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  1. Andy Halliday. Probably the only use he'd be from now on.
  2. Antidote
  3. Great player. He's limited, aye, but he pushes himself to his limits and gives 100% whenever I've seen him play. What he lacks in sheer technique he makes up for in determination. You don't have a scoring record like his at International level without being a very good player. A Golden boot in the 2010 World Cup, second highest goalscorer at the 2014 WC and second best player award as well. He's very consistent at a high level.
  4. The whole affair, if all is as it seems, is embarassing and I'm disgusted by David Weir more so than the two baldy tits he was working alongside. Regardless of the eventual reasoning, if he's offered his resignation he can fuck off. Our club legends are falling at an alarming rate: First, Butcher; then DJ and eventually Davie himself. We need someone like Souness, Walter or Archie Knox to come in and kick fuck out of this team before the end of the season.
  5. dry yer eyes
  6. They'll book him tomorrow, the fenian cunts.
  7. Been fantastic since Waghorn came on.
  8. We've never played in europe
  9. He's a champion and he's confident in his abilities. Breath of fresh air compared to all the fake friendships that go on. He doesn't give a fuck what people think of him.
  10. That's how you should have responded to them mate.
  11. Shut it ya roaster
  12. What a fighter McGregor is. He's right, no one can match up to him. "I'd like to apologise... to absolutely nobody"
  13. Vicious