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  1. Rangers vs Tarriers - Premiership

    Copland front for me tomorrow, first time I'll have sat there for an OF. Here's hoping it's a lucky seat
  2. Anyone else buzzing about tomorrow

    I have to be brutally honest, no, I'm not buzzing. I've got the butterflies but I simply can't see any way at all we can beat them, the gap is too much, the most we can hope for is a draw I hope more than anything else I'm wrong, please prove me wrong Rangers, a win over them is LONG overdue and would make my fucking year. I'll be there half-cut singing my heart out though. I just can't see a win.
  3. Alleged interest in Morelos

    I actually meant to put £20m
  4. Alleged interest in Morelos

    It is actually unreal the difference in valuations between our players and theirs. You know it's all delusion and one-sidedness though as no club in their right mind is going to pay £20m+ for an SPL player, and that's been proved by the fact Dembele is still at the tims and absolutely no-cunt but Marseille wanted him in the summer. So up their own arse it's unreal.
  5. Cardoso

    Sadly I'm failing to see what everyone else seems to see in this guy, he's been suspect since the first game of the season against Motherwell, our defence is fragile and it's mostly because of him constantly being caught out of position, not winning simple aerial battles or being wasteful in possession. I think big Alves is solid but Fabio is looking lightweight and out his depth at the moment, I hope it changes but I'd start Wilson on Tuesday and leave Cardoso out. Why he let that ball bounce last night then gave the free kick away is beyond me, that's school boy stuff, I'm sure anyone else on here who played football at grass roots level knows one of the first rules for a defender is to never let the ball bounce in the final third. He should have been dropped after the Hibs game IMO. I'm not saying he's a bad player, there's signs there he's going to be good but he needs to know his position is at risk if he continues to make stupid mistakes that cost us goals and ultimately points
  6. Hearts at Murrayfield

    Hampden is in Glasgow
  7. Hearts at Murrayfield

    We'll get between 10-15k officially, heard from a pretty decent source. Nothing stopping bears taking tickets for elsewhere in the stadium that'll be empty though. I can see at least 10,000 bears in the capital that day
  8. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Most players balls it up, I think it's cause it's unnatural, it's hardly like he's ready to go and play a game of football. He'd just been through hours worth of traveling, paperwork, medicals etc. Then they throw a ball to him in front of thousands of people and expect him to be a performing monkey (no pun intended) Not every player is skillful with a football, if a team signed someone like Chiellini, it'd be a great signing but you wouldn't expect him to start doing rainbow flicks and around the worlds when he's being unveiled
  9. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Liverpool reportedly sign Naby Keita but he won't join until the start of next season
  10. Couldn't resist
  11. We've seen it in most games this season, we come out flying and play some really nice stuff, get a goal or two but then we drop off and allow the opposition to dictate the play. In the second half yesterday for about 15 minutes we were amateurish, no-one wanted to hang on to the ball, every pass seemed to be misplaced. And this of course allowed County to get back in to the game and make it nervy for us. If we look at the Hibs game, we looked like we could have buried them the first 10 minutes, but we started to drop off and concentration levels slipped, allowing them to get back into the game, the rest is history after that as the ref ruined the game. I think if we can work on this then we will be a really good team that'll be hard to stop, we need to keep the tempo going for 90 minutes and not be so wasteful in good areas - Pena and Herrera passing the ball between each other and not shooting was bizarre, but this to me screams both are lacking confidence big time, hopefully Herrera's goal helps him push on, Pena could be doing with grabbing himself a goal as there are signs there he's got something about him, he makes good runs and looks tidy with the ball. The likes of Miller and Kranjcar shouldn't be starting games, the sooner we can get two fitter players in there the better - IMO Kranjcar is to blame for their goal, we were on the attack and he lost the ball cheaply and our defence didn't have time to recover I said before the game I'd take 3 points even if it was a last minute O.G by Ross County, so I'm delighted with the 3-1 win and first half performance, we just need to keep it going for longer periods and we'll kill teams off earlier. The jury is of course still out on Pedro but we are all behind him, we look a lot better than this point last season and that's improvement so hopefully we keep moving forward
  12. I met Windass and I know he's a big boxing fan so asked if he'd be watching it (didn't think about how late it was on when I asked) - and he said that all players have been told not to stay up and watch it or get up and watch it during the wee hours I also heard Mark Hughes has told his Stoke players the same as they play tomorrow afternoon I wonder if they will all obey his orders.... Something tells me Pena will be up with a plate full of prop shadow boxing in his living room...
  13. It's a game a lot of teams would have lost in the same postion You're just another in the long line of wee shitebags that concedes everything cause we lose one game Rather than keep up with your snidey remarks to me on here and liking every post when someone goes against what I'm saying, meet me after the Hearts game next week and you can tell me what your problem is to my face, ugly virgin cunt
  14. Surprised Shelvey wasn't in Charlottesville last night
  15. And Kane shoulda buried that