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  1. Come on St Mirren. Never thought I'd say that.
  2. We need a strong squad. We need options off the bench to change the game and if Stewart can find anywhere near the same quality for us as he did in the first half of the season for killie then I think hell be a good squad player. Look back at games like Aberdeen at Hampden and we were crying out for something different, something to change the game a wee bit and the way we play, maybe Gerrard sees Greg as that sort of player.
  3. Karen Gibson, my first signing every FM save this season. You can pump her in game.
  4. Didn't know we'd started allowing taigs on here again
  5. You shut up ya fuckin tit
  6. Can only hope their house of cards comes tumbling down if there has been some sort of deal done, otherwise its just another example of injustice in our judiciary.
  7. I'll just say naw to all of that as you're talking pish. You must be a right laugh at birthday parties. "don't celebrate too much you might no be here next year"
  8. Good for them. Jesus christ what's modern football become when you can't even get excited for an upcoming season 😂 we've spent the best part of 7 years in the wilderness and you want to temper emotions because nothings certain. I'd say grow a pair but that's looking genetically impossible for you.
  9. But aye, the point I was drunkenly trying to make to any of the handwringing apologists is that the song is not reactionary in any way. We've not started singing it as a result of recent events, we're still singing it in spite of them - theres still truth to it.
  10. Naw. I'm not a player or staff member at the club. I can get overexcited and be overconfident all I like. I came into the game this week absolutely certain we'd fuck them and I told every single person that cared to listen. I'm now just as certain that, as things stand, that lot will not be top of the tree this time next year. Those cunts are in their place and we put them there.
  11. Who gives a fuck if they die, they won't see it because it won't happen. Fuck them and fuck the mhedia trying to purport this song as being something created to mock their deaths - we've been singing this all season.
  12. Wanting to watch it back, Sky+ apparently a taig and didn't record. Anyone got the match uploaded or has a link?
  13. Couldn't fucking write it, it's a made up profile.
  14. It's stuff like this we can't let lie though. I'd done a google search on him and he doesn't seem to exist, but these accusations from any corner could really damage us so it had to be challenged - a few taigs have already shared it as if it's gospel.
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