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  1. Foderingham new contract

    well in big man his best years are ahead of him and hopefully we are the club that benifits
  2. No Board Statement Yet?

    What do you want the board to say ? So far saying nothing has made the tims and other look like the fools they are
  3. Alan Archibald

    I never said it was ok. It just doesn't bother me in the slightest as I said the wee man pulled that same pish week in week out and cunts lap it up. this energy shut be put into questioning why Pedro Caxinha was outsmarted twice in a week by a rookie manager with a tenth of his budget
  4. Alan Archibald

    As for the op.the guys team got a last min equaliser in a tough game.what the fucks he meant to do ? Maybe we should contact the police
  5. Alan Archibald

    Wee Nacho did that pish week in week out and was seen as a legend ffs
  6. Mccrorie...

    Stephen Craigan last night when he came on said Archibald should tell salmon to play right up against the youngster he did and the wee man smashed the baldy gimp. won every battle and dominated the so called experienced pro
  7. Candieas

    He's been poor the last couple but he gives 100% as opposed to the tit on the other flank
  8. Dorrans

    He's part of a solid midfield 2 with 3 goals already for the season. hes not flashy at all and maybe that's why some can't see what he brings
  9. To be fair to him the herrara substitute changed the game
  10. Pedro invited this pish on with poor tactics he's clueless
  11. Am back noo don't worry 👍
  12. Windass

    He's shite
  13. Missed the first half were we shit ?
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Apparently some youth coach chucked because of the abuse he was getting fucking hell man 😂😂 how ironic
  15. Rio Ferdinand to launch pro boxing career

    Hope the stroke faced cunt gets his cunt punched in
  16. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    I'm still really angry
  17. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    😂😂get a life wee man
  18. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Aye coz am on crying about what young boys are up to. Get a life
  19. Wallace out for Saturday

    Waldo misses another Tim game ffs
  20. FT scores and the table

    It's a fucking riddy our job was to show the tims if they slip up we are not far away but we have failed miserably
  21. We drew 2.2

    We have no one in left wide slot at all regardless of who is fit and with Waldo getting injured everytime the tims are on the horizon we can't even play John there
  22. We drew 2.2

    😂😂cunts acting like it's an overreaction.its not about 1 game it's about a piss poor record from day 1. fluked 1 away win and pumped in all other big games.hasnt won 3 in a row
  23. The taig game.

    We will get beat comfortably