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  1. Yea man. If it wasn't for cerny it would be about 10 by now! We are playin lethal.

  2. RangersKenny

    "blooshed poppy" banner

    Not punished - but sums you up. Respect costs nothing.
  3. RangersKenny

    "blooshed poppy" banner

    Minutes SILENCE explains it all. Understand now? Or shall i reach for the rest of your rod????
  4. RangersKenny

    "blooshed poppy" banner

    This is not the time for fishing. Head to Lochwinnoch or something instead.
  5. RangersKenny

    "blooshed poppy" banner

    Kuntz canny spel coz thay went tay kafflik skoolz
  6. Gaz.........OAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Gazelle strikes again!!! wapaaaah!!
  7. RangersKenny

    UEFA Cup Final Bears hung out to dry

    Due to the fact that, in 'SSHHEVVILLLEEE' the mhanks only attacked each other, stabbed one another and generally made a cunt of themselves without actually attacking the forces (the only thing they didnt do, due to being so fuckin feart), they came out smelling of paella roses. Had it kicked off with them.......we probably STILL wouldnt have heard about it. The Bears are Public Enemy #1, and even were before any one of us stepped foot in scumchester. Therefore, i wish EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR BOYS a quick sentence and evil to those GMP bastards. We may have had lads out of order....but not ALL Rangers. Those who were....have been sanctioned under a magnifying glass. I personally feel that the CL draw, picking Man Utd, made the sentences for our Boys ten-fold worse than they normally would have been, and they have been used as 'examples'. Had we got NO english team...and the case came up naturally...i genuinely feel they would not have got anythin as brutal as they did. We send u our best wishes Boys. No Surrender.
  8. bbc gave goal to Sasa.
  9. RangersKenny

    Jelavic has arrived at Murray Park

    Has he signed yet?
  10. Cant believe the money they got for that wee prick. Greetin faced wee cunt wont last 6 months in Russia so lets hope timmy decide to re-sign him and they get charged fucking double for the cheek of sending the wee shitebag there in the first place!!
  11. RangersKenny

    Jelavic has arrived at Murray Park

    As much as Jelavic is highly rated - if he doesnt want to play for The Rangers, then he can get to fuck.
  12. RangersKenny

    Jelavic has arrived at Murray Park

    Come on Jelly....you have all the ingredients we need for a Rangers Trifle.... PUT THE CHERRY ON THE TOP, JELLY, PLACE IT ON NOW.....
  13. RangersKenny

    Jelavic has arrived at Murray Park

    Yes, he's been loaned out a few times, which is a bit worrying that he hasnt been snapped up. The whole mention of 'loan deals' really riles Walter up, and i think its clear to see when he talks about it, he's talking about Jerome Rothen! He says he has rushed into loan deals before, but wont do it again (i know we're not looking to loan Jelavic but he's been loaned out several times before) due to restrictions...so he's being more careful. He clearly rates this guy, and despite my lack of knowledge on him, i trust Walter here.