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  1. barca asked rangers to play in a tournament the year after the final were we  got banned go on to youtube and listen to Poyet talking about Rangers

  2. Rangers Vs Hibs - Video

  3. Hivs Away 25Th July

    Hope the club only takes 1800 tickets of them
  4. They took 6000 to hamdump against the paedos but want 200000 tickets for us despise this club more than aberdeen partick thistle have took more points of the paedos than they have over past 15 years shocking there record against them there stadium is a death trap how it has a safety licence amazes me will never set foot in there hole of a ground again dont let us down Rangers
  5. Favourite 'Late' Rangers Goal

    Albertz against hearts midweek game at ibrox very last kick of the game think it was 94th minute broke a seat celebrating
  6. Blue & White hooped tops

    wore a QPR top to the 4 2 game never wore it again would love rangers to bring out a hoops strip we wore it before the plagarists cunts cant think of anything original copy everythimg and try take the credit for it
  7. Sportscene tonight

    will never watch a spl match live or on sportscene till RANGERS are back in top division
  8. Pre match swally

    quayside worth a visit
  9. How to F*ck the SPL teams in the cups.

    would rather give the money direct to rangers than half of the ticket money to any spl club
  10. Minty shown up yet again

    seen through the cunt from day one hope his arms fall of goes blind and lives forever destroyed our club
  11. Do the SFA need Ibrox ?

    wish we would pull out of commonwealth games rugby sevens fuck the secterian controlled Labour party in this city spent millions on the east end of this city south side gets fuck all only thing we get is a visit of a corrupt child abusing leader east end of the city its like giving money to africa your as well burning it
  12. Tiny Gallagher update: Everyone please read. Rangers employer.

    Glasgow police the most inept force in the country these so called public servants have more in common with scum gangsters than law abiding citizens was brought up to respect the law which i do but the police force of today has no respect for the common man
  13. Panorama 23rd May At 8pm

    Can see the scumbag all over the papers soon spinning more lies and half truths hate the cunt always have and always will love to see scumbag jailed
  14. Where is everyone from?