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  1. Moshni

    Does he not still have a ban against him? Seem to remember it didn’t carry over to France when he left.
  2. Dundee isn’t in the 21st century yet.
  3. I quite like our style atm

    But to counter that point, we’ve scored more goals late on than any other team in the division.
  4. Spongebob

    Aye it’s been done already mate
  5. Jake Livermore

    FA better back Livermore over this.
  6. New Bates Contract

    Deserves it. I've watched with interest at his performances this season. He's taken a lot of stick from a lot of people, myself included, but he's starting to show some real promise. The guy who reviews the Youths (Elfidelo??) didn't think much of him, and his is an opinion I respect greatly given the time he takes to watch the youngsters, but I think even he'll be impressed with how Bates has come along. Solid defender.
  7. Ross McCrorie

    Strip Wallace, Alves and Miller from the captaincy and give it to young Ross. Wallace was a decent custodian for the position. Alves is a fucking abomination of a captain and Miller is a rhat.
  8. Alves

    Is there any chance he'll be kidnapped in Florida?
  9. Badger, Badger. Badger, Badger, Badger. Mushroom. Tom Miller''s commentating is better than ever before.
  10. Murtys suit

    He should uphold tradition. He's 'Interim' though, much like McCall, and I'm sure we let him away with it.
  11. Oli McBurnie

    Born in Leeds. Family are Scottish - huge Rangers fans
  12. AlfredoDoes anyone have an update on his injury?

    Mate right now we could have Sam English and still not score.
  13. AlfredoDoes anyone have an update on his injury?

    Hopefully he’s out for a few weeks. I think he needs a rest, an enforced break is the only way it’s going to happen IMO
  14. Players we nearly signed...

    We’re we not pretty close to signing Iniesta during the McLeish era?
  15. Scumdee hibs

    Welcome to the Crystal Maze