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  1. Morelos' overall play

    I think it's great, he's more than just a goalscorer, just his presence gives defenders the fear and creates space for others to exploit. He holds the ball up well, has a nice first touch, can pick a pass and can create something out of nothing, he's quite pacey as well. Aye, he's hit a bit of a goal drought just now but he'll start rattling them in again, every good forward goes through barren spells in front of goal, it's nothing to get overly concerned about He's 21 but plays like a 29 year old seasoned pro. I'm absolutely delighted with him so far, does a lot for the team - fair do's to JJ for recommending him, we've unearthed an absolute gem
  2. ****Not just this season**** So, for you, who surprised you most and turned out to be a good player for Rangers when you weren't expecting much from him? And who was the biggest letdown when you wee expecting a lot from him? I think my two might be mirrored by a lot of people on here Sasa Papac, especially after PLG was sacked, I thought like the rest of his signings that would have been the last we saw of him.. But thankfully I was wrong, Smith turned him in to a solid, good player for us, won many trophies and I've never met a fan that doesn't like him. He's a player who gave you his all no matter who we were playing or what was at stake, he also played left back for us when his primary position was centre back. So he's my biggest surprise. The biggest let down is Barton, I think it's clear he had the ability to play for us but simply didn't have the character - he done all his talking weeks before a ball was kicked and pretty much done a lot of teams/players team talks for them, there's a reason we stay dignified and silent in the media but he didn't seem to understand this, taking to Twitter every 5 seconds to talk a lot of shite and not back it up on the pitch, He'll cite a few different reasons for the fall out with MW that resulted in JB being sacked but deep down he 'll know it was because he couldn't live up to what he'd promised and he was found wanting in games vs Hamilton, Killie etc, the OF was the final straw So who are yours?
  3. Murty Press Conference

    Glad John is back, much better with him in the team, Hodson should be sold the first offer that comes in for him, never Rangers class
  4. Murty Press Conference

    Can't watch it just now Any mention of Dorrans and John' fitness?
  5. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    I expect us to beat them tbh, McCann knows better Wes: Tavernier, Alves, McCrorie, John (if fit): Jack, Dorrans (if fit), Holt: Miller, Morelos, Candeias
  6. Jamie Murphy

    He's a 10000000% improvement on Windass, believe me
  7. Jamie Murphy

    I spoke to him in September (I was a bit half cut) and he pretty much said he'd love to be at Rangers one day, didn't say when right enough but he's bought a house back up Glasgow recently as well
  8. Derek McInnes

    I still don't see how McInnes brings us stability - his record isn't exactly squeaky clean, even with Aberdeen his win record is poor and that was without a strong Rangers in Scotland, Aberdeen should have rightly been finishing second without Rangers, Hearts and Hibs there. He was sacked by Bristol City (fair enough they had a lot of off-field problems at the time) - he did do well at St Johnstone though, he deserves credit for that, but so has Tommy Wright and we wouldn't touch him with a barge pole The only things McInnes has really got going for him is the "he knows what it's all about" stuff, but so does Eck and Eck has won titles with Ranges before, none of the two would be my first choice but if it was between the two then I'd be siding with the guy that stopped O'Neill's celtic getting 4 in a row
  9. Looks on paper like we're the most expensive team to support/follow in Scotland But if we look at the comparison to them, a lot of the stuff will even itself out, like they have more STs available to sell therefore we won't necessarily be making more money from STs than them just because our prices are higher. Plus we do cheaper STs than them, The away ticket prices aren't set by us, so it's not really our fault teams are charging more for Rangers fans than they are for everyone else (surprise surprise) Same again with the catering prices, they aren't set by Rangers. And I'm not sure how much say we get in pricing our replica tops, Puma and SD must have a say in that too. One thing is for sure, we could be doing a bit of work in trying to secure new contracts in certain areas to provide better value for fans - we're customers at the end of the day so why should we feel like we're paying higher ;prices for the same or even lower standard products than the rest of Scotland? (like the food, drink in Ibrox is not exactly the best but it's the dearest) We should be asking the team who's charging our fans £1 more than anyone else to go to their shithole of a stadium why they're doing this - I know it seems daft cause it's just a quid but it'll mount up for them, believe me, cashing in on the blue coin at it's best - the tims take same allocation as us but tickets are cheaper, how's that fair?
  10. This is a good thing as we have a lot of gay fans probably. I know of two lesbians who both support us and hold season tickets. You can bet they've been discriminated against before, so the club showing they're on their side and welcome is a good thing and I really can't see why negatives are being found here. Like most other things in life, if it doesn't directly affect my life then I just don't care enough to get all offended, unlike some people in this thread. Ironically the people getting offended by the club supporting gay people are the same people who use the terms "handwringers" and "easily offended brigade" .. ps yeh this can b used as my cumin out post x
  11. Derek McInnes

