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  1. hampden86

    Neale Cooper

    RIP Neale
  2. hampden86

    Half and half shirts?

    This is an obvious piss take
  3. hampden86

    BBC Article

    Let"s just see if the Fuckin BBC report the Torbett trial as the main story on their scum website. Media bias by a mainly Catholic organisation against Rangers. Where was the reprting of the IRA songs sung on Sunday. Fuckin raging.
  4. hampden86

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    According to the Record Hamburg beat Werder Bremen last weekend. Wouldn't my arse wi the rag
  5. hampden86

    **Official Phantoms v Killie Match Thread**

    Looking forward to going to the game. Always look forward to going to Ibrox. First proper season going to Ibrox without an adult for me was 1985-86 when we scraped 5th. Loved every minute. Love Rangers. The amount of negativity on this thread is sad. Some people just love to turn up to home games for a moan. Do the whingers honestly think the groaning, howling at a mistake spurs the players onto victory? Too many chips on shoulders. 1986 22 thousand v HIVS, 29 thousand v Sheep. Great atmospheres, no Victor Meldrew loyal back then. Mon the Teddy Bears.
  6. hampden86

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

    Pacific Shelf 902 bumboys fc or whatever. They know their real identity
  7. hampden86

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/11353689/brendan-rodgers-graeme-murty-thrown-to-the-garbage Evening times and other outlets reporting this. Sorry, but no fuckin way am I or we should be having that. Hope the cunt walks in front of a garbage truck. Am struggling to think of a more disrespectful thing aimed at Rangers by a celtic manager, and I"ve got a good few miles on the clock.
  8. hampden86

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

    If he"s said we have thrown Murty to the garbage, he"s crossed a fuckin line there. No way should he be getting away wi that. Cunt.
  9. hampden86

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

    Who the fuck is he to comment on our club in that way?
  10. Radio Scotland at 630. "Even Brendan Rogers has had his say on Gerrard" then all you hear is this Irish accent saying "He"s been thrown to the garbage". Sounded actually like someone impersonating the tranny shagger, but what the actual fuck??? Anyone else hear this?
  11. Excellent post, I always think great teams have a few players that made it through the ranks. Where is Barjonas right now?
  12. hampden86

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Hate to see Bears having a go at each other. No need. Anyways, am sure we all agree the number 1 quality required is experience winning as a manager at a high level. Also man management as important as coaching at our club. A successful player does not make a good manager. Take Bobby Charlton, McCoist, John Barnes, Alan Shearer, Gary Neville as some examples. Bring back Walter for 2 years. He would command that dressing room and you're dam sure he knows how to win titles.
  13. hampden86

    Still No Statement??

    The Traynor statement after McInnes debacle made us a laughing stock. Fuck statements Action required
  14. hampden86

    Russell Martin

    Sendersos. ! Easy fella
  15. hampden86

    Kenny Millers Wife

    Bimbo, still worth a poke though