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  1. Shut up ye raging jobby sniffer I’m posting something I came across
  2. Article on Scottish sun saying we are now entering in at round 2? ABERDEEN and Kilmarnock will discover their Europa League qualifying opponents across two days. The seeded Premiership duo will be in the hat for the first round draw on June 18. REUTERS Rangers will aim to reach the group stages for the second year in a row REUTERS Aberdeen nearly knocked out Burnley last year Rangers will enter in the second round after celtic denied Hearts a European place by winning the Scottish Cup final. The draw for both qualifying rounds was originally pencilled to take place on Wednesday June 19.
  3. Few more like the one posted earlier, mixed feelings about it really but hey ho
  4. Hearing it’s true I’m still here someone said a boy came in with his face almost hanging off
  5. Fuck you Leigh Griffiths, you won’t be playing football any more!
  6. Sash bash on the M6 if anybody wants to join 474218C4-A95F-4B58-B8F9-3FE185FB9862.MP4
  7. Well the one iv been invited to is at an old church apparently 🤔
  8. I’m waiting on someone finishing work to send me details about it but assume it’s what @Junior Soprano mentioned!
  9. Just hate the guy with a real passion, just a hard fair challenge with the cunt ending up in an ambulance please, no red cards.
  10. I’ll be there been told there’s another one in the day somewhere? 10 bands 6 singers!
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