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  1. He'd have been a backup to Morelos when he was unavailable or off form. Relying on a 37yo for that is not sensible.
  2. This We have no plan B for teams who are hard to break down atm, Morelos is a decent header of the ball but he's far from a target man type. Dykes can also play a bit with the ball at his feet as well. The last no-brainer striker we didn't sign was Shankland and I we could have done with him last season Dykes would be a great addition to the squad.
  3. They could be decked out like a Formula 1 driver for all I care if it brought in Millions to improve the team
  4. Yep he wasn't a superstar but something definitely clicked between him and Tav which we lost.
  5. The decline of Tav as an attacking force started when Candeias left.
  6. Jack, Aribo and Ferguson would be a good mix for CM.
  7. We fucked up by not signing Hartson. He'd of given us a better return than RdB who was at Ibrox for signing/medical on the same day.
  8. Shota Arveladze, had a better scoring record than Larsson in Holland then we play him on the left wing or not at all.
  9. Klos, Charbonnier and Neimi were all much better.
  10. They are a very good European team. Not at the elite level of Liverpool or Athletico or Barca etc but easily the best we've played for a number of seasons. We rattled them for about half an hour but quality shone through.
  11. I thought we played the best game since Braga. They were just better. If we play like that on Sunday we win.
  12. Maybe not but putting him into a team struggling with confidence with the fans on their back could break him
  13. Every manager does it. Walter had his favourites who would be picked no matter what. I personally think once Helander is back Goldson might get a "rest" but he couldn't possibly put Katic and Edmondson together they are both way too raw. Tavenier is a different matter, there is no one to realistically replace him other than a youth player who had played one and a half games.
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