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    Just think...

    Another 1-0 at the weekend please. 3 points on the board every league fixture is all we need.
  2. Love the wee man. What a player. Hope he never leaves us 🙁 Only consolation would be £££££ and he fires us to the League and Scottish Cup double.
  3. Nobody in their right mind would. Its a broken system, and in this day in age is joke shop stuff when it comes to match coverage. Always seems to be the same issue.
  4. Make that 3-0. Well beaten by Rapid, we never looked like scoring and they seemed far more comfortable with the environment.
  5. Every man played their part today. All of them were brilliant.
  6. JM1872


    Played well today. Could have shown more composure when Morelos played him in but nevertheless, played his part today!
  7. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-Rangers-vs-kilmarnock-live-streaming
  8. 3 points tomorrow and then focus, but we can’t afford to lose. Simple as that.
  9. Watching from Carragher’s bar in New York. Play up the Gers!
  10. JM1872


    Tav had a good game. Any other game Morelos would have scored the pen. Nothing was going past Forster today. That much was clear.
  11. JM1872


    Nothing was going past that big cunt of a goalie today. Didn’t matter who hit what. It wasn’t to be.
  12. Utter pish man, can’t be fucked with this shit anymore
  13. We have had about 900 chances, on another one of them goes in and its a totally different game.
  14. JM1872


    Defence needs sorted but Sunday isn’t the game to do it unfortunately. Hopefully Barisic is back in. We need to be on top of them from 00:00 until 93:00 without any let up. We need to be on them every time they get the ball, we can’t let them do they we let them in August or whenever it was. We need to get the ball and get forward, do what WE are good at and not let them do what they do. Massive 90 minutes. Come on to fuck Rangers.
  15. JM1872


    Not his fault tonight, far from it. Gerrard to blame.
  16. Fucking pish. It was like somebody switched the light off after 2nd goal. Complete capitulation and its unacceptable. We couldn’t play 2 yard passes, we could get close to their goal, the defence were a fucking bombscare and the worst of it all the management didn’t even attempt to change it from the status quo.
  17. Nothing will beat when he absolutely fucked the half-time teaser a few months back by guessing the answer within 60 seconds and then saying he once had a absolute barmy with Ian Wright one time😂 Hero to zero in the blink of an eye
  18. Been so impressed with him. Some player.
  19. Both were world class. Different school.
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