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  1. As long as no one gets “hurted”
  2. We had planned to do that then heard price. Not stingy at all but that price is a disgrace considering it’s dearer than most games this season at ibrox
  3. Right I know fuck all about ufc turned it on and it’s on. Should I stay up and watch it or is it shite fight card and is there still a lot more fights on
  4. Only had st Johnstone so far on away scheme. Aww well roll on a Stranraer replay 👀
  5. Will be Awrite mate. Will be worth it to be in the dam
  6. Never anything opened in edi airport no matter what time you go. Hate that airport 😂
  7. 9.00 from Glasgow to Amsterdam on the Wednesday can’t wait
  8. Was just about to post that. Might be a blessing in disguise he picked up a few knocks today so might be good for him not to travel anyways and let him prepare for hearts Aberdeen and taigs in 1 week. Optimistic loyal
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