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  1. ScottBF2

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    BBC saying they want to come to Ibrox for matches but not speak to the players or management staff would be my guess. Open discrimination because they don't get it all their own way.
  2. ScottBF2

    Gordon Banks

    Aye. "that shot was Sebo-esque"
  3. ScottBF2

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    Mate your sentiments are probably echoed by everyone in the thread, but we can't just go out and take fines whenever we want, regardless of how small an amount it is relative to our stature.
  4. ScottBF2

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    The statement isn't clever at all, but id like to hope we're working hard in the background at all. The statement is born out of a need to say something to appease the fans, knowing full well its not what we want to hear. We all want to hear the same thing, I'm sure, but saying it would be idiotic of the board and not the right thing to do at all. We need some action to be taken because the bias is reeking out of the SFA at the moment and they're not even trying to hide it.
  5. ScottBF2

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    Aye but if you'd read the rest of I'd I made mention to the charges we'd had already this season. Don't be fucking stupid and do it publicly. I'm no up for this handwringing pish but coming out now and accusing of more bias just opens more opportunities for those cunts to get at us, we don't need that right now.
  6. ScottBF2

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    What else are we expected to say? Been brought up on charges for disrepute already this season, we need to box clever. Surely something like CAS can be used to resolve these issues because there's a clear bias and misrepresentation within the current compliance procedure that needs to be resolved ASAP.
  7. ScottBF2

    Last Player To Be Injured Against Us

    Probably Joe Lewis, was he no quite badly injured at ibrox. Notice we also clapped him off instead of laughing at him lying on the deck. Subhuman cunts those sheepshaggers
  8. That Scott Gray's da then?
  9. He sidetracked that question, I've asked him again.
  10. Emailed Dornan the other day for a response, received a pile of pish back. Challenged it today and awaiting a new response. Won't hold out hope.
  11. ScottBF2

    Rangers pubs in Madrid

    Did ye read the post bawbag? But no, I'm not.
  12. ScottBF2

    Rangers pubs in Madrid

    Over there this weekend, anyone know anywhere that'll have the game on?
  13. ScottBF2

    Edmiston Drive

    RIP ED. Sad that you didn't get to see us back at the top but I hope we do it for you big man.
  14. ScottBF2

    Their left back the day

    Exposed himself to a few birds in 2009 wanking in the motor in broad daylight apparently.
  15. ScottBF2

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Wasn't anywhere near a two footer. Clancy was fucking shocking today and that was never in a million years a red card. If his is red then the one Goldson was booked for (again wrongly) was as much of one. Hideous wee tarrier cunt is Clancy. Well deserved ovation for Kenny.