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  1. De Rossi took the ball off Totti's feet
  2. The whole game is probably just going to be about The Narrative now, which might be a mistake. Hopefully he gets the players to just play and not make it about him.
  3. Yeah, didn't realise that when I posted it. Still a shame.
  4. He'll be a long time retired. Better to quit too early than too late.
  5. Perhaps he didn't prior to the fight. Then he did during the fight. I'm genuinely baffled that any boxing fan would think a fighter should be prepared to suffer avoidable life-altering injuries if they are going to dare ask people to watch. There are referees and ringside doctors precisely because your stance has no place in boxing.
  6. I've seen more fights where I wished the loser had quit than ones where I wished he hadn't.
  7. The get paid millions to box, not to lose their sight or die.
  8. Spalletti leaving Totti on the bench for his last game
  9. https://streamable.com/wxgjd woof
  10. Roy Keane doesn't even consider himself a Champions League winner because he missed the final. John Terry has a copy of fucking trophy in his house.
  11. Jesus christ are you serious?
  12. "John is waiting for you in the dressing room." Well that's the most frightening thing I'm going to watch today, and the new Twin Peaks starts tonight.
  13. We laugh but I bet Terry does take all the trophies home.
  14. I have not, what's that all about?
  15. Apparently it was his idea. The guy is such a cock that it's almost heroic.
  16. You don't consider it possible that we were outplayed because they were off their tits on performance-enhancing drugs AND were well-rested due to match-fixing in the league allowing them to manage their key players' game time? And they still couldn't beat us.
  17. The point is that some physical advantages and style advantages overcome any gap in technical ability. Duran was a better defensive fighter with a much better chin than Hearns. Hearns nearly took his head off, because Duran couldn't get near him. Floyd started as a featherweight. He is 5ft 8. Hearns was 6 ft 1 and ended up fighting at cruiserweight. Don't forget that Hearns outboxed Leonard in both fights, including a prime Leonard in the first one.
  18. Mayweather would be too clever for Anthony Joshua, doesn't mean he would beat him
  19. What high horse? Only one of us here is completely incapable of tolerating someone criticising our beloved athletes.
  20. Look, now it's a discussion, like a thread on a message board is supposed to be, rather than a bunch of people making statements and then complaining when people engage with them. I absolutely respect Mayweather (as a boxer I mean, not as a man), I have been one of his biggest defenders on here against the nonsense of who he could and couldn't beat and how his CV is shite because everyone was "shot" when he fought them. I think sassaaaa is way off that even a prime Pacquiao would have beaten Mayweather. I also think welterweight Hearns is the worst match-up for Mayweather of any fighter who ever lived. He was vulnerable to power and that's about it. Mayweather's chief weapon is judging distance, but what good is that when you're giving up 20cm in reach against a skilled boxer with bazookas in his fists?
  21. Seriously though, what do you see Floyd doing to Hearns that Benitez didn't?
  22. Dunno how anybody could think Leonard, Pacquiao and Duran would have a shot but be less sure about Hearns and Hagler. I think Hearns would give him by far the most trouble style-wise and Hagler would obviously just be more than he has ever asked been asked to handle.
  23. I might sign a contract to fight Mayweather and put it on Twitter, see if I can get it on the headlines.