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  1. I think they should also highlight and contrast the different coverage and general reaction to Tony Rudiger's allegations of rascism and those regarding Alfredo.
  2. Jack has become a magnificent player. He's got two of the best central midfielders of the previous generation to learn from but he's the one who has stepped up.
  3. We had about four free headers from corners in the first half hour not one on target. Shite.
  4. We were playing our possession game and playing it well for most of the first half. The most worrying thing is that when we get knocked off our stride as happened last night we find it hard to get back to that mindset. It's not the first time that's happened this season.
  5. Wide right is the single biggest flaw in the team just now. Opinions are mixed on Candieas and he was far from perfect but he gave an outlet on that side and linked up well with Tav. We don't have anyone who can naturally do that now. Having said that I'd like to see Murphy get a run of games on the right to see what he could do.
  6. I think he's slightly less effective without Jack alongside him. With Jack there he knows there is someone he can trust 100% to mop up behind him when he ventures forward and vice versa. I'm not sure any of the other midfielders offer the same.
  7. This. There's still 9 points up for grabs against them. Play at our best and I'd be confident of getting most if not all of these.
  8. I'm not now and never will be a kingaling. But... He's done much more and better than I expected. His appointment of SG and his backing of him as much as he reasonably could is truly admirable. Giving Paul Murray the boot was pretty good as well
  9. He will be cover for Kent in the same way Fod is cover for McGregor.
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