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  1. SG said hes seeing the tie as 0-0 again. We will be playing to win. Lets remember they need 3 goals so they kinda need to go for it at some point. ill go 2-1 Rangers
  2. ive got the orange and black half zipper in small if anyone is interested £45 before i send it back
  3. Been offered GF7 row J from bf4 row a. alright view?
  4. The way i see it is simple. we have too many squad players and not enough "starting 11" players. There is only 2 players i would have on our team sheet and thats McGregor and Morelos - Tavernier at a push. If we lose an early goal on Saturday we will get demolished. its brutal because they are woeful.
  5. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-Rangers-vs-hibernian-live-streaming
  6. Coulibally was a yard of the pace on Thursday. hes no been the same since his injury
  7. baccas out injured is he not? If anyone has got a spare for the game, drop me a message cheers
  8. He wont be able to play until January so there is no harm in giving him 4 weeks of training then we can let SG decide from there
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