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  1. Deserved the win. Sheep were shite. We created fuck all, but Kent did what mattered. Play up yon boys in blue.
  2. Never meant to create the goal but still tried to make things happen.
  3. JM1872

    Leon Balogun

    Back 5, albeit hardly tested, were as solid as can be. In fact, 35 minutes in before I actually remembered it was Balogun’s debut. Looked like he’d played for us for years. Very composed on the ball, looks to have decent pace and is a good height.
  4. Positives: Solid defensively, never gave much away, 3 points on the board, can see potential in the XI, Balogun probably as composed as he could be on his debut, Hagi & Kent could really push on this season Negatives: we created pretty much nothing in the first 75 minutes, reverted to type v the low block & passing became sloppy in the 2nd 45 Delighted to be down the road with 3 points mind you.
  5. Good start, but no real clear cut chances created other than Kent’s. Will take the same again in the second half and get back down the road with 3 points to start the season
  6. Cause Murphy aside who wasn’t here none of them done it last season. I’ll maybe grant you Barker who has done well in pre-season.
  7. Oaft, didn’t see Balogun being thrown in so soon. Shame for big George, he’ll never develop if he’s chucked out the team like that. He’s probably back to 4th choice now with Helander nearing fitness. Also, agree with the point about the bench. Nobody coming off that to influence the game.
  8. Might be from the 6th for the training gear mate? Or whenever the Bayer game/Megastore opens? My mates the same. Tbf all of the training stuff looks smart so might get something myself. Anyway, it’ll all be available when its available the club will get the money all the same.
  9. Annoyingly, the team picks itself today. We still need 2/3 strong additions to the starting XI which will make the bench stronger too. Get out the traps quick and smash them Rangers. Think it will be tough but think 2-0 to the good guys. McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Edmondson, Barisic; Jack, Kamara, Aribo; Kent, Hagi, Morelos. Goals: Morelos & Hagi
  10. Whether its today or a week today I don’t care, at least we can now get tops with the clubs seeing the benefit. What difference does it make whether its today or not? Ok, might have been told today, but makes zero difference to anybody’s life other than giving something else to moan about. Play up the boys in blue today, feeling optimistic
  11. As many have said here, will need to be racking up 87-90+ points over the 38 games. Sadly I’m just not convinced we have it in us especially against the low block 34 out of 38 games.
  12. Hope we’re looking at £20m+, especially in today’s market.
  13. Greg Stewart must really no be fancied by Gerrard. Superb heeder Goldson!
  14. I thought I saw him in training pics today, though not sure how up to date they were
  15. I couldn’t quite find the words to explain it mate but you did, fair play!
  16. Can I have 9, 16 & 33 please? Can you PM me details for bank transfer also please @Zetland Thanks
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