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  1. Bigot we should close 2 stands for this
  2. Cunt of a man
  3. Are you on meth ? Ffs give the guy time breathe before making daft assumptions
  4. Black bird probably stole something. i missed that incident but I never missed the stadium announcer call wee Holt fucking josepth Holt
  5. He was very good today. He will be a real asset for us
  6. Guy came on when the game was bitty and never really had the chance to show us him either way. id question the motivation though of cunts starting shitebag snidey threads like this.
  7. You should change yer name to the bad news bear mate
  8. Great first half and payet not given an inch. jack,Dorrans aren't to be fucked with it seems
  9. Not a bad crowd considering I find people that are normaly concerned at the attendances are cunts that don't actually go.
  10. Trying way too hard
  11. Crazy eh ? We should just all forgive and forget and vote snp
  12. Just fuck up and be happy for one of our own. who needs enemies when wee virgins like you are aboot
  13. He's home mate he's hibee scum
  14. We should get mcgregor and sell Fod
  15. He's fucking useless
  16. Jack is better than anything we had and Dorrans is a huge leap in quality add to that the powerful centre backs and that's only the players I know Pena and Herrera must be an improvement on waghorn and windass. its easy to latch on to the negatives at this moment but you'd be crazy to see this squad isn't better
  17. Best for the boys career I'd say
  18. You spelt sack wrong mate 👍
  19. Hope both of them break there necks in a double head knock then Naismith runs on from the crowd to comfort both and is hit by a buckfast bottle has brain damage and becomes wee nai. (My mates stole my login this is shocking)honestly
  20. I think we have improved in terms of strength but the lack of decent wide players is a real worry
  21. this only tells me we are losing midfielders hopefully windass
  22. In comparison to last seasons squad it's night and day.dorrans is a huge improvement on anything in midfield for a start and Bruno alves is just a slight upgrade on big bates. cunts slating Pena and Herrera already are hilarious both not yet fit and Mexican internationals plying there trade in a league vastly superior to ours . the recruitment has been fantastic so far so let's give everyone time to get there act together before turning on the staff and playing squad
  23. This interview explains Barrie perfectly.needs a hug and has zero grit now time for hugs from uncle mark. you had an ultimatum knuckle down and prove your worth or sulk like the little poof you are. good riddance