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  1. Can't believe they pied him
  2. Sutton goalie is in pub at half time
  3. It's not about me? I back my club up don't see what's wrong with that?
  4. If we are found guilty we are found guilty i.e. If their is actual facts to prove this. Then yes we should be getting done as there is no place in this world for beasts
  5. Murty doesn't want job and I think by starting keirnan that proves it
  6. Just seems to me you have chosen to believe this story. You have your opinion I have mine I can live with that. Just don't have a go at someone for defending their club
  7. As I have said previously I will always back my team up. Not pick and choose when to believe the mhedia. Will wait and see what the outcome of it is first before I throw stones at the big bad Rangers
  8. Not once have I disregarded it just in my opinion it's a bit suspect. Don't need to take the morale high ground. Just my opinion and I will always back my club until proven guilty
  9. So you believe a story in the sun? Jumping right on the Rangers are bad bandwagon. What is the official response from police regarding this situation
  10. Not saying that just saying it all seems a bit suspect.
  11. So you think it happened then? And our club hired beasts ?
  12. So someone from Edinburgh claims they got abused while playing for Rangers youth team. Sounds like someone making a story up to get a bit of attention and money. Probably a hibs fan
  13. You can't answer that properly until you get a new manger. You don't know how a manger plays etc. Or what sort of player he likes. For example some managers prefer physical players some people prefer technical players etc
  14. Barry will not be joining