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  1. You were a good yin, mate!

  2. :lol:
  3. I can only see McCulloch and Edu starting now. That team is so bare.
  4. McGregor Whittaker Goian Perry Wallace Ortiz Davis Edu Naismith Jelavic Lafferty
  5. For fucksake. Then: McGregor Whittaker Goian Papac Wallace Ortiz Davis Edu Naismith Jelavic Lafferty
  6. McGregor Whittaker* Goian Bocanegra Wallace Naismith Davis McKay* Bedoya Jelavic Lafferty* *If available.
  7. The stadium design was magnificent. The pitch wasn't the reason Rangers lost either.
  8. It wasn't the referee's fault that Rangers couldn't defend.
  9. Doubt it. Just sign quality then talk.
  10. Obviously not but can you honestly say that you see it any of the players?
  11. Lacks desire, passion and quality.
  12. But why should Rangers continually leave it til the next game to "start the season"? Malmo was bad enough but this is just unfuckingbelievably sad. It's sad that Rangers are playing this bad. It's sad that McCoist is going to take full brunt of it if it gets worse.
  13. I still think we'll progress but that doesn't mean shit. Right now Rangers aren't good enough to be in the Europa League. This is disgraceful. It'll take more than a win at Ibrox against fucking NK Maribor to make me feel the slightest bit more confident in Rangers under McCoist. This is scary.
  14. It pains me to say it - badly - but McCoist looks lost and frightened.
  15. :lol: Are you serious!?