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  1. They’ve been told to wait until the summer and if he fails to take Preston up through the play-offs then he wants the Rangers job. I’ve heard his from one of his family members who was a bit drunk over the festive period and let slip, he instantly regretted it. I don’t post much these days but thought I’d share this. What I would say is take it with a pinch of salt and extreme caution like every other rumour started on here ??
  2. Austin Macphee

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/42217578 A lot of Hearts fans on Twitter are turning on him after this incident, saying he's out his depth and an embarrassment. Big trampy bastard
  3. Injury update...

    Alves and Dorrans are two solid pros who can easily compete at this level, will welcome both back with open arms The rest it's good to have options but the bench is where they should be
  4. Oli McBurnie

    Another reason why i don't come on here as much now a days Don't get me wrong, there are still a good few proper Rangers fans on here, but the majority seems to be wee fannies looking for attention or beggars thinking they're involved in some undercover sting operation
  5. Oli McBurnie

    He talks about Rangers a lot more than he talks about the tims, only seems to get highlighted on here when it's about celtc for some reason
  6. Oli McBurnie

    He posts about Rangers all the time, like any other Rangers fan, don't understand the negativity towards him? He's a goalscoring machine in the development league for Swansea and has played a few games for their first team, boy is going places.
  7. Louis Moult

    Same with May, everyone was quaking on here when they signed him, he was anonymous on Wednesday night and got bullied off the park yesterday
  8. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Absolutely nothing wrong with having Ferguson back in some capacity. Ideally as an assistant with JJ keeping his role as JJ has stepped up well the past few weeks.
  9. the filths penalty tonight

    Nah that's a penalty that Falkirk got against us
  10. West Ham (London Stadium)

    They've really went to shit since moving there Boleyn Ground is demolished now so there's no going back, they need to adapt to this stadium and stop the excuses
  11. Graham Dorrans

    No wonder he's still injured, hanging out her most nights
  12. the filths penalty tonight

    Same ref, another "honest mistake"
  13. the filths penalty tonight

    Even the bookies know how likely it is, these bets are normally 7/1, 8/1 etc. Ridiculous
  14. Graham Dorrans

    Wallace won't shift John, IMO. John has been a revelation going forward, the way he cuts in and beats 2-3 men with ease is fantastic, not seen Wallace do that for about 3 year now
  15. Graham Dorrans

    We miss his composure on the ball in the middle of the park, Holt doesn't possess the same level, Holt is a bombscare on the ball
  16. World Cup Draw.

  17. Rangers fan pic from last night

    The pic was in the first half whilst it was 1-0 btw, seen him doing it right in front of me
  18. Rangers fan pic from last night

    Face lit a skelped arse
  19. Rangers fan pic from last night

    I thought that as well when I first looked at it
  20. Rangers fan pic from last night

    He looks like he's ready to chib somecunt!
  21. Rangers fan pic from last night

    No sure why my hair looks ginger, blaming the floodlights
  22. Rangers fan pic from last night

    I was sitting next to one
  23. At the end of the day, it’s only Aberdeen, they’re significantly worse than they were last season. We’ve now got the psychological edge as well after last night’s hounding. We’ll win this no bother.
  24. the filths penalty tonight

    Suns the current state up. I hate that we sound a bit like them when they ended up getting foreign officials over though. But I don’t remember us ever getting as many blatant decisions as they’re getting, not in the space of 3 days anyway. Convenient that the RE teacher from the catholic school was there to save them when it was all going tits up. If we had competent refs in this country then they wouldn’t be on the winning run they are and it really is as simple as that. Yet they still have the brass neck to make shite like “anyone but celtic” etc. The mental illness, sociopathic attitude runs from top to bottom in that club and it seems Rodgers is now full blown as well. Rangers will be back one day and they’ll go back to doing what they do best, playing runners up
  25. the filths penalty tonight

    Spoiler alert for Motherwell’s game against celtic this Saturday: celtic just got a penalty..