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  1. Not really part of the topic but did people always go missing this frequently? Obviously social media makes it easier to get mass attention buy it seems like every other week someone from Glasgow and the surrounding goes missing. Hope he's found safe and well.
  2. Keep checking mate, me and my dad were offered yesterday, I went on and got Main Stand Rear (sat there for the OF game so hopefully it's my lucky section). Dad's limited mobility and was being offered CD and MSR as well, checked back 10 minutes later and there was loads in CF and SJF. Worth going back on to check.
  3. Irrespective of whether or not hes considered a legend by the majority, he deserved a better farewell than what he got. We should have at least have had a statement wishing him well, ushering him out the back door is not befitting of a Rangers captain. Gerrard has been nothing but complimentary about LW since he joined, but it seems like the higher ups in Allen and the rest have a real issue with him which I can only assume stems from the Murty Hampden debacle. Legend or not he was a full time captain of the club and deserves to be remembered as such.
  4. ScottBF2

    FIFA 20

    Nah mate massive overhaul in Career mode this year. Rumour has it they're adding in a 'future fee' for loan players. Blown away.
  5. Come on St Mirren. Never thought I'd say that.
  6. Karen Gibson, my first signing every FM save this season. You can pump her in game.
  7. Didn't know we'd started allowing taigs on here again
  8. You shut up ya fuckin tit
  9. Can only hope their house of cards comes tumbling down if there has been some sort of deal done, otherwise its just another example of injustice in our judiciary.
  10. I'll just say naw to all of that as you're talking pish. You must be a right laugh at birthday parties. "don't celebrate too much you might no be here next year"
  11. Good for them. Jesus christ what's modern football become when you can't even get excited for an upcoming season 😂 we've spent the best part of 7 years in the wilderness and you want to temper emotions because nothings certain. I'd say grow a pair but that's looking genetically impossible for you.
  12. But aye, the point I was drunkenly trying to make to any of the handwringing apologists is that the song is not reactionary in any way. We've not started singing it as a result of recent events, we're still singing it in spite of them - theres still truth to it.
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