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  1. If we bid I'm pretty sure united would accept, then it would make goodwillie have to choose.
  2. We take years to do anything. There's no reason why we canny bid right now!
  3. Ah well losing out to Blackburn cos we love fannying about
  4. I swear if we lose out on goodwillie to Celtic it will be too much to bear.
  5. What are we waiting on? If someone like blackpool or Blackburn sign goodwillie it will be an absolute joke. Weeks of us fannying about to then miss out on him. I don't understand how we can pay 1.5 million for Wallace yet can't pay 2 million for goodwillie!
  6. Embarrassing how we are dealing in the Market. We will be ready whyte said!!! ARE WE FUCK! Learned our lesson after Kaunas? DID WE FUK!
  7. Don't want us spending over 3 million on a 28 year old
  8. So we have only made one bid and that was weeks ago, what are we doing? Honestly? Is there a reason why we are not buying him? We are fannying about putting in totally pointless bids! Asking how much teams want then putting in bids worth nowhere near that, why? We are not gonna get these players on the cheap when there's no reason to sell!
  9. Pretty shocking that we haven't bid again for him, we obviously think we have the squad to win this league. We don't.
  10. If we get this done ASAP he can start against st johnstone!
  11. They've just used the same inteviee of Houston. Goodwillie doesn't wanna go to rangers?? Fuk off
  12. I don't give a shit who comes in for him! I want him to sign for rangers!!
  13. Wonder when we will put in another daft offer! I'm struggling to understand what we are playing at here, we were told 4 million so we bid 2.5 million? Do we honestly think that is gonna work? It's deluded. Embarrassing. Wasting so much time with shitty offers that have no chance of being accepted. I cany understand it!
  14. FFs why do people think that because other teams aren't bidding 2million that we shouldn't? They've rejected other bids no bother, they want 2 fuckin million now get a fuckin grip!
  15. Well the guy says rangers know what their valuation is so why are we pursuing a guy valued at 4 million!?? Waste of fucking time from us as usual
  16. Never seen it mate sorry, I certainly hope so. This is a guy that IMO we need. I just hope we can afford his wages, surely we would have an idea of that tho before bidding a few times for him.
  17. I'm glad we have bid for these players but I'm a little worried about our lack of a central midfield target. I fear that McCoist actually thinks we have adequate personnel there with edu and mcculloch
  18. Happy we have met their evaluation for juhasz and I think we might have to go up to the 2million mark for verhoek.
  19. In my career? Lol aye mate not much to be positive about at the moment is there?
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