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  1. ScottBF2

    Rangers pubs in Madrid

    Did ye read the post bawbag? But no, I'm not.
  2. ScottBF2

    Rangers pubs in Madrid

    Over there this weekend, anyone know anywhere that'll have the game on?
  3. ScottBF2

    Edmiston Drive

    RIP ED. Sad that you didn't get to see us back at the top but I hope we do it for you big man.
  4. ScottBF2

    Their left back the day

    Exposed himself to a few birds in 2009 wanking in the motor in broad daylight apparently.
  5. ScottBF2

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Wasn't anywhere near a two footer. Clancy was fucking shocking today and that was never in a million years a red card. If his is red then the one Goldson was booked for (again wrongly) was as much of one. Hideous wee tarrier cunt is Clancy. Well deserved ovation for Kenny.
  6. ScottBF2

    Pick one "derby" in world football.

    Lived your dream mate. Played in and scored. Ask me anything.
  7. ScottBF2

    Skopje 2nd leg....

    Thessaloniki is part of Macedonia which is a region of Greece. But FYR Macedonia (now known as something else) is its own separate country and you’ll probably need a passport.
  8. ScottBF2

    Rossiter Speaks

    He’s only played two games since that video was recorded
  9. ScottBF2

    BBC Article

    I honestly don’t get what you’re so offended about. I haven’t accused us of wrongdoing - far from it. But we need to ensure our handling of this is spotless. If if we haven’t anything to hide (and I’m sure we haven’t) then we should be fully transparent. You ou having a wee temper tantrum because I’ve suggested clarity doesn’t change the fact that what’s being accused is fucking disgusting.
  10. ScottBF2

    BBC Article

    No I don’t. Passing the buck with comments like that mate. I’ve no doubt these reports have come out with malice intended, but regardless we now have an accusation of wrongdoing on our doorstep and the correct actions need to be taken. I’ve seen nothing to say we investigated anything, only that we sacked the guy and reported it. Did we check that this was the only incident? Was anyone else affected? Those are are the things we need to know. Having these vile, disgusting people associated with our club is not acceptable and we need to be spotless with how we handle it or we’ll be open to these sorts of articles going forward.
  11. ScottBF2

    BBC Article

    I’ve already said what the investigation should hopefully include. I want our name cleared and the only way we can do that is by being fully transparent. Investigations need to be made into how this cunt did what he did and what we did subsequently. We need to show the world we’re better than the scum out there that cover this shit up.
  12. ScottBF2

    BBC Article

    Sickening if it’s true. Nealy is dead and thank fuck, but I wish the disgusting bastard was still alive to answer for his crimes. We do need an investigation into his conduct and what actions were taken after any allegations were brought to light. We can’t allow this to be swept aside (and I have faith that we won’t) and justice needs to be done for any victims either here or at hibs.
  13. ScottBF2

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Equally as hassle free with @Womble72 Made contact at the back of 5 had the tickets by 8. Watp
  14. ScottBF2

    Candieas & Hallidy

    Folk complain when murty doesn’t make subs at the right time then do the same when he does. Halliday deserved to be hooked, his last piece of action before being subbed was a heavy touch gifting possession to that lot before recovering and chucking himself to the ground for a free kick. The Candeias sub was just wrong though and not bringing on Cummings or Miller was criminal.
  15. ScottBF2


    Does he not still have a ban against him? Seem to remember it didn’t carry over to France when he left.