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  1. Speaking of our squad I can't figure out who this is, is he a youth?
  2. Aye but even if the DoF wants to sell then he's still going to be out of our reach IMO Aye he'll take a wage cut to come here but Norwich are still going to want at the very least £2.5m IMO
  3. And I'm sure Caixinha said he was giving him a few days rest as he's just back from a long term injury
  4. He's definitely in the squad down south, on the Rangers website. I think some people are putting 2+2 together and getting anal rape as the answer Midfielders: Daniel Candeias, Graham Dorrans, Dalcio, Jason Holt, Ryan Jack, Niko Kranjcar, Josh Windass, Carlos Peña, Jordan Rossiter.
  5. He was in the squad for the Watford game apparently I wouldn't want to see him go but if we get a decent fee then we'll get over it, he's living off his potential and good scout reports, he's not played enough to be a key player so surely "devastated" is a bit much mate?
  6. Let's go over his comments from the other day When questioned about leaving Norwich he said this Their new manager seems to be a fan of him, he's still got 2 years left on his contract, he cost the club £8m, can we afford him? I highly doubt it. If he was being left out of their friendlies etc and his contract was close to ending then we maybe could afford him? But I reckon they'd want somewhere in the region of £2.5m-£3m for him, they rate him higher than Dorrans and he cost us £1.5m This deal won't happen. Only way it will have a chance is if we sell Foderingham for a few million but even at that it'll still be a tall order to put a package together for Norwich and Naismith
  7. Just as long as you wear Lionbrand gear then you'll always be a troo bear
  8. royal rimez wif loyal n we r the loyalists of scotland n the Great Britain of Northern Ireland so thts how itll awaiz b royal blue m8
  9. None more so than...
  10. I'm obviously looking at this through blue tinted specs But that's the only season I can think of where the best team in the country that year didn't win the league, we were far better than them. The SFA fucked us over royally and the tims abandoning the Old Firm (knowing for a fact they were going to get scudded) using O'Donnell as an excuse. Then the 3-2 old firm they score an offside goal and get a penalty that was outside the box. Safe to say the forces were against us that year anyway But we made them pay for it 3 years in a row.
  11. He was about 3rd choice for Hull, went on loan to Cardiff and not sure how he got on there?
  12. Peoole don't seem to realise 2011 was 6 years ago and these players aren't going to have the same impact at the club And then there's the shiting on top of the fans and leaving the club for dead etc.. but hey ho.
  13. Fair enough Aye out of the players we had last season I wouldn't lose any sleep over it if we lost any of them I rate Rossiter, I think he'll come good for us if he stays fit long enough but even at that I still wouldn't be raging if he was to leave. Same with Fod obviously
  14. Think the only way I'd be close to gutted is if it was Alves. But that's no gonna happen
  15. I think the "shock" is Foderingham tbh. If it is then milk it for all it's worth, he's arguably our most valuable asset, we should be looking at £2m at least IMO Would be disappointed to see him go but Alnwick looks an able deputy