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  1. Sad to see our country in great decline. Govt, council, judges all taig sympathetic
  2. Would buy the other two from you if it helps bud
  3. According to the Record Hamburg beat Werder Bremen last weekend. Wouldn't my arse wi the rag
  4. Looking forward to going to the game. Always look forward to going to Ibrox. First proper season going to Ibrox without an adult for me was 1985-86 when we scraped 5th. Loved every minute. Love Rangers. The amount of negativity on this thread is sad. Some people just love to turn up to home games for a moan. Do the whingers honestly think the groaning, howling at a mistake spurs the players onto victory? Too many chips on shoulders. 1986 22 thousand v HIVS, 29 thousand v Sheep. Great atmospheres, no Victor Meldrew loyal back then. Mon the Teddy Bears.
  5. Hate to see Bears having a go at each other. No need. Anyways, am sure we all agree the number 1 quality required is experience winning as a manager at a high level. Also man management as important as coaching at our club. A successful player does not make a good manager. Take Bobby Charlton, McCoist, John Barnes, Alan Shearer, Gary Neville as some examples. Bring back Walter for 2 years. He would command that dressing room and you're dam sure he knows how to win titles.
  6. I would imagine 7.5K a week is still one of the lowest paid players in first team
  7. Imo Bates should have been offered a contract on similar money to Ross Mc and Docherty.
  8. Good luck to him. Always gave 100%. Club clearly didn't' want him enough. The pain for me, is whoever the next manager is, will probably rate him higher than Fab Bruno and Russell Martin. DOF job is surely to recommend players with manager having final say. Hence we need a manager this month before Mark Allen shapes next season's squad. Am not comfortable with the thought of that.
  9. Highlights the need for a permanent manager asap to pull a title winning squad together.
  10. Big game today, good performance required after last two games. Get some confidence going for Hampden
  11. Agree, would have to be either of those in meantime. Actually think Bruno would be better in a 3 with 2 quick centre halves alongside him
  12. I"d like to see us play 3-5-2 for a few reasons. 2 would mean we could play Cummings and Fredo up top. 5 in midfield would man more chance of bossing games Wing backs of Tav and DC have the pace to play that position. Back 3 of Ross Mc, Martin and Bates when fit
  13. Nicely ensconced in Middletons with my 2nd strongbow. Stokes broken leg, Lennon broken jaw, and last minute winner from McCrorie will do me
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