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  1. Foderingham

    I wasn’t disagreeing with you in any way other than there are much bigger problems at the club than him!👍🇬🇧
  2. Foderingham

    Least of our problems in my opinion!!
  3. Aye,wasn’t listed on my iptv????
  4. What channel is the game on??
  5. LAST time we had a hero??

    Give it your best shot!,Best of luck???
  6. LAST time we had a hero??

    Have you signed up for the FFIT course? l just completed it with Swindon Town after putting on a bit of weight after a knee op. fantastic course????
  7. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    2 snippets of info? Sweet Compmany. 7.40 Galway (reserve that will get in) 20s Librisa Breeze 3.0 Goodwood Tuesday 9/2 source for the oirish one has gave me 3 from 3? Due a loser? Source for 2nd one, the jockey!!!? Good luck???
  8. Risk Free In Play Tomorrow Bet365

    I guess it's how you state your case and to whom! Anyone else had any success????
  9. Risk Free In Play Tomorrow Bet365

    Ok guys,here's the heads up. Two of my mates who never got the he email have called up customer services and in the politest manor explained that their good friend has had this offer and couldn't understand why they haven't had the same offer as they were very loyal AND were very big promoters to all how good the website was!! They had the bet made available straight away!!!!! Good luck???
  10. Risk Free In Play Tomorrow Bet365

    Champions league final???
  11. ***Official Mr Win tips thread***

    Aquadabra 2.10 Notts expected to win ??? I know the owner?
  12. ***Official Mr Win tips thread***

    Cheer yourselves up boys with getting stuck into MARYLEBONE. 4.50 Donny???
  13. Lee Rigby Memorial Cup rumours

    Fantastic wee day out,well done to mols,Rod,Hateley and big Bert???