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  1. Pure filth from Kranjcar
  2. Zrinjski Mostar sound a bit like the Celtic of Bosnia, to be fair. They even have a Croatian flag on their badge.
  3. He has never, ever taken accumulative blows from a world class, accurate puncher over 12 rounds and if you think that's irrelevant, you're mental.
  4. He has had chronic hand problems since long before he stopped knocking people out though. In fact I can't remember a time when he wasn't complaining about his hands.
  5. Floyd knocked Ortiz out because he had a clear shot at a guy who let his guard down. Any pro boxer with even average power could do that to anyone at any time. I wouldn't say there's "literally zero chance" of that happening against McGregor. Power is the last thing you lose. Floyd's trouble is he lost his guts and his spite and chased the money rather than the KO.
  6. I don't necessarily think Mayweather has an iron chin or anything but what I will say is I have watched a lot of boxers and I have never seen anybody so good at defending when stunned. If you hit Mayweather flush once, you don't get to follow it up with a killer blow. He doesn't panic, he does the right thing, every time. Maybe this will have changed since his retirement, maybe not.
  7. Well jel. I've seen Federer twice at the tour finals but it's just not the same as a slam.
  8. I reckon he'll keep going for as long as he feels like a contender. He seems to genuinely enjoy the sport and his family seem ever-present on the tour with him. 20 is a nice round figure though...
  9. Federer won a hard court slam 6 months ago. He is playing much, much better than he was in 2015 when he reached the US Open final. Djokovic was rampant then. He's not now. Neither is Murray. They might not even play. A Federer-Nadal final would be very interesting, and with Federer winning their last four meetings on hard courts, he ought to be seen as favourite.
  10. Hopefully he can beat one of the big dogs in the final in New York to cap it all off.
  11. Took a while, but job done.
  12. Think we have an explanation for the emotional meltdown.
  13. This might be the least I have ever enjoyed watching Federer thrash someone.
  14. Yeah, I think smashing down a 131mph serve rules out major injury.
  15. Fucksake
  16. After the break point Federer hardly put a foot wrong.
  17. If Federer doesn't up his first serve % considerably he isn't winning this.
  18. Sure, and Mayweather has fought such big punchers (and ones who are actually professional boxers into the bargain too) already and wasn't put to sleep when they hit him. In other words nobody knows for certain whether he could take a punch from McGregor, but all the available evidence points to "of course he fucking could" and literally no evidence points to "No he couldn't", so it's odd to side with no evidence over the actual instances where we've seen him get hit flush by hard punchers and take it.
  19. Indeed. Very odd to say that if Floyd gets hit he goes to sleep, then.
  20. If only we had 49 fights to look at to see whether or not Mayweather can take a punch...
  21. What evidence do we have that McGregor punches harder than Mosley, Maidana or Alvarez?
  22. How so? Mayweather has knocked out 26 professional boxers, McGregor has knocked out zero.
  23. Yes, hence people quite rightly criticising him and finding no grounds to understand why he did what he did and no excuse in the fact he had pressure from above.
  24. You say that like he had no option. The alternative option was to ignore his employers and go to the police, like any decent person would, and sue the club for all it was worth if he suffered financially.
  25. I appreciate that what he did was marginally less heinous than what the directors did, but that's not much of a defence. If my boss ordered me to cover up child abuse I would kick his teeth down his throat. I wouldn't give a fuck about the good name of the company. I'd like to think that's true of most of us.