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  1. You were a good yin, mate!

  2. I can only see McCulloch and Edu starting now. That team is so bare.
  3. McGregor Whittaker Goian Perry Wallace Ortiz Davis Edu Naismith Jelavic Lafferty
  4. For fucksake. Then: McGregor Whittaker Goian Papac Wallace Ortiz Davis Edu Naismith Jelavic Lafferty
  5. McGregor Whittaker* Goian Bocanegra Wallace Naismith Davis McKay* Bedoya Jelavic Lafferty* *If available.
  6. Dirty, dirty players. Shite, shite performance.
  7. Just in from training in time to catch the 2nd half on a shitey stream online. I know Ortiz scored but can someone give me a brief summary of the game so far? EDIT: Found an absolutely amazing stream.
  8. He did actually. I hold my hands up. Time will tell - if he starts Jig and Edu tonight then the jury may still be out on that one!
  9. Ortiz seems glued to that left wing in every McCoist selection. If he was to finally drop Ortiz then I'd be delighted and that would leave a space open for Naismith who should obviously be starting. I just think that with Edu inevitably playing in the middle tonight that it leaves McCoist a choice to sacrifice one or the other and he seems to have fallen in love with playing Ortiz out of the position on the left-hand side. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not crazy. I'd start Naismith.
  10. I can't see him playing Naismith ahead of Ortiz on the left, as stupid as that is. He'll sacrifice that place for Edu in the middle. Obviously, I'll be delighted if I'm wrong.
  11. Bocanegra seems to be a very intelligent player so I'm not too weary of him starting alongside Goian tonight. I think, if anything, he'll add more stability to the back-line.
  12. What I'd pick: McGregor Broadfoot Goian Bocanegra Wallace Ortiz Davis Ness Edu Naismith Jelavic What I expect to see: McGregor Broadfoot Goian Bocanegra Wallace Davis Edu Ness McCulloch Ortiz Jelavic I'll be surprised if Rangers come away from Slovenia in the lead. I think this'll fizz out into a bore 0-0 draw.
  13. I thought Kofi Kingston was from Jamaica, not Ghana!?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6mKuKSkyT0&sns=em What ever happened to Tazz?
  15. It really isn't as simple as that. Don't talk shite.
  16. Well done, Edu! I think Rangers are going to romp this now.
  17. Fuck off, Walker. Was that fuck "soft".
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