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  1. Fuck off sandy and take yer spazzy brother with you.
  2. There's plenty of cunts that I want to see going through liquidation. Hearts are not one of them.
  3. Get fucking over it! Go after the cunts that tried to bury us rather than the ones that voted against us and sang songs. Ie. Hearts and Dunfermline.
  4. I got banned from jambos kickback for calling romanov a cunt. That sums that forum up Imo. It doesn't sum up the real fans up. Like this forum doesn't sum up the bears.
  5. They have a good enough fan base. What kind of team did we have last year. This is fucking ridiculous. Is this our revenge ffs. Id rather pump them on the park than see an institution die.
  6. Haha. Doubt it. The cunts we wanted down have ripped up their debt. Ffs.
  7. Scottish football without Hearts is a win for the papes.
  8. Folk thinking that jambos kickback talks for all Hearts fanbase. Or even the away support?
  9. Two wrongs dont make a right ffs. Hope they are helped out. Their history deserves it
  10. I wouldn't worry about king stopping folk buying season tickets, McCoist is doing it for him
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