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  1. Don"t want to stand at shop entrance incase people think I use it! Davie Cooper Panel at CR stand then
  2. This is just for tomorrows match not the remaining games
  3. Many thanks for taking time out for that info. Very much appreciated
  4. Looking for 5 for either Friday or Saturday. I believe both nights are sold out as is Sunday. Match tickets already sorted for Fleetwood Many thanks to anyone who can help
  5. The way the fans have backed the club AGAIN this season has been amazing. Pity we weren"t treated with the respect we deserve this evening
  6. Fewer better supporters clubs than QSTB
  7. Leipzig Saturday night. Champions Bar awesome
  8. Lot of Bears in Berlin. Sounds a belter
  9. What"s the main meeting point for Leipzig beers/sash bash on Saturday night?
  10. As the intelligent Bears in this thread have already pointed out we"ll get a sizable bill and bad publicity but the worst aspect of this nonsense was the total disregard for supporters safety. I got bashed over the head with that metal frame when I was having my ht piss when some arsehole was ripping it down, a guy two along from me got a whack as well. I am big enough and ugly enough to take it but I would be raging if a bairn had got a sore one or even took a sharp edge to an eye. A few Bears did an about turn and didn"t bother pissing when they saw what was going on, obviously thought it was a bit dangerous, wish I had done the same, still pretty sore! The morons that done that will wake up tomorrow embarrassed or maybe not. For the avoidance of doubt there was no alleged about this. It was area 117, lower stand
  11. One Lee Wallace, should have told Strachan to stick it in June
  12. The board cannot ban fans until any court verdicts are finalised
  13. They are so up themselves, I think they"d ignore the first use of the word
  14. Deepest, sincere and profound apologies for the tone and syntax of my response. The last word I would ever use to Hibs Football Club is please. As far as I know they still haven"t had the humanity to apologise to any of us