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  1. This. The change from Katic to Worrall as Goldson's CB partner was the single biggest blunder this season. That and bringing back Lafferty rather than having a decent goal scoring 2nd choice CF.
  2. The Beast


    This. The boy has a very bright future at a much higher level than the SPFL. I hope we get a good 2-3 seasons before selling him on for a fuckload of money.
  3. King is a devious bastard but he's not stupid. Any Rangers chairman who allowed this would have it held over their head for the rest of their days.
  4. That was the reason that O'Neill couldn't recall him when he took over. The fact that Worral had played a certain percentage of games up to that point meant that contractually the recall clause wasn't available.
  5. It's a vote from the folk who are the sponsors guests in their hospitality suites. Most are probably half-cut by the time they are asked.
  6. This. A decent energetic midfielder. Just not quite good enough for what we need going forward.
  7. Yes but the transfer fees in England are totally fucked. Derby paid somewhere between 5 and 8 million for Martyn Waghorn. Martyn Waghorn.
  8. This. Your rank and file scum fans are in some ways the same as us. They don't care about the snowflake politically correct agenda driven bullshit. I for one don't blame them for the sex doll effigies whatever. TBH I wish we'd thought of it. The real villains are those making political capital out of the "sectarian problem" and those who are using it to push their agendas. Treat everyone the same or don't treat anyone at all.
  9. In a game like that you assume you are at all times
  10. The time to get Brown or any of them is not in full view of the cameras in an off the ball incident. But instead you go in high over the ball in a 50/50 and snap the cunts leg. Never would a red card be so worth it.
  11. Agreed in the published pictures, Halliday is shouting with justified rage and Bain and that piece of excrement are laughing at him. They won in more than the result yesterday.
  12. Cannot be worse than Grezda so far tbf. However I agree, it's underwhelming.
  13. Interesting that the words sectarian and bigoted are not being used either. An attack by the fan of a club with an Irish rooted fan base on a Rangers captain. If it had been a Rangers fan attacking a Hibs player I'm sure those words would have been spun.
  14. I just don't get the obsession with bringing these walk away cunts back to the club.
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