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  1. Ferguson, I'm not surprised at all Henderson does surprise me but, why's he pandering to them? If he needed the money that bad I'm sure Rangers could help him out, fuck the fans would probably raise the same amount he got paid within about an hour. It really doesn't surprise me that the tarriers wanted a couple Rangers men there though, they can't go a whole night without something Rangers-related going down
  2. At least someone in the public eye has the balls to say what he sees and not jump on the tarrier-bandwagon. The Sky Sports pundit said: “Before Celtic fans get upset, I recall a similar thing happening with Scott Brown and Kenny Miller earlier in the season. And nothing happened there."
  3. Breath of fresh air not being linked with injury-prone league one players
  4. Gonna be some amount of Mexican gang-bangers kicking about our games next season
  5. After patter like that you deserve a pena through the eyehole
  6. Thought he looked really good in that game today. McLean was poor and weak in the challenge I thought, wouldn't pay over the odds for him but I do think he's a decent player as well
  7. Agreed mate. Needing someone to put the ball away badly
  8. Through Partick today and have never seen this many of them stoating about here, absolutely rammed. Not going to happen but hope to fuck the sheep can do this today
  9. I can only assume we're getting money for a few of our players like McKay/Waghorn and they'll be going towards this transfer fee. The guy doesn't look like he'll be taking any shite off anyone over here anyway
  10. If they can get work permits for Mexican, Japanese, Kenyans etc then surely to fuck we can get one for an established international as well?
  11. Who actually issues the permit, is it the SFA or is it the Home Office or.... I've no idea
  12. The taigs are getting the treble, I accepted this a while ago, Aberdeen will go down without much of a fight, 3-1 Celtic I think
  13. I know. But didn't the Eboue guy they signed in January get a knock back? They appealed it and won (surprise surprise)
  14. Hopefully should be smooth as he's a full internationalist. But I won't hold my breath when it comes to those cunts.
  15. Sounds like it's a done deal pretty much. Fox Sports is fairly reputable. I look forward to it being official. A Mexican international is a massive step up from Andy Halliday and Harry Forrester etc..