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  1. Just read his book, I might be wrong but I think the actual selection process puts the guys from the navy, army and the RAF regiment all together. Good read mate.
  2. So blatant. Hiding in open view. I know it’s been done to death, but I worry for the future of Scotland. As someone that was brought up CoS and now agnostic, this boils my piss. State schools should be state schools, with education about religion not teaching it directly.
  3. Put Hendrys head on O’Sullivans talent and you’d have an unbeatable player.
  4. Still laugh that’s its red, white & blue in the middle. Three cheers ya cunts! 🤣
  5. Only reason we needed a break was cause they squeezed all those games into December and the two stupid international breaks. IMO the winter break is a cunt of a thing, it’ll be the same come the end of April as well.
  6. Apparently they say this in another language a lot! Bet it wasn’t this day they thought that was coming! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Brilliant! That made the hairs stand up!
  8. Hit one shite corner and AH took the rest, what a difference that made in my opinion. We were dangerous at all the set pieces. Tav was great today, loads of energy. Just keep him away from the corners and free kicks.
  9. Except when they were supposed to be quiet!
  10. Well Done! Now get the fucking job done!
  11. Tired or not, a single quality delivery that we know he’s capable of isn’t too much to ask.
  12. I agree, but the quality of his deliveries from dead balls is fucking atrocious. Tiredness doesn’t come into that for me. So wasteful!
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