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  1. Just got form in post, for auto renewals it reads, "Your first payment will be taken on renewal" which I take it to mean that it will been done when they get the form or you do it online , it then goes to tell you the 3 other dates for payment 28th June, 31st July & 30th August.
  2. Sandy Jardine Front , GF5 £536, I can't remember what it was last year.
  3. Understatement of the year; commentator at about 14 secs, "I think she maybe hurt......she is obviously in some pain", but he is correct on both counts.
  4. As mentioned, copycat banner, just something else to make mockery of them for. There maybe a clue in this piece, by the Police Federation Vice-Chairman, on how they manage to get their more disgusting banners past the police search, (apart from them maybe turning a blind eye). "People are hiding behind banners and flags, some of which are being stored in the stadium by the clubs," he said. "It's absolutely extraordinary. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47776888
  5. rbt1548


    Like most, I've had a look at the Kent incident, Kamara's reaction is exactly what I would expect to see from a Rangers player, going to back up one of our own , he sprints 20 yards to back him up. If he continues the way he's starting to play we will have certainly unearthed a gem, he's only 23 so should have his best years ahead of him. He obviously relishes being here and gives the impression that he is glad he got the chance and wants to succeed here. He will have his ups and downs but he's been mostly impressive so far, long may it continue.
  6. A large amount of credit must go to the manufacturers of their tops. To make a top that can withstand the strain put on it by the woman/man /thingy sitting on the ground about 15 secs in must have taken a fair amount of research and testing.
  7. One for the older chaps.... Alice the Goon from Popeye!
  8. Brown blatantly stamps on Curran towards the end of the match inside the 'D' , not a thing said, Morelos gets studs into his Achilles, reacts with a 'piss off' push and the talking heads are all over it. They can't help themselves, they must get their Morelos fix, it is so obvious now it is embarrassing for them.
  9. Does your mum know you got that done?
  10. Well, if it's good enough for Joey Barton ....... Oh ree waar!
  11. "Right Craig, now he's buggered off, how high do you want the grass?"
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