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  1. I've always been good to you mate, even picked litter our your garden one day when I walked by so I think it's only fair I get your ticket. Just let me know where and when to pick it up.
  2. The way you've been going on in this thread I'm happy you've no got one mate, made my night better.
  3. He's too busy running a pub to get the answers.
  4. Still hope for those not in receipt.
  5. Downloaded it on PC yesterday, off work from Friday til the following Saturday (Death Stranding's getting pumped on the 8th) so planning on playing it then. Had a go of the first half hour and wasn't overly impressed but it felt like it could've gotten better. If you're planning on getting it on PC I can send you a link...
  6. But his assists mean hes been brilliant.
  7. The way I see this panning out is that we have the Rangers news article discredited and then the beasts use that as fuel to have the celtic View Article discredited. Hollicom at work
  8. Just a note btw. The BBC report that's linked by Daly says we covered up the reason for his departure. There's no suggestion that we covered up abuse in any way shape or form, but there's an implied cover up within the story. The club needs to be robust with this and come out with facts only. No suggestions, just clear and hard facts. It's very possible that when we reported the crime it was never logged or that the information has been lost, but we need some sort of statement.
  9. Investigate it. We're not the Bheasts from the East. We took adequate action at the time, what the dirty bastard does when he's released from the club is out of our control. I hope we did the right thing and called the police, but if we didn't then we hang out heads in shame.
  10. Reckon CJNovo would have you mate.
  11. It's the future, totally bound to happen. No a fan of it myself but there's hundreds of thousands of people who watch this sort of pish every day on YouTube and the like. Even pish like CJNovo garners followers.
  12. Aye. A lot of the athletic articles are broken down into Tifo football videos at the minute as part of a partnership they have going on. If you're wanting a snippet go and check out some of their recent videos. Really insightful stuff.
  13. Would only really have signifigance if we adopted the 50+1 model the Bundesliga has and allow members to vote on all club matters. Otherwise it would be mostly a token gesture with no meaning.
  14. It's already happening mate, seen a video of the last OF last season and the boy was recording his and the crowds reaction. Not my cup of tea watching in that format but videos of us celebrating and singing away are definitely nice to watch when you're bored in the house. Not saying it's right and it'll definitely happen but it could be a potential avenue the club want explored.
  15. Was initially a wee bit annoyed about WiFi, sick of seeing folk on their phones at games down south. But it'll open us up to a new generation of fans potentially. All this livestreaming and vlogging could be a good way to reach out to the new fans.
  16. Welcome these changes. Did have a laugh about their claim to be fully transparent and have open dialogue - only in the areas that suit them. In marketing and media we've been genuinely class the last two years or so. Not everything's landed as intended but the effort is there for all to see. At leadership level, however, we've a long way to go.
  17. Half the goals the sheep have conceded this season have been to us. Great stat.
  18. I only come out of the woodwork when we're top of the league.
  19. Odds on the compliance officer making a reappearance now that her favourite team are struggling?
  20. Top of the league despite having, arguably, two of our most creative players out injured for the majority of the season so far. There's a doubt over whether Jones has it in him to oust Ojo, whether in the managers eyes or on merit. Kent, however is easily one of our crucial players and an almost guaranteed starter when fit. If we can just keep doing as we've done we will be fine, IMO, but having these two back in contention shortly should signal alarm bells over at the Chamber of Secrets.
  21. Disgrace? Get fucked mate.
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