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  1. kaiser1041

    Umar Sadiq

    I know mate thats obviously the end of our transfers
  2. kaiser1041

    Umar Sadiq

    If cunts are mad about flano giving his mrs a bit of a slap I can’t wait till big umir starts flinging Declan John off rooftops
  3. kaiser1041

    Jon Flanagan

    Plenty Fanny’s to be kicked in Scotland yasssssssss
  4. kaiser1041

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    It doesn’t it’s the same scumbag move but Father Time is very forgiving never mind the goal against tims pish If Flanagan has a good game against hibs the football manager virgins on here will have him called up for England and everything is forgotten
  5. kaiser1041

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Neither do most but they like people to think they do
  6. kaiser1041

    Jon Flanagan

    I’ll just add this wee guy to the many players I dont like that’s played for us but I’ll not be playing the white knight pish and pretending I give a fuck about woman’s rights
  7. kaiser1041

    Jon Flanagan

    He kicked her in the body no ?
  8. kaiser1041

    Jon Flanagan

    Why not ?
  9. kaiser1041

    Mick O’Halleron away

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/melbourne-city-sign-glasgow-Rangers-winger-20180617-p4zm19.html excellent news
  10. kaiser1041

    Jon Flanagan

    Hed smash you
  11. kaiser1041

    Jon Flanagan

    A heard his mrs deserved it
  12. kaiser1041

    Darren Fletcher

    Shite on the pitch for fun up here the shitey bastard
  13. kaiser1041

    Jason Cummings

    We need better than him.he proved absolutely nothing
  14. kaiser1041

    Saido Berahino

    Huge gamble if true
  15. kaiser1041

    McCoist as a pundit...

  16. kaiser1041

    Hardie signs new contract

    His game won’t progress playing 20 mins every once and a while hes about 6 months younger than Alfredo and he should be judged that way
  17. kaiser1041


    I’d expect Fabio to go and another defender to come in I’d even expect alves to follow
  18. kaiser1041

    Saifeddine Khaou

    Fake news
  19. kaiser1041

    Gerrard interview

    I’m under the impression his side will be ready for the physical challenge regardless of opposition or some fake rivalry that exist in the sheeps head
  20. kaiser1041

    Hardie signs new contract

    He must have nudes of Stewart Robertson as he’s done nothing to prove his worth
  21. kaiser1041

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Wow the majority of tims were unhappy with him most of last season but ultimately they have wasted a huge sum on a player who was there 3rd best striker
  22. kaiser1041

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Why ?
  23. kaiser1041

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    McCrorrie will be lucky to start 20 games this season
  24. kaiser1041

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Davis and shagger 😂😂fuck off when the chips are down are the players supposed to look at these cunts who left us when it matterd?
  25. kaiser1041

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    He can leave knowing he put everything into every performance and will always be welcomed for that reason not many can say that all the best