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  1. When Halliday comes back

    Can we have a bit of respect for a fellow Bear, rather than just call him pish, shite etc. He pissed on Scott Brown all day long in our victory at Hampden. Struth tried to set standards for the club. For me, that means staff, players and supporters. If the name callers were in the District and AH walked in they'd be queuing up for autographs and photos.
  2. Junkies vs Rangers

    Nicely ensconced in Middletons with my 2nd strongbow. Stokes broken leg, Lennon broken jaw, and last minute winner from McCrorie will do me
  3. Junkies vs Rangers

    Play Murty centre mid! Hope the players are well UP for this after being cheated by Beaton
  4. Club Statement

    I believe it is usually him who does these web statements. for something of this importance I believe the board should agree on a more dignified and measured statement and not leave it to some so called PR guru
  5. Club Statement

    Whoever composed and ok"d paragraph 4 should be fired from the club tonight
  6. Herrera

    I don't believe the board have sanctioned those wages
  7. Rangers In Name Only

    The 85-86 team that finished 5th, didn't have great quality but had plenty more fight than the current squad. That is surely one of the first requirements when you pull on the jersey. Battle for 90 minutes. Sadly lacking with a lot of our players.
  8. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Seems very random the cccs this season. Have had Partick Hearts and St Johnstone and semi final. No idea about Sheep HIVS or taigs. Time for a loyalty points system like Chelsea. Example being I got a Falkirk cup final ticket in 2009. Have had a st since 93-94. The chap behind me had his since 1979 and didn't get one because he wasn't on cccs. He should have got a cup final ticket before me.
  9. So in summary, we lose a Rangers fan to injury in the first half, Holt scores, dropped for Sunday after playing in our 'best performance' then an ex Rangers European finalist gets the guy who played instead of Holt on Sunday sent off for the 3rd time in 3 months, then an ex Ranger, whose Dad is a tarrier goes up the park and scores injury time equaliser. I think Pedro nailed Brian to the cross. Always look on the bright side. The pub serves beer from 9am Saturday. Past angry loyal
  10. Pedros Four Pillars comment

    Fair points well made
  11. I don't hate Pedro at at all. He is passionate and committed. So are all Rangers fans.. Pedro doesn't have the ability to be a Championship winning Rangers manager, I hate to say
  12. Golac got lucky with one cup cause our squad was still pissed from title celebrations! Sergio won one cup Jansen got out after one season cause he knew Rangers were going to humiliate them in 98-99. No medium to long term success from any but Dick. 5 trophies I think. Albeit with significant funds.
  13. Over a period of 2 years or more?? I can only think of the wee general who got us the treble in his first season Even he split/lost the dressing room before Big Eck came in. Point being, the Pedro experiment has sadly failed and we need a British and more likely a Scottish manager who understands the mentality of Scottish players, Scottish football and can organise the team into a unit and build confidence. I don't believe a Foreign manager can work long term or even medium term.
  14. Linfield fans not happy

    Went to the game. Embarrassing article full of lies.
  15. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    To answer your question. Name comes from a late relative who came to Scotland to fight in World War II after fleeing his country. Searching social media pages?? Too much time on your hands I'd say. Really got to hand it to the internet fuckwits in this thread ( a minority ) who reckon I am a gay beast who should kill himself for suggesting something so outrageously offensive. Have a word with yourselves. Why are you so angry with life? No Bears I know act like this. Must be tarriers then?. Next time the fuckwits wear anything with a Rangers badge on it, have a look in the mirror and ask yourselves, am I worthy of representing our badge? Thankfully in 35 years of enjoying my visits to Ibrox I have found 99.99% of us Bears to be top class. The internet fuckwits are keyboard hardmen who would run a mile on December 13. No question. Back to Bombers autobiography for me now, relaxing reading before bed rather than waste too much time internet arguing with so called 'fans' I'll never meet. Who would want to?