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  1. Shota Arveladze, had a better scoring record than Larsson in Holland then we play him on the left wing or not at all.
  2. Klos, Charbonnier and Neimi were all much better.
  3. They are a very good European team. Not at the elite level of Liverpool or Athletico or Barca etc but easily the best we've played for a number of seasons. We rattled them for about half an hour but quality shone through.
  4. I thought we played the best game since Braga. They were just better. If we play like that on Sunday we win.
  5. Maybe not but putting him into a team struggling with confidence with the fans on their back could break him
  6. Every manager does it. Walter had his favourites who would be picked no matter what. I personally think once Helander is back Goldson might get a "rest" but he couldn't possibly put Katic and Edmondson together they are both way too raw. Tavenier is a different matter, there is no one to realistically replace him other than a youth player who had played one and a half games.
  7. Not sure what we expect him to say really. He's given players a verbal kicking in post match interviews and it's obviously had a negative impact. He's got to talk them up. I'm sure behind the scenes there a number of names on the squad list that have a red line through them for next season.
  8. It's not skills, our players are more skilled than Hamilton's they cost/earn 10 or 20 or 30 times as much; it's fucking mentality. The Hamilton team of journeymen put their bodies in the fight and won more than their fair share of challenges and 50/50's We have no winners, no fighters, no-one willing to go beyond 100%. Morelos is a petulant child, Davis is past it, Tavenier hasn't looked the same player since his illness, Goldson's confidence is shot, Barker is a waste of oxygen, Kent flatters to deceive, Defoe isn't fit, Barasic looks like he's rather be in Serie A, I could go on. We are totally fucked at the moment, these players have no belief, no arrogance, no swagger. They play lovely moves at times with fuck all end product. It's a fucking shitshow and I don't know how we climb out of this slump.
  9. The Beast


    The team is full of shitebags. Second to the ball and not willing to go where it hurts. Our most effective ball winner is Ryan Jack, don't get me wrong I think he's one of the few decent players we have but he hardly puts the fear of God into opposition players. All our best teams of the past had a mixture of silk and steel. We have silk and imitation silk but fuck all steel.
  10. Fuck all this negativity. Compared to last week we're playing extremely well. We've had two excellent chances and their keeper made a top save against a decent penalty. We are missing our two top strikers and kamberi has hardly played with the team so the lack of understanding shows at times. I'd of taken this halftime position before the game. It's there for the taking.
  11. I think he could have done with a more experienced assistant. I've nothing against McAllister but he doesn't bring any real management experience other than a couple of unremarkable and brief episodes at Leeds and Coventry.
  12. We are completely missing Jack. He might not turn us into the better team but he'd tighten up that midfield a lot.
  13. I don't think it would take a generation. But even if it did, I'd rather we were down there striving towards that goal than spending that generation in the bigoted nationalist republican cesspit that Scotland has become.
  14. This 100% It was a missed opportunity to try and enter the EFL pyramid even at the fourth or fifth level.
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