    The new Dorrans thread Something you know is going to happen but hundreds of pages of people panicking, posting stats, saying they don't want him, fake ITK posters, 25 pages of a different subject and 110 pages of one guy making a cunt of himself but refuses to quit I love RM
  12. Rangers TV

    I've always found Tom Miller annoying and inaccurate as fuck, good Rangers man and a lovely chap but shite commentator
  13. Derek McInnes

    Derek Mcinnes was sacked by Bristol City a little over 4 years ago yet we think he's the guy that's going to stop their dominance.
  14. Derek McInnes

    I don't buy the whole "knows what it's about" thing with Mcinnes. If we're hiring a manager because they know what it's all about to be a Ranger then get Ian Ferguson on a plane the now and appoint him. Get Barry Ferguson appointed, Alex Rae.. the list goes on. We're talking about needing someone with the skillset to put a title winning team together, I don't see Mcinnes being that guy sadly. I know he's a massive bear and it'll be his dream job but that doesn't automatically mean he's the right person for us. It's a bigger risk appointing DmC than it is Preud'homme Think about it like this You've got two managers to pick from, one has won various titles and trophies just about everywhere he's managed and won't require a compensation fee as he's currently unattached. Or another guy who hasn't won anything at all in his managerial career, was sacked by Bristol City. He's only made a name for himself by guiding Aberdeen to a few second place finishes and Rangers were only in the league for one of them, so it's hardly a momentous achievement.. oh an he'll require a £1.5m compensation fee from his current club. celtic tried to go with someone who knew what it was all about and was "celtic minded" with Tony Mowbray to try and stop Smith's dominance - Rangers had the league won virtually by February.
  15. Derek McInnes

    The same Jim Delacunt that made the most embarrassing tweet of all time last night. Re Clarke and Lennon
  16. Michel Preud'homme

    If it's out of him and Mcinnes then it's surely a no brainer, got to be Preud'homme. Proven track record of winning trophies. He won Standard Liege' first Belgian title in 25 years, unearthed so many young talented players on to the scene that now play in England etc. He also won Club Brugge first title in 11 years. And Al Shabab's first in 6 years He knows what it takes to get a club back to the top, exactly what we need
  17. The Mexicans

    I can't help but feel like we've got two players who cost us millions of pounds (before wages) who will now be looking for moves back to their homeland now that Caixinha is gone. We know how big a part he played in their moves, do they remain professional and see out their contract unless a suitable offer comes in and they can leave or do you think it'll be toys out the pram stuff? This was always my biggest worry about him leaving, certain players only signed for us due to who the manager was - I'm not saying these players are vital to us going forward, it's debatable whether they're even up to the task here, it's the financial implications that are bothering me the most. I'd say Alves is another one who might fall under this category. The likes of Morelos, Jack and Dorrans aren't necessarily "Pedro's players" so I reckon a new manager will be good for them.
  18. As away days go

    Aw cool mate. Aye that's him!
  19. As away days go

    Heard you met a great guy for a ticket yesterday big Bob is my uncle.
  20. As away days go

    Cracking day and a good atmosphere from the get go. Only downfall was trying to get a pint in the Murrayfield Hotel beforehand, good sash bash though. Mingling with Hearts fans with no issues either Me and my pal missed the supporters bus home but so had to trek it to Haymarket!
  21. What's happening to my club?

    I think finishing second this season if a fair expectation, I doubt any real fan will be disappointed with that. celtic are on another level, let's face it, their second string team played about with Aberdeen last night, we need better quality players and a better manager before we can even consider challenging them
  22. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Vladimir Weiss just tweeted that we've made the wrong decision and Pedro deserved more time Wee baldy cunt.
  23. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Overrated manager, never won fuck all. Rangers is about winning and that's the reason Pedro is gone.
  24. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Honestly sick of seeing Davies name pop up anytime there's a vacancy within Rangers. I don't think the board are that stupid to be honest...
  25. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Aye they seem to have hit a poor patch, mate, suppose we'll see what he's all about now the pressure is properly on him to turn it round. A potential Rangers manager in my eyes, always liked big Gio. Probably not his time just now though.