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  1. On paper we should be puttin 5 past this mob, but at the moment Id take a scrappy 1-0
  2. We were good in parts of the first half but Wallace & Whittaker were caught sleepin too often.
  3. Someone better wake Gazza and tell him he's on
  4. I thought the game was gonna be a banana skin the day, the weather conditions, the missed penalty Delighted to get the 3 points and see Ness get 45mins, still thought it harsh for Edu gettin punted out wide. Created some good chances, Wylde got in some great positions just needs Ally to teach him a thing or two.
  5. I wouldnae be suprised to see Jig, Edu & Kirk back in the line up
  6. Happy with that line up though is Hemmings injured? A wouldve thought he'd be on the bench.
  7. Im absolutely scunnered, I really hope McCoist tore into them. Pinged a few boots off Whittaker & Boogies napper.
  8. Can anyone tell me who follows the English premiership whether Blackburn have vastly improved their squad? As a look at last seasons standings show Blackburn finished 15th, 4 points above relegation. What are the chances Goodwillie will be plying his trade in the Championship, Season 2012/2013? Im not concerned if he signs with them or makes a last minute U-turn and ends up with us but we do need another proven goalscorer to call upon cause if Jelavic gets injured we'd be rooked. Lastly Dundee Utd have been pulling this shit since the days of Gough, sick of them.
  9. Pity that went against Ortiz, the way he picked the ball out the air was sublime
  10. Come on Ally, sub Edu or Jig off for Ortiz and move Davis central
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