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  1. Finally replacing that fanny Boruc
  2. Harry Kane dislikes this.
  3. Phil Mitchell and Minty from Walford Utd
  4. I should have worded it differently, it was from Chris Jack on Twitter I seen it, it didn't say "no longer interested" just said we won't be trying to get him, so may not have been interested in the first place I suppose.
  5. My thoughts are someone better has caught Pedro's eye. Herrera has been linked but his track record doesn't fill me with glee.
  6. Evening Times saying we're no longer interested in him and won't be making a move.
  7. I try and stay out the bears den when there's no football on, for rage reasons
  8. Here he is in mid-flight
  9. Really? I used to get on with him as well, he live tweets our youth games. Shame to see he's sucking up to beggars now.
  10. Just offer him plenty of gear and fanny
  11. What's his username on here?
  12. Carragher shouldn't have apologised for that utter cracker of a line
  13. 3 pages of two cunts arguing over a load of shite. Brilliant.
  14. I'll kill for the day we have another striker who can score us 20+ in the SPL
  15. Not really an achievement considering he only scored about 14 goals
  16. Bastard, I really wanted him to sign as well.
  17. Last I seen the Sun said he gave Pedro his word that he'll sign.
  18. I've had a feeling since he was first linked this will 100% happen. It's a move that suits all the involved parties
  19. At least someone in the public eye has the balls to say what he sees and not jump on the tarrier-bandwagon. The Sky Sports pundit said: “Before Celtic fans get upset, I recall a similar thing happening with Scott Brown and Kenny Miller earlier in the season. And nothing happened there."
  20. The only team to not lose a single game in the champions league but not win the trophy - Rangers
  21. What I'm saying is King won't tell Pedro "you have a budget of £x" I think a lot of people think that's how it works but it doesn't.
  22. Tyler Blackett is awful. Mind he was with the taigs
  23. I don't think we have a budget so to speak, don't really think any manager has a budget now a days. They have a list of players they want and then the money men try to make it happen with the funds they have available. One thing I will say about King is I do believe he's going to invest every penny of the ST money back into the playing squad, targets like Pena and Dorrans won't come cheap
  24. Game started well but both teams are now playing far too cautiously
  25. The day the retail mess is sorted out is the day sales of Rangers tops go through the roof, putting millions of pounds into our club and the glorious royal blue making an appearance on the streets of Glasgow once again.