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  1. The touch and awareness of their attacking players was way better than ours today. We fucked up all over the pitch but they were far more potent in the final third.
  2. Agreed. What's the point of having strength in depth in this position if we don't drop him due to poor form.
  3. Ha! Only 4 beers in. Might move on to the rum.
  4. The Beast


    He's a fantastic prospect but shit himself today.
  5. Giving him a 5 would make him the highest scoring outfield player imho
  6. The whole team with the exception of McGregor shat it today. They were expecting them to roll over like they did on the last two visits but they came out and went for it from the start. It was right back to the bad old days of the past few years, we were bullied by a team that wanted it more.
  7. I wouldn't even give Davis more than a 5. He gave away as many loose passes as any of them.
  8. They were the hungrier team from the off. They did to us what we did to them last season. Winning the 50/50's and putting down markers all over the pitch. We shat it.
  9. He's never a wide player in a million years. When he plays on the right we have no link up there, it always drifts back inside. Candieas was inconsistent and limited but he gave us balance. Apart from Tav we have no right sided attack at all.
  10. No width. But we couldn't win the middle. Aribo bottled it. We couldn't find a pass. We let them win almost every 50/50. Long diagonal passes that rarely came off. No second runner into the box. Utterly shit.
  11. Basel, Gent and Malmö please.
  12. They were a fantastic defensive team. Not packing 11 players behind the ball like St Mirren but a strong defensive team who were not quite dangerous enough on the break. We will not play against such a strong defense in Scotland
  13. I hope Klopp stays at Liverpool for a good few seasons.
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