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  1. North stand. Normally always in West
  2. Are we allowed to let grezda train with women’s team ?
  3. Apparently the tims have had their emails n stuff. So I would imagine today later on or tomorrow at some point
  4. His pal John terry thinks it would be a good thing to do
  5. It’s this man he’s just waiting to see if he gets the ok from sheep
  6. Just watched the highlights back. Genuinely if we won 10 -0 you wouldn’t have grudged us it today giving the dominant display. Outstanding
  7. Shagger tav goldson helander barisic king davis aribo ojo defoe barker think this will be team maybe Kamara in for king
  8. Prob nothing because their rivals won’t constant email UEFA and fare demanding justice is done. Only our stupid league would our rivals concentrate more on us and punishing us than what’s happening to them
  9. Is anyone else still waiting on the email?
  10. Any idea how many members are in travel club now
  11. Quite right mate your family come first. Thanks for all the videos you have previously done and I hope your wife makes a full recovery.
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