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  1. For dissent Argentina lie third in qualifiying, five matches to play and he'll miss four of them. Isn't that unusually harsh for dissent? I wonder what he said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39423000
  2. That's ridiculous If he didn't hear it, why be offended?
  3. The greatest club player ever likely to miss his last chance at the World Cup because an assistant ref can't take a bit of backchat. The game's gone
  4. Is he a holding midfielder now? Those stats on wikipedia aren't much to shout about for "the next Wayne Rooney".
  5. He is already light years ahead of the pack as far as the GOAT discussion goes but it would be fun to see him put a few more superfluous nails in the coffin.
  6. Nah, Nadal fans will say he was a shadow of his former self by 2017, so Federer's Australian Open was a fluke. In saying this, they will hope we forget Nadal beating the likes of Coria, Berdych and Ferrer in slam finals.
  7. His first serve has been pretty poor too. If he can get that sorted, he has a real shot at another slam this year.
  8. I genuinely fucking hate Ian Crocker. His voice is like Ian Huntley to me.
  9. "Look at Tierney getting to this! Brilliant from Tierney!" as Tierney runs in a straight line into a defender and loses possession.
  10. What is the point of James Forrest? He has no footballing intelligence.
  11. Would be harsh to ruin his Make-A-Wish experience like that.
  12. Couldn't happen to a nicer creature.
  13. Oh look, the racist thumb fucked up again.
  14. That reminds me, whatever happened 2nd_jan_1993? If I remember right, he was wearing the old official club tie on the left here in his avatar.
  15. And then they feign surprise that the governing bodies are full of crooks looking to exploit the game for financial gain.
  16. It's hard to imagine that anyone has ever had a better job.
  17. There's not half some nostalgia in this. "Gianluca Vialli, a man who baldly goes where few players have gone before."
  18. It got annoying after about 10 minutes
  19. I would be lying if I said that wasn't my text alert once upon a time
  20. Back in 2000, the season when Roma won the league, my history teacher organised a Rome trip and decided, because he was a mad fucker and health and safety hadn't gone quite as mad then, to take the class to Roma vs Lazio. I couldn't afford to go. Missed out on Crespo, Nesta, Nedved and Mancini vs Totti, Batistuta and Cafu
  21. Yeah, this is annoying. They are proven cheats, corrupt and proud of it, but they have had some of my favourite ever players, like Buffon, Baggio, Pirlo, Thuram.
  22. Would support him in his endeavours if he was tbh.
  23. Here's Buffon casually keeping an amazingly aggressive clean sheet on his debut against George Weah (reigning world player of the year) and Roberto Baggio (world player of the year two seasons earlier). Baggio's reaction to having his header saved
  24. Can't get a game for Milan, Juve sign him on a free contract, BAM, Serie A player of the year three seasons running