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  1. £51m for Mendy, Man City have now broke a transfer record for a defender and then broke it again in the again in the space of a week or so Mendy is a class left back though so it's a good signing but Danilo has also signed as well so the amount they've spent on full-backs is staggering..
  2. Neil Lennon has placed a £5million price tag on midfielder John McGinn.
  3. This is going to upset a lot of sheepies, for sure... "Stewart Milne against Rangers title stripping as Aberdeen chief calls for Scottish football to move on"
  4. Pedro and Marco are auld palzz It's like Dyche and Warburton all over again!
  5. Miller stifles us so badly going forward, he seems to drop far too deep and is never in the box for crosses/cutbacks, we need someone like Morelos up there from the start, Miller should be used as a sub at the most
  6. Hopefully it is... Foderingham; Tavernier, Cardoso, Alves, Wallace; Jack, Dorrans, Candeias, Walker; Morelos, Herrera
  7. So it's Wednesday but it's not actually Wednesday until Sunday?
  8. Starts tomorrow, Royal Birkdale, Liverpool. Who we fancying for it? A few people I know have stuck some money on Tommy Fleetwood. I think I'll go with Fowler and another each way bet on Justin Rose
  9. Wee cunt I used to go to school with. Didn't realise he was in the GB. Cunt. Get it up him
  10. You watching mate? Neymar is playing like a man possessed. Two classy goals already. Enjoying this!
  11. I always thought Spittal was their stand out against us, another one we had as a youth and let go. Just signed for Partick Thistle though so maybe we made the right choice on that one..
  12. His last few appearances for Aberdeen he's played as a holding mid and he was terrible in that role. I just don't think we need him, he's a decent player but we've signed guys like Pena to play attacking midfield
  13. If it is McLean then I hope to fuck we don't overspend on him. Like I said he's not imperative and we could get him free in a year. Walker is the type of player we need though, somebody that can make something happen in the final third and has a good strike on him from distance
  14. Vile, imo
  15. The time he got Halliday sent off always sticks in my head. Cheating ginger cunt
  16. Took a bit of balls for him to come to Ibrox and sit in with the fans. Could have got dogs abuse as he was a wee cheating prick against us with Hibs No way he'd get near our squad anyway so will most likely be there as a guest of Jack and nothing more
  17. Not really sure mate. I seem to remember him being a forward for Motherwell though - I think! But his strongest position seems to be cutting in from left wing, he's a good goalscoring midfielder who's done relatively well in England, would really like him here
  18. Murphy would be a terrific signing
  19. Good shout. Would need to be a loan deal though you'd imagine.
  20. I really don't think it'll be Naismith. The RO said there hasn't even been any contact made with club and player. They are simply made up rumours by the sounds of things. Walker and McLean would be my guess. I'd be disappointed if we paid any money for McLean as he's not imperative and we can get him for nothing next season
  21. I didn't hear him say anything about wanting another two players. But he was going on about Scottish players who want to play for Rangers being important Will need to try get the whole transcript
  22. I think he'll end up here when Hearts finally see sense and accept less than £1m Apparently he got a mixed reception today off the fans when he was being subbed. A pal of mine is a Hearts fan and he was moaning about it on Twitter.
  23. It was noticeable today that we were hitting more shots on goal than normal, Dorrans first thought about 25 yards out was to hit a shot, if that was Halliday or Holt then they'd look to do stupid wee passes and lose possession Morelos hit a cracker as well and done well to get to the rebound, should have scored the rebound tbf but it was all round good play from him in that situation
  24. Loved watching us today, it showed we have genuine quality. The game was played at the pace a competitive game would be played at tbh and the tackles were flying in. We won't come up against teams like Marseille every week as well so it's gave me a bit more optimism about the season ahead, although I do still think Pedro has A LOT to prove. Everyone slated the team for getting beat off St Johnstone in a friendly so it's only fair a good performance gets highlighted as well. Even though it drives certain posters on here mad when anything positive is posted about Rangers. Either beggars or chronic attention seekers who always need to go against the grain so they stand out
  25. Alves brings a calming influence to the team IMO, players are a bit braver with the ball now as they know we've got him there to sweep up any danger if they lose it, Cardoso looks solid as well right enough It's too positive man, we're gonna get gubbed 6-0 or something in this second half