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  1. He did indeed, not forgetting Shearer, Caldow, Millar, Brand .......Mr. Shearer, if you're looking down have a wee word in Tav's ear!
  2. It's one of my favourites from when I was young(er), Billy Ritchie; unless you are a member of Auld Bugger Loyal, no slap is required, however if you are, give yourself a slap!
  3. Not only is it the top tier clubs they want to donate money, the 3 stooges want £2,000 from championship clubs and £1,000 from Leagues 1&2 clubs, good luck with that. Why do you not go to your master in the east end and ask for a payday loan?, after all it was getting into bed with him in the first place that was the start of your worries!
  4. 😄😄🇬🇧🇬🇧 Many , many years ago my English teacher would have suggested otherwise.
  5. They sold their souls to the devil from the East who promised much and delivered little. The big, bad Rangers??, I suggest they look in another direction.
  6. They could always organise a 'Sell out Saturday', then again............
  7. I agree re the MyGers stuff, sometimes things get over thought . Just one thing re your account, if you're not sure if you have one you could try setting up one, once you put in your Rangers No. to open the account and if you already have an account the number will be recognised and it will tell you you have one, if this is the case just type your email address into the forgotten password bit and they should send you a link to access it. A lot of it is trial and error with me too, that and throwing the rattle out the pram Hope you get sorted.
  8. I am not too clever when it comes to computer stuff I just plod through but I believe you set your own password when you open your account. If you can't remember it click on the ' forgotten password' link, and an link will be sent to your email address to allow you to reset password. Once you have done that you can get into your account and it should be in one of the various boxes, cccs , details etc. Good luck.
  9. For what it's worth, the way I got into the info on my account was, click onto Rangers home page , then click on, either 'my account' if it's there or 'season' tickets' , box should come up requesting your Rangers number or email address and below it is a password box, once you've filled them init should take you to your account where there are options like , change details, cccs, and previous purchases. Hopefully you'll get the details there.
  10. Maybe I've read it wrong but is it not John Brown who is described as the 'Legend'?
  11. That's exactly who it is, pure poison.
  12. They certainly do!!!!!!, one for the older chaps, I hated her with a passion.
  13. I'm 64 so he's a young pup! 😁 I can even remember when our black and red socks weren't sectarian!
  14. I noticed the un named CEO, states that Hearts and Thistle could be replaced by Kelty or Cove. There are 4 leagues and only 3 relegations with the bottom of the fourth meant to be in a play off with whichever non league club gets into play of position, this is now not happening, bottom of the fourth is safe. Who is bottom of the fourth division? Brechin, whose chairman happens to be on the SPFL board! The whole thing stinks, from the Dundee vote farce, to the lies re money, to championships and relegations being handed out, nobody wants to sound as if they are paranoid about the way the whole thing was handled but the SPFL are making a damn good job of making you feel there's deep lying agendas..
  15. I looked into this thread thinking somebody was looking for an old Rangers jersey.
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