hell of an impression on him. He was banging on about him in that clip in the early 90s posted above, he included him in his FourFourTwo dream team about 10 years ago or so and now he's bringing him up again. A 20 year career played at the highest level and one friendly game against a guy playing, at the time, in one of the worst Rangers sides ever made such an impact on him.
  3. JamieD


    I get the point you're making, but the reality is that Cannavaro, Thuram, Zambrotta, Vieira and Ibrahimovic all jumped ship for obvious reasons. The best keeper in the world, with the pick of any club and guaranteed Champion's League football, did not.
  4. JamieD

    The sun again.

    It's not a newspaper, it's a sewer.
  5. JamieD


    Sure, but if you're going to point out the differences in the scenario, Buffon was the best goalkeeper in the world and possibly ever, and a newly crowned world cup winner, and Steven Naismith was Steven Naismith. One did the right thing by his club and reaped the career rewards. One didn't.
  6. JamieD


    Was it not the other way around? Willie Waddell visited Dortmund's stadium after the disaster to get ideas on how to revamp Ibrox?
  7. JamieD


    He won the IFFHS World Goalkeeper of the Year award while playing in Serie B, which is hilarious and amazing, and also something that puts the likes of Steven Naismith to shame.
  8. JamieD

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

  9. JamieD

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Morelos showing Hearts the respect they deserve.
  10. JamieD


    Was it the repeatedly referring to us as "we" or the going on about the dodgy decision that went against us so many times and so forcefully that his co-commentator was getting tired of it that made you think he was pandering to his Fenian pals?
  11. Can't get over how brilliant that was from Candeias
  12. Scott McDonald's accent is mental
  13. JamieD

    Paul Gascoigne - Scottish Football HOF

    Some engine on him, considering his lifestyle.
  14. Fuck, need to be dinking that.