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  1. How is it a different point? The chances of skying a first time side-footed shot that you aren't properly set for are much higher than skying a ball you're in control of and only need to roll or toepoke. The former is just one of those things, it was the occasion that made it famous. Candeias' attempt was shocking.
  2. Exactly. The pass was a bit short and he took it first time. Candeias was in control of every factor.
  3. That was much, much worse than Van Vossen.
  4. When did Morelos turn into Fernando Redondo?
  5. Morelos partner of Rangers past

    Hateley, obviously.
  6. F1

    Unbelievable luck for Hamilton.
  7. The Boxing News Thread

    Yeah, I had Canelo taking the first three clearly, then probably GGG all the way til the last two rounds. The energy Canelo seemed to have in round 12 makes the middle of the fight seem inexplicable. Still, worked for him.
  8. The Boxing News Thread

    Maybe she mixed them up thinking you couldn't possibly get a ginger mexican.
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Watch his legs. Momentarily knocked off balance but he immediately rights himself and moves forward
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    Why be so obvious about it though? In an obviously close-ish fight, why not fix it by one point? Maybe she's just a fucking idiot.
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    For the sake of fairness it should be held in a barn in rural Kazakhstan.
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    If you collect together Canelo's dodgy cards from CJ Ross and Adalaide Byrd (draw with Mayweather, 119-109 against Cotto, 118-110 against GGG) you'd have to say they've given him an all-time great career.
  13. The Boxing News Thread

    It's not even just that he takes the punches, he doesn't even blink Man's a freak.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    I had it very close, 116-115 for GGG, but only because I scored a couple of rounds a draw out of generosity to Canelo. 118-110 Canelo is the worst card I have ever seen in boxing.
  15. Sorry bud, out getting pished tonight.
  16. The Boxing News Thread

    Oh ok. Well, yeah, Golovkin seems pretty defensively reckless when he's fighting someone he knows isn't a danger, and wants to put on a show and go for the KO. His chin seems solid but I doubt he'll be as happy to eat shots from Canelo as he was against Brook. I get the impression GGG is capable of getting hit a lot less than he does, he just hasn't fought anyone he needed to worry about much. His footwork and control of the ring is outstanding. Roberto Duran was like that. Had elite defensive skills, especially on the inside, but didn't really give a fuck if he got hit.
  17. The Boxing News Thread

    Um... GGG has the highest KO rate in middleweight history. I'm not sure someone who has seen him fight once can really make such a bold claim.
  18. Referees certainly do hate when players point out they aren't doing their jobs.
  19. *** The Tennis Thread ***

    Looking at this season it seems mad to bet against him matching Federer, but on the other hand, he hasn't had two great seasons in a row since 2011 (I know Novak dominated him that year, but he was still great).
  20. Davies smeared on social media?

    Three managers do it every season, and most of them aren't mental.
  21. I want whatever Alba is on.
  22. He has been sensational tonight. That backheel pass before the goal
  23. Suarez you fucking wasteman.
  24. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    I can't really understand why anyone would value anticipation. reading of the game and control under pressure any less in a midfielder than in a central defender. It's a vulnerable position on the park and if you have a weak link there you're fucked. The fact that plenty of top class midfielders are shite as a holding midfielder seems like proof to me that not just anyone could do it.
  25. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    I get that, but the thing is, you can see the value of the best ones when you see a top class player trying to do it and failing. Take Steven Gerrard, for example. Did he have the technical ability to just sit in front of the defence, setting the tempo and playing conservative passes? Of course. Did he have the intelligence to do it consistently and not give the ball away at the worst moments? Nope.