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  1. I've taken Waghorn to score and Rangers to win in 90 at 3.0 and a penalty to be awarded at 4.25. Style of play is creating a lot of chances and we've had 5 penalties so far this season in the league so thought it was worth a punt.
  2. It's funny but if this had happened with McCoist in charge the forum would have went into meltdown about youth not getting a chance. I'm sure Warburton has given him as good a shot as anyone and hasn't fancied him for the future. All the best to him, obviously after Friday night of course!
  3. I always like the all blue as it looked different. I've always been a bit take it or leave it with the socks but I think that's to do with my first kits being the Umbro top with the checkerboard design and blue socks and then the Admiral follow up having the same socks.
  4. That's refreshing to hear. I was so fed up with it all after the play offs and was 100% sure that McCall would get the job, nice to see them taking a chance on something that might actually resemble entertaining football.
  5. Few years ago against St Johnstone in the league cup during the Le Guen spell. They scored a second after about 60 minutes and we never looked remotely like scoring. Was bloody freezing and I just decided that was enough for me and headed home.
  6. Absolutely sickening. Could have played all day without winning that game and the lack of urgency in the last 10-15 minutes was disgusting. Team seem to have accepted slipping into mediocrity and McDowell is clueless. Nade looked like a world beater at times against McCulloch and looks like he'll only be dropped in the event of him retiring. I could write so much more about how sick I am of every one of them but if they can't be arsed to go out and look like a team then why should I waste the time on them?
  7. It's ridiculous. He should either leave right now or they shouldn't be announcing anything. Who works a 12 month notice especially in football? Look like Kenny is missing Ally and wants to spend some time with him down in the allotment while collecting his wages.
  8. McCoist the player will always be a legend in my eyes but his behaviour as a manager is ridiculous. Players barely look like they can be arsed at the best of times never mind knowing they're playing for someone just playing out time until he disappears back to the TV. Genuinely fed up with the whole thing now.
  9. Always sad but especially to someone so young. Daily record had already had to change their story as the initial story actually referred to her as 'stunning' and had a huge piece on Naismith and Hutton being robbed a few years back. Typical tabloid nonsense.
  10. Really sticking it to Mike Ashley by harassing people trying to make a living.
  11. I can see why it's been delayed. Months must have been spent designing this kit. Bit disappointed with it to be honest, would have liked something similar to the Newcastle away with the pinstripe design.
  12. That is ridiculous. On paper it was already looking like a very poor card but to lose its main event the day before the fight is unreal. Barao has always found the weight cut tough from stuff I've read and was waiting for Aldo to eventually move up a weight to allow him to fight at 145.
  13. Fond memories of that Dundee Utd game. Got paid a lot to do next to nothing for far too long though.
  14. Richard Gough, Ian Redford and Alfie Conn.
  15. It's Iceland.