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  1. I’d rather have middleton than kent right now...
  2. morelos has been off the boil tonight. defoe on and hopefully get a late winner
  3. has there been any more news on this fan zone in amsterdam?
  4. first time flying from there. possibly the last.
  5. 05:50 from Edinburgh Wednesday morning, back the Saturday. are the bars open at 3am at Edi airport? Cheers
  6. SG said hes seeing the tie as 0-0 again. We will be playing to win. Lets remember they need 3 goals so they kinda need to go for it at some point. ill go 2-1 Rangers
  7. ive got the orange and black half zipper in small if anyone is interested £45 before i send it back
  8. Been offered GF7 row J from bf4 row a. alright view?
  9. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-Rangers-vs-hibernian-live-streaming
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