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  1. Who or what the fuck is "Grado"?
  2. I wonder how much this old leech cunt will make out of this latest venture. The enemy within.......
  3. Must be handy to have your boy as slo
  4. If I wanted to listen to smelly tramps talking about ra sellik, I'd just tune in to the football shows on Radio Scotland or Clyde.
  5. This is brilliant... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/may/30/is-dundee-united-really-slang-for-idiot-in-nigeria
  6. Isn't the Peterborough owner the guy who was criticising Morelos recently?
  7. The Beast

    Jordan Jones

    The signings so far this window have been very underwhelming. Can't see any of them actually improving us at all, just adding a bit more squad depth.
  8. What did they do for Jig, Little etc?
  9. Ian Redford's was a good insightful read. Painfully honest.
  10. If he was playing for a top level Championship team he would be quoted in the £10M + bracket. Derby allegedly paid £7M for Martyn Waghorn. Martyn Waghorn ffs.
  11. They are a horrible little club with nasty fans who hate us with a passion.
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