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  1. Linfield fans not happy

    Went to the game. Embarrassing article full of lies.
  2. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    To answer your question. Name comes from a late relative who came to Scotland to fight in World War II after fleeing his country. Searching social media pages?? Too much time on your hands I'd say. Really got to hand it to the internet fuckwits in this thread ( a minority ) who reckon I am a gay beast who should kill himself for suggesting something so outrageously offensive. Have a word with yourselves. Why are you so angry with life? No Bears I know act like this. Must be tarriers then?. Next time the fuckwits wear anything with a Rangers badge on it, have a look in the mirror and ask yourselves, am I worthy of representing our badge? Thankfully in 35 years of enjoying my visits to Ibrox I have found 99.99% of us Bears to be top class. The internet fuckwits are keyboard hardmen who would run a mile on December 13. No question. Back to Bombers autobiography for me now, relaxing reading before bed rather than waste too much time internet arguing with so called 'fans' I'll never meet. Who would want to?
  3. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    Interesting to note the minus 54 IQ levels on a few of the posts. Not interested in Boaby. I prefer Isa even if she is a gobshite. Do the taigs have a patent on smartphone flashlights? So those using the 'copy' argument won't be supporting safe standing at Ibrox then? For the record, massive bouncie on 54 minutes a great idea. I would support that. Giving them a taste of their own medicine would wind a lot of them up also. BJK
  4. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    Singing "Here to see the Rangers" is fine. Always good to try other things in my book as well.
  5. Personally would love to see us activate the feature found on most phones these days and hold them up, maybe even on 61 minutes ( or both haha! ) as the tarriers have to count their wartime titles to be anywhere near us. Why shouldn"t we? Reasons for doing this ? a) Liewell"s obsession for an EBT review b) Wind up taigs c) But mainly because we are keeping our titles and that is an end to it 4 lads had a dream
  6. M1 incidents - Rangers supporters bus crash

    Nice one EB loyal
  7. Passed two supporters buses on the M1 North en route home last night, One involved with several other cars. A mini was an absolute write off. Smaller Rangers bus with a bad tyre blow out a few miles further up. Hope all involved well with no injuries.
  8. Am not surprised plod wants to limit the numbers. As I understand it we are getting whole of North Stand. Brilliant trouble free atmosphere, praised by plod in 2013
  9. As per the post. Loads of Bears wishing to go but missed out yesterday. Anyone 'connected' know if we are likely to get more?
  10. Friendly v Sheff Wed 30th July at Hillsborough?

    Confirmed yet? Not on Rangers website. I still have my Le Harve booking to use!
  11. Hello mate, have you still got ticket?

  12. Mr King are you hurting yet

    I think we are far from going out of business. On what basis can you say that. ST money and commercial revenue sustains the club. Ashley would never take us anywhere near our ambitions. He would be primarily be interested in promoting sports direct. Been to St James many times see Chelsea. Its an advert for his rotten zero hours business. Treats his employees like shit, fact. I know one. Wouldn't want that type of person anywhere near our boardroom don't care how much money he has. He wouldn't spend 5 million of it without wanting our badge, car park, naming rights to Ibrox etc etc. Remember?
  13. Mr King are you hurting yet

    With respect to a fellow Bear, Ashley no fuckin way. Has no interest in leading a successful football club. One of the richest men in Europe and has got Newcastle relegated at least once. He only loans them money. Last count, Newcastle owes him £140m. I'd take Trump before that scumbag
  14. 100% right mate. Standard practice when getting a new contract. Players only sign 3 or 4 during their career so they want to be happy with it. Here"s a thought. Why isn"t he playing right wing where a right footed players crosses might be more effective? 90% of his left footed crosses find nobody. Vladimir Weiss played right wing on his debut at Fester Road and was electrifying. Then we play him left wing rest of his time at Ibrox. Frustrating!
  15. Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    The way the fans have backed the club AGAIN this season has been amazing. Pity we weren"t treated with the respect we deserve this evening