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    Out in new zealand?
  2. From what I've gathered in the thread Hutton stuck the nut in a tim for singing the sash. Might be wrong.
  3. We are under the most pressure, we're Rangers. Those no-mark custodian bastards are just keeping our place warm for our inevitable return.
  4. Best way to get a response is go to his pub and buy a pint. Self serving moron that he is.
  5. Don't think you've quite got the hang of it yet mate.
  6. Here btw, our twitter page still follows Liam Burt and Pedro Caixinha.
  7. Already copied you in to mine mate, save you the trouble.
  8. That'll be because a Catholic died in the year 1015. Sectarian signing policy is back.
  9. Hope they have a safe trip back home, can be a treacherous journey to Govan Hill at this time of night.
  10. They should be asking the board for answers as to why BF1 have been singled out for punishment and hung out to dry in the public eye for this.
  11. Didn't say at any point I didn't want people to sing it, but it's an agreeable action if it means we're not being fucked over.
  12. Wit? Who said I care? All religion is just made up nonsense anyway, should kill every religious leader - world would be a better place.
  13. Get that on a banner and fly it from the Govan Stand tomorrow. Let those wankers in the directors box see what we think of them.
  14. Want to just start this by saying I'm fine with the talks to stop shouting "Fuck the Pope" etc, I get that this is probably the only way to move on from the whole situation. But King and the board have royally fucked over us as a fanbase in the last week, none more so than the UBs, who have been totally hung out to dry. My Season Ticket is in the Main Stand Rear, right next to BF1 and the statement tonight from the board suggesting that the songs originated from that section are nothing more than lies. They're being thrown out as a scapegoat to suit their agenda and it's about time they were taken to task over this whole debacle. It wasn't too long ago King et al were singing the Fans' praises when they were trying to wrestle control from the Ashley consortium and we backed them, now they've got their foot in the door they turn their backs on us and offer no support or defence. Robertson, King and whoever else is running this agenda right now need to sort themselves out. I hope there's some sort of demonstration tomorrow, not against UEFA - their agenda is already clear with Kim Jong Lawell joining their ranks recently - but against the board. Defend your fucking own, don't throw them out like lambs to the slaughter.
  15. Best of luck mate, reckon you'll be told to sit the fuck down fairly sharpish.
  16. Heard today that Haggerty is leading the pack to star in the upcoming Elephant Man biopic. Some amount of prosthetic work needed though, I refuse to believe he looked as bad as she does.
  17. Is that no Govou's squad number?
  18. How can anyone honestly say firmino isn't a quality player. Best in his role in the league easily, plays in a rotation with Salah and Mane and doesn't look out of place in any of their positions. Movement and linkup play are incredible.
  19. Ach fucked it now I suppose, all paid up. Will note for next year cheers mate
  20. Didn't get a 4 payment option when I did mine, had to pay upfront.
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