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  1. Hate the cunts there record against the paedos is shocking don't try a leg against them cheating cunts
  2. McLean best crosser of a ball I have seen at Rangers picked a player out and dropped it on his head
  3. Should have never left but can understand why with the manager we had at the time
  4. it is the referees in scotland teams allowed to boot us of the park they all know they will get away it when playing us very few 50 50 calls go our way sfa media snp police scotland all corrupt working together to cover up child abuse at paedo dome
  5. sheep game few years ago called of about half hour before kick of pitch waterlogged
  6. we get free prescriptions but we don't get some cancer drugs that they do in England its the way the snp use the nhs funding as for free tution fees they have cancelled thousands of university placements to pay for tution fees that's why we are short of teachers and doctors corrupt to the core hate the bastards
  7. rate him better than Goram
  8. Think pub was called way Inn have premier sports they show Rangers game near the bus station next to the stone arch you drive through was up there last week don't have Rangers tv

  9. barca asked rangers to play in a tournament the year after the final were we  got banned go on to youtube and listen to Poyet talking about Rangers

  10. was there in 92 when we won one nil against csk moscow tidy stadium they had standing areas on the lower tiers great night nice place to
  11. spot on mate i dont want us to borrow money we cant pay back and get into crippleing debt again live with in our means
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