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  1. Derek McInnes

    So we didn’t speak to him and he made the decision off his own back. Fuck him. Was never my choice, don’t rate him in the slightest. God knows who this inept board will go for next though.
  2. Oli McBurnie

    Born in Leeds. Family are Scottish - huge Rangers fans
  3. AlfredoDoes anyone have an update on his injury?

    Mate right now we could have Sam English and still not score.
  4. AlfredoDoes anyone have an update on his injury?

    Hopefully he’s out for a few weeks. I think he needs a rest, an enforced break is the only way it’s going to happen IMO
  5. Players we nearly signed...

    We’re we not pretty close to signing Iniesta during the McLeish era?
  6. Scumdee hibs

    Welcome to the Crystal Maze
  7. Willie vass picture

  8. Willie vass picture

  9. Was doing my steward today.

  10. Darren Cole

    He never took it, somebody spiked him.
  11. where to buy rangers badges?

    Are you Mike Ashley? Fuck off Mike, they're our badges.
  12. Forrester sent away from Auchenhowie

    Probably keeps sneaking Kiernan in to Auchenhowie in his car boot. Reason enough IMO.
  13. Jim Stewart joins Warburton at Notts Forest

    Calling Stewart a cunt/traitor is bang out of order. He's a human like the rest of us (or most of us in here, I can't speak for all of you) and needs to make money. Are we expecting him just to sit on his arse for the rest of his days and just give positive comments to the media when speaking about us occasionally? I hope he fails at Forest in the sense that I want them to slide into obscurity with that baldy cunt at the helm, but some of the comments for a great servant like Jim are completely over the top.
  14. kenny Dummigan

    We're oldco fans. #NoToNewco
  15. Pedros Local Assistant

    Andy Halliday. Probably the only use he'd be from now on.