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  1. Craigyboy9

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Let the dust settles bit here and there’s plenty positives to be taken. They were always going to get a decent chance with nearly 80 mins against 10 men. How the fuck May stayed on the park and it should’ve been a red at the penalty. Fuck the sheep shagging cunts!
  2. Craigyboy9

    *** The Official Open 2018 Thread ***

    Haw Sasa get that thread title changed! It’s just “THE” Open Championship. All the rest are mere imposters! 😜
  3. Craigyboy9

    RIP William Dunlop

    A brutal year for road racing, James Cowton killed at the Southern 100 this week as well, they’ll be out again next week though and it’ll be no slower.
  4. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    Brutal news for that family once again!
  5. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    You’re probably right about he bikes outgrowing the courses and maybe this is something that’ll be looked at in the future in terms of limiting the power of the machines. I’m not sure it would make a difference though. Lots of accidents happen in the 600 and super twin classes as well as the Superbike.
  6. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    The NW200 looks brilliant Dylan, I know how much the road racing means to the people of NI, just from speaking to them while I’ve been at the TT. There was a couple of programs on last year about the national racing scene over the water. Hope to get over at some point maybe to the NW200 or the Ulster GP. A few of my mates go every year to the Armoy races and are always well looked after.
  7. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    I’d guarantee, that anyone with even a slight interest in motorsport would love it. The whole island comes alive, the atmosphere is magic and then that first night you’re sitting on a dry stane dyke and a superbike comes past so close you could reach out and touch it and literally sucks the air out out your lungs. One of the truly breathtaking things in the world and it never gets any less exciting. Fuck knows what it’s like to be riding it!
  8. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    No worries mate, I just get a bit pissed off, because the only time it makes headlines is when someone is killed, so it’s no surprise people who aren’t particularly into bikes, only see these headlines and draw the obvious conclusion.
  9. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    It’s is high Jamie, you’ve lived there, what else could be done? I stil stand by it though. It’s a choice the risks are known, Dan Kneen who was killed on Wednesday night last week, his father and brother released a statement saying they wanted it to continue, and wanted his team to continue to compete on his name. That for me is all the justification you need.
  10. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    It’s always been a feature Tel, the people who do the TT ride the machine to absolute limit, it’s been like that since 1907. The difference is F1 is held all around the world and it’s a corporate monster, the TT is all about choice, they know the risks and do it. There’s no financial gain to racing at the at the TT. As far as I know the winner of tomorrow’s Senior race get something like £40k. Just to buy a Superbike costs in the region of £100k, never mind what a top of the range factory bike would cost. The thing that sets it apart is, you and I could wander round the paddock and pit lane tonight, all the mechanics will be working on the bikes and the top riders will be there chatting and mingling with everyone. No passes needed. Then we could wander down to the bottom paddock where all the privateers are. Guys who save up all year just to race there, sleeping in the back of a dirty old transit, with a wee pop up awning, doing their own spannering with the help of a mate or two. It’s bike racing in its purest form.
  11. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    255 fatalities, in isolation looks worse than it is. More people die in mountaineering accidents every year in Scotland than at the TT, yet there’s no calls for that to be banned.
  12. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    Stupid, just because people die doing it? Might as well wrap us all in cotton wool and ban leaving the house. pretty stupid statement Tel! Every single person there is there because they want to be. Nobody is there under duress, I don’t see the problem.
  13. Craigyboy9

    Isle of Man TT (Adam Lyon)

    Thanks mate, and there lies the problem as pure road racing is still viewed by the media in this country as some kind of taboo. The way I see it, it should be celebrated as a last great choice, something the PC and health and safety brigades can’t touch. This is a young man who should have been known across the land for his talent and bravery. It’s a cliche, but he died doing the thing that gave him what he needed in life.
  14. Yesterday at the TT races a very talented young Scotsman named Adam Lyon was killed. I had the great pleasure of meeting him in March at a Euro trackday in Cartagena, he had already won some of the big Irish national road races last year, particularly Armoy if I remember right. He was saying in March that his plan was to race at the Manx GP in August ( it’s like the amateur TT, run over the same course as the TT proper) but when he applied the organisers looked at his 2017 times and performances and told him he was going straight to the TT because he was too fast for the Manx. There’s only ever been a handful of racers who have been invited straight to the TT. He was absolutely buzzing about it, achieving his dream a year early. Sadly Adam died after a crash on his 3rd lap of the Supersport 1 race while running in 17th position in a field of 64 bikes. These men and women don’t do this type of racing on closed public roads for financial gain, there’s very little to be had in that respect. Even the prize money for winning a TT would be lucky to cover the expenses of being there competing for the fortnight. They do it for the love of the sport and the glory of the win. It puts the word brave in to perspective, when we talk about footballers making brave tackles. For me brave is racing through streets lined with walls, houses, hedges and fences at speeds as high as 200mph, for not much more than a little replica trophy. I noticed yesterday there was a small article about Adam on the Daily Rhebel website, focussing on his death and the dangers of racing at the TT, such a shame they couldn’t have written a small article about him when he was alive, concentrating on his achievements. This morning Scotland and Britain are very much poorer having lost a supreme talent and a thoroughly likeable young man.
  15. Craigyboy9

    The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    Coop had more talent in one leg than every player put together from every team since 2012 mate