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  1. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    Would you rule him out joining celtic now? Wouldn’t be surprised
  2. Ibrox Parking Restrictions

    Emailed my objection last night based on the fact I have poly arthritis which affects several of my joints including my knee and ankle. I mentioned fact that they have a duty to care for their council redsidents such as me as I have lived in Glasgow all my life. This will have an effect on my value of life as it will make it more difficult for me to attend games as I will be in agony if I have to walk further. I go to games very early just now in order to get a parking space near the stadium. But under these new restrictions it will mean I have to either get a supporters bus which won’t drop of near the stadium or rely on public transport which only really is the subway. And just now the ques are terrible never mind if there’s and extra 30000 using it after a match. The que alone will kill me as I can’t stand in same spot for very long or it becomes very sore. Then when your in subway you never get a seat and I wouldn’t dare say to anyone to get of theirs and give me it. It won’t stop me going to games but it will affect me long term and mean I’m in agony for days after games. So please spare people like me for a minute and email your objections against it. Even if it isn’t affecting you. As we are all part of the Rangers family and we have a duty of care for one and other. In your objects don’t mention the whole treating Rangers fans shite compared to celtic fans etc that won’t get us any where. No surrender also this isnt my exact email lol
  3. Whittaker no surprise here

    Thank god he’s holding the child’s hand wouldn’t dare to think what would happen if the child was let loose
  4. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Says it a lot about us as well. That one of our players can go to their game and not even get any hassle. He’s a wee tarrier bastard. I think he’s trying to work his ticket so he gets another club but Rangers still pay him good part of his wage. Probably the only thing Pedro done right at Rangers was to embarrass him and try to force him out the door
  5. Parking around Ibrox next season

    I honestly don’t think Glasgow council will listen to us as per usual will still email my objections too then though. But guy in my work stays at Ibrox and they have all ready been asked to send in for requests for parking permits so looks like it’s a goer all ready. Weird that the snack bars are still allowed to park right at stadium. They are happy for them to pay for the rights to the council to park the vans when it’s our event that’s bringing in the crowds. Wish we had someone on our board that would speak up about this and do it now. We have let too many people walk over our club recently
  6. HKFC Soccer Sevens

  7. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    He’s a complete prick of a boy and will never learn. Always try and give him a chance then let’s slip his daftness. Get this idiot to fuck in summer build a team round mccrorie rossister and arfield
  8. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Took it off now. Sums up these imposters. He nearly broke their team mates leg and yet out celebrating with him next day
  9. Season Tickets

    Yes also renewed my brothers as well who’s staying in Australia till about April next year. Reason? Rangers are a drug and no matter how many times they make me feel low the highs are always the best, I’m addicted
  10. Scott Arfield signs

    Welcome to the club hope everything works out. Find it hard to get excited about signings these days because majority of our big signings have been let downs.
  11. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Rossister is starting
  12. hearts game against the hivs

    He’s 7 foot and he plays the flute
  13. Ryan hardie

    True mate see it all the time though players doing it in down south then come up here and can’t do it vice versa
  14. Ryan hardie

    The games I’ve seen hardie play for Rangers I’ve never been impressed. Remember the jump up from championship is massive. We had plenty of players who done well in championship for us and couldn’t do it in the premier. For example wagghorn.
  15. Dundee United

    It’s on btsport