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  1. Great video!!!, brought a big smile on my face. It's amazing how much things change through the years, people now having twitter, facebook etc. to share that stuff, but yet some things remain the same; it immediately took me back to Leeds v Rangers in 1992 when my wife had just got our daughters to sleep and due to Mark Hateley they got promptly woken up again. She was not a happy bunny
  2. It certainly takes it out of you and puts you through the wringer, the joys of being a Rangers supporter! Although the two guys who were sitting next to me and left after Braga's second goal might be feeling a bit sick! No luck serves them right!
  3. I would rather this waited and, at present, we plough what money we have into the team to get us on a good, stable footage where we are winning things consistently. For me that is the most important thing just now, once we achieve this more money will come in and then we can look at possible stadium extensions.
  4. Gerrard gets it, he now sees what Rangers are having to go through and what we are up against. Luckily he's an intelligent guy with the likes of Gary McAllister to help advise him. I am glad he is starting to get a stronger and no nonsense attitude with the media who have run rough shod over us for the past few years because there are too many 'Rangers' men trying to build bridges when in fact a full frontal assault is what is required. I have noticed he is good at dropping in wee snippets and digs, like ,“And I think the people that fire the negativity have to also remember what they have got under their roof as well. Not everyone is perfect in other teams as well.” He's not mentioned anyone by name, but the clue is obvious to all and it let's it be known to the media, and the detractors, the bias has been noticed. More power to his press conferences!
  5. I am sure there was a video out from the gym in one of his former clubs where he was playing pro Republican songs on the sound system. I really hope Barnsley or their fans fight this and highlight that the anti IRA chants are against a banned terrorist organisation and any of their sympathisers , an organisation that has bombed it's way around England. McLean knows fine well what he has done over the years, sneaky digs at Great Britain, disrespecting ALL servicemen, no matter what race or religion, while all the time willing to line his pockets with British money and hide behind the faux 'beliefs' card, he even got Tony Pullis to explain it on some football programme, if he had sincere beliefs he would have explained it himself. In my opinion he is nothing but a coward, keeping trying to push an agenda and when challenged or called out goes running to the authorities, (the very ones he says he dislikes). McLean, is a coward, and like his beloved IRA, runs away when the going gets tough.
  6. Does it really surprise anyone that celtic try and put the blame on Alfie for his so called inflammatory gestures causing the racist abuse? They have previous for this , remember Aberdeen's Shay Logan?, he was also racially abused at celtic Park, but again their response was it was his own fault, Saint Brendan came out with this gem, “It probably doesn’t help yourself if you walk about after the game and make all sorts of gestures." Show Racism the Red Card made a statement on it, but it seems nothing has changed in the cesspit that is celtic Park. Newspaper article below; https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/show-racism-the-red-card-hits-out-at-celtics-rodgers-over-response-to-aberdeen-star-logans-claims1/
  7. Maybe they got him mixed up with Santa Claus?
  8. Gary comes across very well, subtly dismissing some questions while praising the journalists for asking certain questions, he's got them exactly where he wants them. Have a listen to it with the sub titles on it's a whole different interview
  9. "Morelos has been linked with the likes of Crystal Palace and Aston Villa " "Yes, Rangers can point to Morelos' goals. He has done well domestically outside of the celtic games and he has scored goals in Europe, but it has been in the Europa League, not the Champions League. What is their obsession with scoring against celtic, are they the best team he's played and scored against?, far from it!, anyway according to that moron in the , "The all new dae whit the fuck you like about THEM thread", "some of the best strikers in the world don't score at all" I hardly think Palace , Villa or a list of assorted teams would be put off by the fact that he hasn't scored in the Champions league, as 1, he hasn't ventured there yet and 2, neither Palace or Villa are likely to be in it anytime soon! Ok Villa won the European Cup back in 1982 but that's highly unlikely to happen again in the next few years. Let them be the ones obsessed with selling their players, I take no pleasure in seeing one of our own, especially one as good as Morelos leaving.
  10. Who Prince Charles? ......😋 Sorry about that, Ricky Tomlinson👍
  11. "48, ....48 hours I waited at Tokyo Airport in 2008 and not one of you turned up”
  12. If the person who wrote that happened to play football in his younger days then, indeed, the heading of a football at kids level should be banned!
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