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  1. The way i see it is simple. we have too many squad players and not enough "starting 11" players. There is only 2 players i would have on our team sheet and thats McGregor and Morelos - Tavernier at a push. If we lose an early goal on Saturday we will get demolished. its brutal because they are woeful.
  2. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-Rangers-vs-hibernian-live-streaming
  3. Coulibally was a yard of the pace on Thursday. hes no been the same since his injury
  4. baccas out injured is he not? If anyone has got a spare for the game, drop me a message cheers
  5. He wont be able to play until January so there is no harm in giving him 4 weeks of training then we can let SG decide from there
  6. mental to think he got game time with liverpool
  7. boy next to me is sound as fuck but there is a couple of village idiots siting two seats along. Every time i see her she always says we are the people, she wont stop until i say it back.
  8. im more nervous about this than Thursday night. Also I hope we arent 1 goal ahead 1 with 15 to play as thats when we tend to shite it...
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