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  1. rbt1548

    Willo Flood welcome video

    Aye, you can all mock him but the rumour is that the video was a screen test for Peter Jackson's new Lord of the Rings spin off entitled "Gollum; The Quest for Employment". Willo got the part!
  2. rbt1548

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I put £10 on Croatia pre tournament so obviously hope for a Croatian win, but I agree France are looking very good. Anyway am in Croatia just now and watched both quarter and semi final games in a local bar the atmosphere was great, even if bet goes down thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
  3. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Will be in a bar in Croatia tonight, a good bar, good guys frequent it, they love their football and are very knowledgable about other teams, so l am sure the gents in the pic would get a nice reception.
  4. With Hills at 28/1 but they boosted it to 31/1.......fingers crossed!
  5. Croatia for me , took them as a bet before the tournament started, was in a bar in Croatia last night, most enjoyable, fireworks etc., hoping for same when we make it 55!l
  6. rbt1548

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    Since 1960, my dad would take me to see the reserves, and maybe the third team, as in those days when whatever team the first team were playing, home or away, the reserves would be playing the opposite fixture, and when I got a wee bit older we went to the first team games. My mum would give me an apple for half time . When we were in the enclosure I'd get sent up to look through the windows at the back to see them warming up and to shout when the teams were coming out, happy days! Like most guys , I would imagine, as I got older, I played on a Saturday, but got to the midweek games. There have been some amount of changes over the years , no 3 wheeled cars, and unless you had a programme, or were a code breaker at Bletchley Park, trying to work out the half-time scores from other matches was a nightmare.
  7. rbt1548

    official..Phil mcgobblegiver is demented

    At least we booked a hotel to stay in, I believe celtic didn't even book any hotels when they went to Japan in 2008........................, I can't think of any reason why they would tell everyone they were going all that way and not book a hotel before going, strange that!
  8. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    There's more than 7 years bad luck in that picture!!!!
  9. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You do notice?....... no reflection in the mirror!!!!!!!
  10. rbt1548

    sfa bigot exposed

    I take it this is from the Record Sport?, if it is their normal editing standards have slipped, letting this pass, "snubbing a call for an independent review of the EBT era at Rangers, led by celtic.". We all know who instigated the quest for a review but it's not like the Record to mention it.
  11. Hopefully Police Scotland and the judicial system here will follow the lead of their Australian colleagues who have convicted an archbishop of covering up child sex abuse by failing to report a paedophile priest. In a newspaper report it stated that the Archbishop of Adelaide had failed to act, and denied being told, by two boys, of sexual abuse by a priest in the '70's and could now face up to two years in jail. Failing to report it?, hopefully a good few people, or organisations here may start now getting concerned....then again maybe not, if their PR machine gets into full swing.
  12. rbt1548

    Ireland Knocked Out Of Under 17s Euros

    You can move along the line as long as you don't encroach towards the kicker. I know it says, ' goalkeeper must remain on the goal line', you can also try and cheat a wee bit by standing behind the line and then stepping up to the line as the kicker advances, that totally confuses everyone!
  13. rbt1548

    FAO police scotland

    I have just seen the banner, have they not got the date wrong, should it not be 1888?, I was always told, because of their allegiances there were/are only one set of H*** and they are from the east end of Glasgow! The word H** is something else that they have managed to turn around to use in their favour while we were being apathetic towards them. They have used every trick in the book PR wise to get at us, to destroy us, to try and make us unpalatable, from social media to main stream media to canvassing their MPs, while we went down the, usual, 'dignified silence' route, well, it hasn't worked!, the MSM are that deep in their pockets they are reluctant to print any negative stories about them. As I said we have ignored it for so long that even supporters of the smaller clubs like Hibs feel it's open season towards us. Of course, we get no real help from the very place it should be coming from, our board and our press officer, yes, they stick out the occasional statement now and again to try and appease our supporters, but that is it they don't follow them up with any action, they let the statements drift away to be forgotten, the cup final, the effigies, the Hibs tickets allocation, probably heard the last of that? Maybe a few renditions of 'Go home ya H***' from us at the next celtic game would be a start, then again, Phil 3 names and the rest would turn it round to suggest it's a disguised and subtle version of the Famine Song. They say jealousy is all consuming, well it certainly looks like it in some sections of Scottish football.
  14. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    As do Cambuslang Rangers and a few others. As the picture was in the mainstream media I imagined a few of the east end trolls, when looking at the pictures in a paper and trying to understand the big words , may bite.