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  1. Hold on a minute Dalcio got number 7 someone better tell Bruno his mate Ronaldo might not be joining
  2. Await the dude backing his team up as per usual. Love seeing that rag get put in their place scum paper scum journalist/bloggers
  3. not read through all he posts but this always sticks out for me when we were in the old division 3. Mega embarrassing. Thank god we are well rid of them. And makes me proud how we defeated these bastards eventually
  4. Why we mixing religion with football? Op is a shit stirrer
  5. Thank god im not the only one that thought that. Had to watch it though what a player. Met him at the indoor football at braehead and a pure gentleman. Also met him before the final against the Edinburgh junkies. Loved how even though he didn't get on well with advocaat he still didn't say a bad word just said he didn't get on with him as it was personal but tie nothing away from him as he was a fantastic manager. The big man just took too us right from the start were he was played left back. Then moved up to left mid and the rest is history
  6. Mine still isn't out. How do people see their ticket purchase history on the rangers website?
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/40348565 looks like he has taken up tennis now. Random Tuesday info. Cracking player wonder what his serve is like
  8. Nope can be any day from now
  9. Prefer Jamie walker
  10. Bruno alves needing on to sort Portugal defence
  11. Why didn't op put up full headline? Rather than just "it's not ideal" full headline is "it's not ideal but needed" or something along those lines. Idiot either a taig or someone who wants to be offended by everything
  12. Fuck knows what time we would get back home from shitodrie at
  13. Kingdom against immigration
  14. He's been giving permission to speak to a club possibly a trial with a team that's why not at training