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  1. We shat it today. Tavernier, Goldson, Morelos don't have a winners mentality
  2. Tav takes that penalty and misses he still gets pelters but I've had respect for his stubbornness this season. As soon as it means something he shites it. Gerrard then tries to shield Tav by saying it was agreed prior and folk are thinking he's the fucking Messiah. Get him to fuck.
  3. Hampden atmosphere is shite. Was in the main stand today and we outsung those beasty bastards today. As soon as our captain decided to down tools it was an IRAoke though, but we're not allowed to mention that because Tav was brilliant today.
  4. Brilliant mate, many goals did we score.
  5. Tav can fuck off, for all we'll miss his attacking abliity (when it decides to reappear this season) he's a shitebag.
  6. If it gets to the point I've got reprobates suggesting I'm from the dark side I'm defending myself. If it means offering folk I've no issues with that, it's clear they're shitebags anyway. It's no my job to keep the peace, good to know I'm in the right though.
  7. To back tavernier up.
  8. Nah anyone seen to be disagreeing is a prick, no debates.
  9. Well that's just not accurately answering the question though. So naw. Cheer for trying to force a situation though
  10. Nah mate, I've no came on for an argument and if it comes across like that I'll apologise. I'm wanting someone to exain to me why the fuck this shitebag isnt taking the responsibility he's maintained is his all season. Anyone anywhere attempts to call me a tarrier and they'll get a slap for it, that's no something I'll even entertain and if it's something anyone wants to even joke about I'm happy to meet up and discuss it - no even kidding.
  11. So calling folk tarriers is fair game then? Just get dingwall on here, this place is a fucking cesspit anyway.
  12. Mate you're the one calling me a tarrier, if you dish that patter out in the pubs or at games your getting the same Dish it out through your keyboard and I'll call you out. You're a shitebag and it's now proven
  13. He's shat it. He's had a hold of the ball before the penalty and handed it to Morelos, anyone who was on the stadium can attest to that. Decided before the match, I appreciate Gerrard backing his team but it's not true.
  14. Gerrard is lying to protect his captain. Walter did similar in the past Ok mate.
  15. Aye, I'll fucking leather you outside any home or away game you like mate. There's your argument. Aye I'm fucking hurting tonight but Tav is a fucking shitebag
  16. Manager protects captain, wow
  17. Mate it's long been established that you don't have a clue when it comes to football and that you support Man Utd more than Rangers, but this guy has said on many occasions that he's the penalty taker and then he's shat out of it when the big occasion's come round. Let him go ASAP
  18. No decent arguments against, as predicted. Keep it coming. Get tav to fuck
  19. Numbskull 😂 mate fuck up, he shat it from a season defining penalty and handed it off to Morelos. He shoulders the blame for the miss
  20. Regardless of of everything else and what could have and should have been, he is a shitebag and should be removed from his role as Captain. Anyone have any decent arguements against?
  21. Don't think it was an iron mate.
  22. Hope Gogzy's eyesight gets better soon.
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