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  1. All it does is strengthen their hand. Same way Stevie G is doing with Morelos.
  2. Don’t think form or scouting is up to much when it comes to us. Livi will not play like they have the last two games against us. We should steamroll them, aye, but it’s their cup final playing us and they’ll do everything they can to take points from us.
  3. 8th minute of the next home game we should all clap and sing One Clive Tyldesley.
  4. Shocking decision, George was a great guy.
  5. No if it’s Hermes, last delivery I got from them the boy chapped the back door - which isn’t easy to access - and fucked off. I’d went out the front to catch him and he didn’t even have a parcel in his hands. Daft cunt.
  6. Is there any info on why the Takeover collapsed? Wouldn’t be surprised if he’d made requests of the new owners and asked to keep SD as official retailer, etc. The guys a fucking parasite.
  7. Chances of Sky playing “sheep shagging bastards” as crowd noise?
  8. Messi is apparently a huge admirer of Bielsa and would love to work under him. Wouldn’t be the first time he’s influenced a managerial appointment ay Barcelona either. Leeds fans should be worried that he might be gone next season.
  9. Not sure what safety chat as I’ve not read the full thread but I think most would agree that recklessly endangering someone by not taking proper precautions which are available is definitely something that needs to be accounted for.
  10. It really depends on where the issue stems from aye, but these procedures, considering how vital they are - not to mention how high profile - should be managed and accounted for at the highest level. Not read into it any further since this morning, has there been any further update on this?
  11. It really depends on the severity of the fuck up. If we’re in the realms of human endangerment then aye, it would go to board level.
  12. I’m not disagreeing, but it is the boards job to ensure we’re run well from top to bottom. It may not directly be anyone’s fault from the board that this has happened but questions still need to be asked of them. Again, I’m still not 100% convinced it’s true. Fuck the Record.
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