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  1. ScottBF2


    Patter's atrocious, fuck off.
  2. ScottBF2


    Who gives a fuck. Hope I never see his name or the one I used ever again connected with our club.
  3. ScottBF2


    When we're playing the lone striker he links the midfield really well and he's one of the only players willing to bridge the gap or even run beyond the striker. Morelos often drops deep and that's where Arfield running beyond is a big part of our game. We just don't have a midfielder who can pick a decent through ball to break the lines.
  4. ScottBF2


    Embarassed by last night's display. Think he needs a few weeks on the bench after that. We had a good balance with Defoe up top against Hamilton and I liked the look of lafferty and jermain linking up last night, Alfredo looks burnt out to me at the minute.
  5. ScottBF2


    Jury still out for some folk? I've had it with him, he's a man down. No positional sense, powder puff and for all I agree he's a very good crosser of the ball he takes too much time to get himself settled and it inevitably cannons off the right back/right wingers arse. Had a cracking view of him last night from the Copland Rear and he was hopeless, and he has been almost every time I've seen him. Again, I know some folk will maybe think he's being scapegoated but this is an opinion born out of a number of weeks watching him and hoping for better. Needs to go, IMO.
  6. Downloaded it just so I can play at Ibrox. Worth every penny just for that.
  7. We'll either get him, or we won't. It's to be, or not to be.
  8. A few folk think he's only still here due to the 2 clubs per season rule. Gone in the summer they think. I reckon there's a player in there, seems to be all in his head atm.
  9. ScottBF2

    Console help

    Arms will be getting sore soon.
  10. ScottBF2

    Bit of help please

    Put the wean into a bag of rice and leave it overnight.
  11. BBC saying they want to come to Ibrox for matches but not speak to the players or management staff would be my guess. Open discrimination because they don't get it all their own way.
  12. Aye. "that shot was Sebo-esque"
  13. Mate your sentiments are probably echoed by everyone in the thread, but we can't just go out and take fines whenever we want, regardless of how small an amount it is relative to our stature.
  14. The statement isn't clever at all, but id like to hope we're working hard in the background at all. The statement is born out of a need to say something to appease the fans, knowing full well its not what we want to hear. We all want to hear the same thing, I'm sure, but saying it would be idiotic of the board and not the right thing to do at all. We need some action to be taken because the bias is reeking out of the SFA at the moment and they're not even trying to hide it.
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