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  1. Hang about the buses and give it the old T for tickets sign with your hand
  2. The wee man looking staunch 😏🇬🇧 I feel safe posting his picture on here. Glad it's not a tim forum.
  3. I was just being a dick mate. Love you really. Especially after we win today I'll love everycunt on here
  4. Everytime the sun is out on Old Firm day Rangers win. We've won the last 5 Old Firm Scottish cup semi finals
  5. 3-2 mate But I agree with the sentiment
  6. If the team Lloyd posted is right then I'd be surprised as I thought Hodson would play RB with Tav in midfield again. It worked at Parkhead, Sinclair was marked out the game
  7. Where is this from? Hyndman will CM
  8. That's a bit of a common myth IMO. He played decent but Ball was better than him that day
  9. I wouldn't know how to react. I'd probably just lie down and laugh
  10. Nerves are fucking shredded
  11. Just don't concede an early goal. Take it to half time 0-0 and explode like we did vs Aberdeen, 3 goals in 3 minutes 😂🇬🇧
  12. The chest control is sensational
  13. Starting to get up for this now. Nerves are kicking in but also buzzing. Celtic are massive favourites but only a fool would write Rangers off, we've defied the odds all of our history, no reason why that can't continue tomorrow. No surrender
  14. Hate the cunts more than I hate Aberdeen and that's saying something. Unfortunately one of the cunts had to go through and I'm glad it's Aberdeen in the sense that if we somehow manage to get through tomorrow we will beat them in the final.