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  1. MattyBlue

    *** The Official Open 2018 Thread ***

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/golf/44076386 I'm listening, if you cant find a stream
  2. MattyBlue

    *** The Official Open 2018 Thread ***

    Hope this is finally the time!
  3. MattyBlue

    Sad state for scottish fooball

    sums up my view on this
  4. MattyBlue

    The Long And Short Of It.

    Sounds like a shite estate agents
  5. MattyBlue

    *****Europa League Q3 draw*****

    No way bud I ain't about that life
  6. MattyBlue

    Herrera gone

  7. MattyBlue

    Europa League

    Dunno why your mentioning it being a potential problem or not. I merely asked if it had been granted yet
  8. MattyBlue

    2018/19 Football Shirts

    Quality unveiling from Watford, sent a replica shirt to all fans that attended all 19 away games last season.
  9. MattyBlue

    *****Europa League Q3 draw*****

    Sadly I really dont see us beating many of those teams, will have to be a generous draw to stand a chance. TBH though I would 10000% go to Amsterdam if we drew Ajax.
  10. MattyBlue

    Europa League

    SG said in an interview somewhere they where waiting on it, could happen within an hour could take days or weeks.
  11. MattyBlue

    Osijek Away

    Does it have a golden grand piano?
  12. MattyBlue

    Europa League

    Makes sense, do they have the permissions to play yet though ? assuming they do, i just never seen anything about it
  13. MattyBlue

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    Has anyone posted their reasons behind thinking we will finish fourth !?
  14. MattyBlue

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    Get yourself off them ASAP fella!
  15. MattyBlue

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    I think it will be a close run this season, im expecting us to win our first 5 games, sounds a bit nuts but i am, i think we will have a great start to the season, and i also reckon they will drop 3 points before playing us and put a fuck load of pressure on themselves. Aint saying i see us winning it no problem, but I'm expecting a small gap between 1st and 2nd this season with either of us winning it in the last couple of games.