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  1. Came in to say this. Andy Walker saying he isn't looking for a penalty. Unreal 😂😂 actually one of the worst dives I've ever seen and it's not his first of the season.
  2. I liked that. And the crossbar challenge as well, some of the attempts were hilarious Remember Mr Woo came to Ibrox?
  3. I thought it'd be punishment for not sending off Legoheid after his forearm smash on Holt
  4. Stauncher than Michael Stone at a funeral
  5. Remember that like it was yesterday
  6. Every game we play at Ibrox they sing follow follow, blue sea of Ibrox, 4 lads had a dream etc and absolutely no-one joins in. Maybe a couple hundred in the enclosure or GF but barely anybody. So I don't buy that shite at all. They also sing Daddy's Uniform, Build My Gallows etc to which barely anyone joins in with People are unhappy the atmosphere in Ibrox is dreadful but are also unhappy at the only cunts trying to do something about it. So what they sing a few cringy "ole" songs and the megaphone guy is a dick-head. But the argument that if they sung more loyalist stuff they'd get more people joining in is utter crap
  7. Murty knows the squad and has worked with them, fully expect it to be a warm handover period then Murty will go back to the development squad Pedro has only been in a week so taking advice off Murty is a very sensible and intelligent thing to do
  8. Good half. Hopefully points in the bag. Don't get complacent
  9. Aye gutted mate. I think ironic posts are lost on you
  10. Need to wait for Godfather and Sket to cast their eyes over it. Getting worse than FF on here tbh
  11. Exactly. BT are determined to get the rights to every Old Firm apparently. Don't they realise Rangers died...
  12. Cheers. Hopefully Hearts can take something off them. Can't see it but
  13. Apologies if this is being discussed somewhere else but I can't see anything. Feel free to move if so. The Scottish Professional Football League could be set to go it alone with BT Sport, reportedly pocketing £31m a year for signing an exclusive broadcast deal. Such a rise in the prize fund for clubs would have a significant impact for many under the league's revenue distribution system. The current prize pot for 2016/17 is £21.1m, £20m of which comes from broadcast deals. Distributed revenue is due to increase to £23.6m in the final season of the existing BT/Sky Sports broadcast contract in 2019/20, with TV money rising year-on-year until the end of the current deal. Assuming the same level of non-broadcast revenues are maintained, clubs could start the 2020/21 season with £32.1m up for grabs. So how would that be divided up? The SPFL revenue distribution formula works on a percentage-based system, increasing incrementally from bottom to top. As its 12 clubs receive more than 82% of the total pot, Premiership sides would enjoy the biggest rise in revenues under the new deal. The club finishing in bottom place would make close to £1.5m before parachute payments are added in. The league winners stand to pocket £4.3m.
  14. Are the sheep playing Hearts this weekend?
  15. It's a light hearted picture. Didn't realise my content was being monitored by a group of lassies on their dabs Fuck sake.