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  1. Be good for rugby park
  2. Their fucking shitting themselves. Right in amongst it today from the off give them fuck all. We are the people and fear no one
  3. Wonder who's had the longest name out of all our players we have had play for us over the years.
  4. Good job getting that to fit in a one year old top. Go something smaller like holt
  5. Haha my "patter" was along the same lines as yours. I called him Kat Slater
  6. They will be decent upfront but I'm sure cardoso and alves will handle them no problem. They are piss poor at the back so hopefully we can exploit that by playing morelos as he wont give them a minute peace. Hopefully windass will get lots of space with that Whittaker playing right back and we know from his time at us he is better at going forward than defending. Buzzing for this game
  7. Please tell me you saw the fat boy with the leopard print jacket on giving us the finger and shouting at us when he left at 6-0 only fae him to fall as he walked up. I also sit in the gf1
  8. Hopefully handle it fine as he's played against the taigs plus hopefully learned from his mistake last time against them and also benefit with having actual defenders beside him. Hope this is a daft conversation anyways and wallace plays. But we are definitely short in full back areas
  9. Agree mate and if wallace isn't fit I'd have beerman in there instead
  10. England France and Spain lots down south, auxerre and Barcelona
  11. Cccs kind of does that does it not? I know they have to do a ballot depending who we get in semi or final due to numbers etc.
  12. The myth of hodson being a good player. Bad days when your chocking for tav to get on
  13. Good luck to him