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  1. rbt1548


    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he will be a success when he comes, but he did what we don't the majority of the time, he shot from outside the box. The number of times we have the chance to do this and don't is criminal.
  2. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    "Hate cover ups" ??? They don't do irony do they!
  3. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    There have been at least 2 drones spotted at Lennoxtown for the last few years, Brendan and that smarmy assistant manager .
  4. rbt1548

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    Just found the video, I think the woman, (?), in pink should be thanked rather than vilified, because thanks to her, approximately 25 people have been able to find employment in a sweatshop for about 4 weeks to make the swimsuit.
  5. Another who got a bottle of Obsession for Christmas.
  6. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If I didn't know the level of obsession they have for us I wouldn't have believed that some daft Mick would spent ages scouring the internet for Columbian newspaper articles about us/Morelos, then, assuming he can't speak Spanish, he has to translate it from Spanish to English to get the gist of the article, then translate his reply from east end gibberish to Spanish. What a great way to spend hours of your time, obsessing about a club you say doesn't exist, next they'll be saying, pre match, their food and water was tampered with...........surely nobody is that stupid? Obsession, the gift that keeps giving.
  7. rbt1548

    Italian Match Fixing

    ' And for that I'm eternally grateful..............
  8. rbt1548

    Goal threat from 20+ yards/Creativity

    It also baffles me why we are reluctant to strike from outside the box, the element of surprise of an unexpected shot and the goalkeeper being unsighted due to the number of players in front of him also come into play when deciding to shoot from distance. When we go back and forth across the box then get in the box , the box is that packed that nine out of ten times they cannot get a clear shot at goal. We definitely need to vary our build ups.
  9. It is sheer jealousy on the part of the managers who are mumping and moaning about Morelos, they would give their right arm for a striker who loves to upset and cause chaos to opposition defenders, not only that but he finds the net whilst doing it! As for the so called, experts, punters, they will only spout what they deem as controversial, because, 1, they think it's what the fans of other clubs want to hear and 2, they think it gets them noticed, facts, truth and the possibility that they have not even seen any 'incident' do not enter into it when discussing Morelos, even when there is video images to back it up, 'it's Morelos, so it must be true'. What they probably don't realise is the Rangers fan base, probably numbers more than the rest of the Scottish clubs put together. Had Morelos been a 22 year old Scots boy who played for another Scottish club they would be fawning over him, just look at the hype over some other young Scots players who play for other clubs, have they uppped and left their homeland at a young age for foreign climes to try and forge a career?, Morelos did, and it can't have been easy for him to do as it was the other side of the world. To do that shows character and determination to succeed, or at least try and be the best you can. Yes, he has a petulant side, most 22 year olds in no matter what profession do, I would imagine he'll channel that differently as he matures. Just keep on doing what he's doing, he's doing fine for now, scoring goals and annoying the crap out of opposition defenders, managers and the talking heads.
  10. rbt1548

    How do you react?

    .... "Hello is that Digby Brown?"
  11. Goram Shearer Baxter Cooper McCoist Subs, Gascoigne, Laudrup, Jimmy Millar, Souness, McGregor.
  12. rbt1548

    Missed ST payments

    Sorry to hear of your medical condition, and like the others posted I hope you get better soon. There is no harm in going to see them and explaining the circumstances that led to your situation, one thing that may help in your favour is if you could go to your doctor and ask for a letter explaining your circumstances at the time of your troubles, whoever is going to be dealing with your ticket enquiry may look more favourably at your situation if they have medical proof that you were not well at the time of non payment. Hope you get sorted.
  13. rbt1548

    Dundee away emails

    Only had Kilmarnock cup-tie !
  14. rbt1548

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    To celebrate their exit from the Europa league hopefully!