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  1. ScottBF2

    FIFA 20

    Boys incredible, nae grudges held.
  2. ScottBF2

    FIFA 20

    Put more hours into the game this year due to isolation than I'd care to admit. Got a cracking FUT team: Alisson Zanetti Hierro Van Dijk Roberto Carlos Gattuso Vidal Ozil Kaka Shevchenko Muniain Playing with Kaka and Shevchenko is absolutely brilliant. Had a team with Neymar, Mbappe and Messi and that carry on and scrapped it. Hated them.
  3. Signed this lad from Monaco this season to build as Alfie's successor: He went and did this 3 games into the season: STAR
  4. Watched footage of Rangers v Stuttgart (at least I think that's who it was) in the early 2000s last year and Lahm was playing, sure it was Ally McCoist was commentating and said he was the weak link and that he was too small to be a fullback. Should've known from then that he would never be a manager.
  5. I never liked Traynor being associated with our club and this is a step in the right direction from us from a professional standpoint, but if we think this won't mean it's a move towards dialogue with the BBC then we're deluded.
  6. Bridge building to commence immediately. Buzzing to have the BBC back...
  7. Welcome to the Forum, Steven Gerrard.
  8. What's with the constant ellipsis? If it's to illustrate your brain trying to catch up with your typing it's working.
  9. Should refuse to shake the refs hands for the rest of the season. Would make a statement without infringing the rules.
  10. They're not traditional print media or radio but they're definitely what the club were alluding to when they asked us to use alternative media sources. Regarding the common knowledge/guesswork, the same could be said about a lot of the tabloid stories. If we allowed these people to sit in and ask questions they might get opportunities to get the exclusives they want and in doing so we set a different narrative. Just because it's the way it's always been done to date doesn't mean it's the best way going forward.
  11. Interested in your take on the whole thing. You been given press credentials for Ibrox before?
  12. Was more to do with the club through Club 1872 asking us to use more of these types of sources for info but still giving airtime to these other sources and allowing them to set the narrative by asking the questions. Not moaning by any means, thought it seemed interesting that we went down this route though. With regards to the 'press pass' side, we can give or refuse access to anyone we like.
  13. 4Lads on Twitter made mention of not being given press access to today's conference. Seems like a bit like shooting ourselves in the foot when the club want us to ignore traditional media sources in favour of more pro Rangers outlets and social media.
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