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  1. Heard today that Haggerty is leading the pack to star in the upcoming Elephant Man biopic. Some amount of prosthetic work needed though, I refuse to believe he looked as bad as she does.
  2. Is that no Govou's squad number?
  3. How can anyone honestly say firmino isn't a quality player. Best in his role in the league easily, plays in a rotation with Salah and Mane and doesn't look out of place in any of their positions. Movement and linkup play are incredible.
  4. Ach fucked it now I suppose, all paid up. Will note for next year cheers mate
  5. Didn't get a 4 payment option when I did mine, had to pay upfront.
  6. Only been to a few, fucking hated the Metropolitan stadium in Madrid though. Seen them against Sociedad back in October, half the crowd didn't show up until near half time and it's soulless as fuck.
  7. Not really part of the topic but did people always go missing this frequently? Obviously social media makes it easier to get mass attention buy it seems like every other week someone from Glasgow and the surrounding goes missing. Hope he's found safe and well.
  8. Keep checking mate, me and my dad were offered yesterday, I went on and got Main Stand Rear (sat there for the OF game so hopefully it's my lucky section). Dad's limited mobility and was being offered CD and MSR as well, checked back 10 minutes later and there was loads in CF and SJF. Worth going back on to check.
  9. Irrespective of whether or not hes considered a legend by the majority, he deserved a better farewell than what he got. We should have at least have had a statement wishing him well, ushering him out the back door is not befitting of a Rangers captain. Gerrard has been nothing but complimentary about LW since he joined, but it seems like the higher ups in Allen and the rest have a real issue with him which I can only assume stems from the Murty Hampden debacle. Legend or not he was a full time captain of the club and deserves to be remembered as such.
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