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  1. herdy89

    Kieran Dowell loan

    Signing for Sheffield Utd
  2. I took 2 conmecting flights, absolute shambles but made it. Load of my pals held up at security at Frankfurt and missed the connecting flight, his bags went though, nightmare.
  3. herdy89

    Another signing incoming maybe

    I was told on Wednesday that bomber was down looking at premiership boys
  4. herdy89

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    According to sky talks of Chelsea getting Kovacic in return
  5. herdy89


    Looks a right diamond, it was bomber out in Croatia scouting him
  6. herdy89

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Really hoping for Croatia to do it, I'm flying out there on Tuesday so everyone will still be out their tits
  7. herdy89

    The Boxing News Thread

    Fight night on tele and the game on the other, what a scrap that is with Connor Benn, the lad just ain't making to the top. Gutsy comeback but no way he won that
  8. herdy89

    The Boxing News Thread

    Davis vs Walsh this weekend. So far Davis has failed to make weight twice today, due to come back for a 3rd. Unprofessional as fuck from the champ
  9. herdy89

    UFC live.

    Just checked he's up to 24th in the rankings, gotta aim for someone in top 15. Yeah it isn't looking good, hopefully it picks up a bit
  10. herdy89

    UFC live.

    He's been wanting Diego Sanchez for a while, after being ko'd on Saturday I doubt that would be possible
  11. herdy89

    UFC live.

    Some scalp that is for Stevie, wasn't sure what way it was gonna go with judges. Now highly likely to get a big name for Glasgow card
  12. herdy89

    UFC live.

    Big weekend for Stevie Ray, fighting Joe Lauzon at fight night Nashville. Tough fight but can really make a name for himself if he comes through it. Hopefully quick turnaround too so he's ready for Glasgow
  13. herdy89

    The Boxing News Thread

    Young Scottish lad fighting on the undercard tomorrow night Jay McFarlane. Never heard of him before today, is the lad a prospect? Got same management team as Golovkin
  14. herdy89

    UFC live.

    Thought Stevie clearly had it, was worried after the first judge though
  15. herdy89

    Rangers FC statement

    Outstanding, no fucking about with that.