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  1. I will be there tomorrow night. any victory is acceptable.
  2. But Flower of Scotland is not a National Anthem. God Save the Queen is. But none the less your point is valid.
  3. The national anthem in Scotland is God save the Queen. There is no other national anthem. You are correct in saying that the SFA adopted The Flower of Scotland in a football context, but it is not our national anthem.
  4. Do you understand the economy at all ? WoW ! Tommy "shagger" Sheridan has a log in for Rangers Media. Solidarity Brother As an aside, what happens when we run out of every other cunts money ? You are at it.
  5. We as Rangers fans are serious about our team, we are passionate. We hurt when we lose and we experience euphoria when we are successful. We were raised on traditions and one of those traditions was the quest for success. The desire to be the best. I know guys who were in Gibraltar and who follow Scotland everywhere abroad, to be honest, They could not give a fuck. They are there for the banter, the bevy, The Ronald De Boer's and to get a jolly away from their wives. I would wager most of them are the same. Most of them probably don't even have a team they follow on a Saturday. Morag and Hamish are an utter embarrassment, I would wager that most of them have no idea where the kilt came from and they probably believe that in the 17th Century everyone ran about the Glens amongst the bonnie heather in their Kilts, Glen Garry's, Timberland boots and the feather of a Capercallie sticking out their bunnet, singing fan dabbie dozzie
  6. The Kilt is not even our national dress, It was only really worn by the highlanders who were the minority population, As far as I am aware the Kilt arrived in Scotland through the Celts, The Celts were not the first inhabitants of this country and I am sure they arrived here from Northern Spain.
  7. I thought we we talking about football fans relative to our national team. not sure what it has to do with holidays and stag doos. Why would anyone want to go to football dressed in a kilt, timberland boots and a Glen Garry with a big feather sticking out of it. Flashing their arses to passers by and being sick all over themselves. It that your idea of acceptable behaviour ? I have often wondered why the Tartan Trannies seem to be able to flaunt the Alcohol in public places law. I wonder how often they get searched at Train Stations and how often the buses are stopped and searched on the way towards Hampden? Or is that just solely reserved for Rangers SCs
  8. Never been to a Scotland game in my life, never had the compulsion to do so. Never wore an England top, a Northern Ireland top or the top of any other nation. If I wear a football top. it will be a Rangers top, I support Rangers, I have pride and admiration for my fellow Rangers supporters, Glackit looking cunts in Timberland boots, a Kilt and a hat with a feather sticking out it, flashing their bare arse give me the dry boak. I have nothing in common with them and I think they are a national embarrassment. I actually know 3 or 4 of these halfwits who go and watch Scotland all over the place. none of them actually support a domestic team, they are not members of a any domestic supporters clubs or hold a season ticket for any domestic club. I doubt most of them could explain or understand the off side rule. They go abroad to get away from their wives, get blootered and generally make a cunt of themselves. "Doe a dear a female deer" I mean, C'Mon tae fuck.
  9. Looking forward to the game today and first away game of the season for me. followed up by Sommerset on Wednesday. Not really done many away games in recent years as its been hard enough watching Rangers at Ibrox. But, Its a new dawn, its a new day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. Our dire style of football suited Alloa last season. Our new style of football will leave them dizzy and they will not be able to cope with the tempo of our play.
  11. To be far mate, they do have something in common. They all have a vowel in their surname.
  12. I don't think it arguable at all mate. McCulloch's career is vastly superior to that of Eustace. McCulloch has a catalogue of honours Eustace has won nothing. McCulloch has 18 international caps, Eustace has none. McCulloch has scored well over 100 league goals, Eustace has scored just over 30. McCulloch has made over 550 appearance, Eustace has made 390. Rangers have not signed Eustace yet and I will be surprised if they actually do, but like all Rangers players he will get my support as soon as he pulls on that famous Blue jersey. I am fully behind Warburton and he was my preferred choice, He is not infallible and he will make mistakes, I don't doubt that. I just don't get the angst amongst some on here towards criticism of a player who we have not signed yet. The Tinterweb is a strange place.
  13. No I didn't and the post of mines you quotes proves that beyond any doubt.
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