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  1. Bt sports Golazzo documentary

    He said he got over it a long time ago and was proud of taking the team to the final, so I didn't feel too bad about it
  2. RIP Ray Wilkins

    So sad. Seemed like an absolutely lovely bloke, spoke so highly of the club too. RIP, Ray.
  3. Bt sports Golazzo documentary

    Same here. Never been remotely interested in meet and greets or anything like that, but happened to see a tweet about it a few hours before and jumped on a bus right away Got Baggio to sign my USA '94 Italy shirt.
  4. US Masters 2018

    He's a shitebag if he doesn't have the guts to try it in competition now.
  5. Bt sports Golazzo documentary

    Saw Richardson hosting a Q&A with Roberto Baggio in Carnaby Street of all places last summer. Met both of them. Was the most ridiculous nostalgia trip. Baggio was my favourite non-Rangers player as a kid.
  6. US Masters 2018

  7. The Boxing News Thread

    Shit fight.
  8. Niko is gone

    The latter, I think. Something hilarious I just learned there, in seven years in Japan, Dragan Stojkovic only won player of the year once.
  9. Niko is gone

    To be fair, 33 is absolutely ancient for a Balkan playmaker.
  10. Annnnnd now the second most capable too. And replacing him with a player who just admitted to the press that he hates playing for Barcelona.
  11. Subbing off the player most capable of retaining the ball under pressure seems tactically pretty daft from Barcelona, considering the way they are playing.
  12. Messi has 19 goals in his last 18 games against English sides. The old "He wouldn't score 40 goals in a season in England like Ronaldo did" looks like a pretty bold claim.
  13. Fucksake, Messi. Genius.
  14. Nah. No chance. He might beat Pele's actual competitive game goal record though.
  15. Sweetest Strike You'll Ever See

    Carbon copy of this classic
  16. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    We don't deserve to win.
  17. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Yeah, we need Morelos torturing Boyata.
  18. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Especially since Cardoso was skirting the line between giving away a penalty and just putting him off shooting brilliantly. He had his hands all over him but Collum wasn't going to give a penalty for that. If Wes had stayed put he might have scuffed it anywhere.
  19. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Awful from Wes. They are shite defensively so we need to just dominate them. We have more heart and more energy.
  20. "He's headed it too well" says Hoddle, who thinks missing the target is a virtue.
  21. I think their job is just to absorb criticism that should go to the ref.
  22. AC Milan & Gattuso

    Doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that Gennaro kicks Wenger's cunt in tomorrow if things get a bit nasty.