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  1. ScottBF2


    Never understood it mate, really confuses me. Don't get me wrong I've taken a shine to Liverpool in the last few years because I like to watch them and I want them to win, but I'd never be upset if they lost and I don't celebrate when they win (unless I win money as a result).
  2. Anyone able to source two tickets for the Killers at Belsonic this year?
  3. ScottBF2


    One of my good mates is a Man U fan, loves them gets excited when they play, celebrates when they win. Has a Season Ticket for Ibrox as well.
  4. ScottBF2


    It's fucking horrendous mate, I'm sure. I bet every single Englishman you meet thinks you're a Man Utd or Liverpool fan. Can't stand English football. I blame it, and us, for modern football's current state.
  5. ScottBF2


    This is like the old "Who's your English team" thing I used to get in school. Fuck them all, especially Chelsea.
  6. Put a coupon on last night, had Barca on to win, cunts played 4 youth players against bottom of the table mob and drew 0-0. Cunts.
  7. Never too late to disown someone mate, hope that helps.
  8. No really on topic but mind when Imran Ahmed used to come on here and spout shite under a different name. What a weird guy.
  9. Herro Herro we are the Birry Boys
  10. I couldn't find a standing desk worth the price so I just chopped my legs off and now I balance at my normal desk.
  11. ScottBF2


    Patter's atrocious, fuck off.
  12. ScottBF2


    Who gives a fuck. Hope I never see his name or the one I used ever again connected with our club.
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