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  1. He will be cover for Kent in the same way Fod is cover for McGregor.
  2. It's tough on Katic and Edmundson, both of whom are better than any other CB's we've had in the past seven years - apart from Goldson and Helander.
  3. Fair enough but the point is Goram was considered to be in that elite group. McGregor has never been world class which goes back to the OP
  4. I didn't say he was fifth out of five. Buffon, Schmeichel, Kahn, Seaman, Southall off the top of my head were all world class keepers of that era. Goram was in that company, it's a personal opinion who was best. For all McGregor is an excellent keeper I don't think anyone is saying he's among the best in the world.
  5. At his peak Goram was one of the best in the world, ranked alongside Schmeichel, Buffon and Kahn amongst his contemporaries. For all McGregor is an excellent goalkeeper, no-one is under any illusions that he's among the best in the world.
  6. That's a close call. But I'd probably agree.
  7. This. Goram was orders of magnitude better than McGregor. At his best Goram was in the top five in the world of that era.
  8. Ha good left field call but he didn't sign himself
  9. 4 out of 5. Ferguson got capped very soon after joining us.
  10. I think he got capped after he left us and played for hearts ? But not one of the five
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