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  1. I was at the game at Ibrox with my father and grandfather, from what I can remember it was a pretty dull game. It had been mentioned in the papers in the days leading up to it that Wyn Davies, Newcastle's big centre forward, when playing in the English leagues, whenever there was a corner for Newcastle, would stand just behind the bye line off the park, at the front post, and as the corner was taken would step onto the park and try and cause a bit of chaos. Of course, you can't just leave the park and step back into play at a dead ball situation without the referee's permission , every time he did it the referee, who was obviously switched on to the rule, would give Rangers an indirect free kick and he was going mental, (not sure if the free kick was the correct decision, may well have been then).
  2. Well, whatever we have it's crap! 😁
  3. NO! Auld Bugger's Loyal P.S. The wi-fi is still crap
  4. Phone app?, obviously thought up by someone who has never tried out the Wi-fi at Ibrox?, even close to stadium it's crap!
  5. Spurs fans have taken to the streets! Spurs.mp4
  6. This just could be what opens up their crimes to the wider world and with it being cross border the journalistic slant may well change as it won't just be the Scottish press/media that will reporting.
  7. Got to disagree, everything, in sporting terms, not just football, is relative to the era that participants took part.
  8. Why don't we just make it a condition of every new player we sign's contract, that everybody will take a turn at being hauled up to the compliance officer?
  9. The stands at about 5:41 in, superb, football's coming home!
  10. I now see what they mean by "a club open to all " and "special", they certainly are special!
  11. I opened thread thinking this was about THE Alex Scott, one of my early favourites
  12. Arfield , 10:40 in, 'to wear this badge', good to hear a player come out and say he's proud to play for this club.
  13. First thing I thought when I saw them coming out the tunnel on Sunday was, their kit man's going to get a bollocking for putting coloured socks in the wash with the whites. That is one horrible colour of strip.
  14. rbt1548

    Zak Rudden

    Can't beat that!
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