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  1. The vote is to be completed by 5pm, the SPFL will announce the final results around 2pm.
  2. You're not allowed to call them paedophiles, it hurts their feelings.
  3. We asked for an investigation to answer the questions we raised in the dossier, what part of that do sutton et al not understand? If the SPFL have nothing to hide then answer the questions, take a grilling in an open forum and if we're proven wrong it'll all be very clear. The deny, deflect and attack position they've put themselves in makes them look weaker and we've clearly got them backtracking to the point they're incriminating themselves at every turn.
  4. Morelos. They fucking hate him and they fear him. He hasn't scored against them but that's the only thing they've got on him. He's ragdolled their defence every game he's played against them and Gerrard massively dropped the ball by starting Defoe against them at Ibrox at the start of the season.
  5. Don't care if it's GioGoi as long as it's Rangers and we're getting a good deal from it. Tadgers moaning because they've no got a big social media following need to grow up.
  6. "I don't want them to make our kits they only have 13 followers on instagram"
  7. ScottBF2

    FIFA 20

    Just played that wee prick CJNovo at Pro Clubs with my pals, got absolutely slaughtered.
  8. Unless you count regurgitating Peter lawwells spunk as a job, then no
  9. Don't give him the oxygen, hopefully without it he will choke and die.
  10. Is it just a coincidence that Bobby Jenkins is an anagram of Imran Ahmed?
  11. I'll watch from afar. Had too many false dawn's the past 8 years for me to get my hopes up.
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