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  1. Gary comes across very well, subtly dismissing some questions while praising the journalists for asking certain questions, he's got them exactly where he wants them. Have a listen to it with the sub titles on it's a whole different interview
  2. "Morelos has been linked with the likes of Crystal Palace and Aston Villa " "Yes, Rangers can point to Morelos' goals. He has done well domestically outside of the celtic games and he has scored goals in Europe, but it has been in the Europa League, not the Champions League. What is their obsession with scoring against celtic, are they the best team he's played and scored against?, far from it!, anyway according to that moron in the , "The all new dae whit the fuck you like about THEM thread", "some of the best strikers in the world don't score at all" I hardly think Palace , Villa or a list of assorted teams would be put off by the fact that he hasn't scored in the Champions league, as 1, he hasn't ventured there yet and 2, neither Palace or Villa are likely to be in it anytime soon! Ok Villa won the European Cup back in 1982 but that's highly unlikely to happen again in the next few years. Let them be the ones obsessed with selling their players, I take no pleasure in seeing one of our own, especially one as good as Morelos leaving.
  3. Who Prince Charles? ......­čśő Sorry about that, Ricky Tomlinson­čĹŹ
  4. "48, ....48 hours I waited at Tokyo Airport in 2008 and not one of you turned upÔÇŁ
  5. Got one 'West Stand Loyal ­čĹŹ
  6. If the person who wrote that happened to play football in his younger days then, indeed, the heading of a football at kids level should be banned!
  7. She has no chance, the evidence of anything 'hanging' will be lost!
  8. I was scanning BBC text on TV for general news about 1pm and it was in the 'Glasgow and West ' of the Scottish page but not in the 'Scottish' headlines section, I have just gone back on and it's been taken off.
  9. Nice compliment around 5:8 when Liverpool players walk onto the park and look around, "Beautiful, Boys Beautiful!"
  10. Not one of the Rangers great Gk's , however a good number of gk's came and went while Peter was at Rangers, so he seemed to be quite resilient, I think the one that eventually replaced him and took the first team jersey was Jim Stewart whom we bought from Middlesboro' for £100,000. Here he is in the infamous Queens Park Green Jersey escapade walking on to the pitch in that game. The Scotland strip was dark blue, obviously, with the GK jersey yellow, but he couldn't wear it as Brazil were in yellow, he couldn't wear the Scotland change GK jersey as it was red but the ref and linesmen were in red as they couldn't wear black because it clashed with the Scotland strip so the only solution was to borrow a green GK jersey from Queens Park resplendent with the big Queens Park badge.
  11. I remember being at the game too. Peter Marinello was meant to be Scotland's version of George Best, as far as I can recall. I am sure he signed for Arsenal when he was quite young for a big fee. It's a shame how many young guys have all the talent when they are younger and either can't cope with the intensity of training and commitment that is required to make the very top or just want to piss it all away.
  12. This is what it's like to be Rangers!
  13. Why would anyone bite their tongue for ages, must have been quite sore?
  14. "And these colours, they are fine", as they are thank you!!!!!!
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