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  1. Surely they go to the next shops cameras and so on to get a general idea of the direction he headed. Fucking mind boggling how people can go missing in this day and age let alone be caught once in just over a week on a camera.
  2. 😂😂 cunts moan at anything. The guy runs a business and wants to make as much as he can like everybody else. This time about a year ago we couldnt get tops or training gear and most people were running about in mehmets fake shite, if this was on the go back then it would have been queued down the street.
  3. Had a wee read on there last night myself. Couple of their fans calling us Rangers2012 before brand new accounts like “Souness” appeared and set the record straight 😂😂.
  4. One of the funniest guys I’ve ever met his old man. Staunch as they come
  5. Mines has been taken mate it shouldn’t be long, I wouldn’t worry. My car insurance & phone bill comes off a minute after midnight and the bold Rangers are leaving everybody thinking there’s been a problem 🤣
  6. Fuck all taken from me yet either but I think last months were taken at random times over the day.
  7. So your battery dies and then what? Round the Loudon ?
  8. Seems to talk quite a bit of shite when mcavennie is there but if he’s on with some other fucker you get a bit more common sense out the cunt.
  9. Marton fabrication in Motherwell do them mate ‭01698 265541‬
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/Rangers-hubris-still-going-hand-14993107.amp Historically, Hubris was defined as “a personality quality of extreme or foolish pride, or dangerous overconfidence, often in combination with (or synonymous with) arrogance”. In recent years, however, it’s been replaced with a series of sketches. The first sees Sir David Murray with a speech bubble containing words like “fiver” and “tenner”. It then moves on to an image of a tall Norwegian man holding aloft a shirt with “FLO 22” on the back. These illustrations are all rendered in bright, vibrant colours. The palette grows gradually darker as a further 500 drawings reveal, among other things, the captain of the USA national team retrieving a ball from a hedge in Brechin, Charles Green reciting an unsettling Christmas message and an obscure trophy with the word “Petrofac” written on it. You would think Rangers might be a bit more wary of the whole hubris thing by now. Perhaps they might even have learned a lesson of some kind. If you think that you’ve not been paying attention to Rangers in the 21st century. In 2014 when Rangers began their first season in the Championship there was an assumption that in a year’s time they would be playing Premiership football. Within 90 minutes, however, they had been beaten by Hearts. Within three months they had drawn twice with Alloa. Within 10 months the Bilel Mohsni Experience played its iconic Fir Park set. Within a year they were kicking off their second season in the Championship. When they returned to the Premiership in 2016 the talk was of "going for 55". The assumption being the title could be won by a squad featuring Joey Barton and Philippe Senderos. Surely now, as Rangers near the end of their third successive top-flight season without mounting a title challenge, they would consider approaching the 2019-20 campaign with a touch more humility. If that’s the plan, no one told Dave King. While confirming a five per cent increase in the cost of season tickets earlier this month, the Rangers chairman declared his club to be “within tangible reach of becoming the dominant force in Scottish football again”. In much the same way as Graeme Souness is within tangible reach of an invite to Paul Pogba’s Whatsapp group. Kit manufacturer Hummel didn’t get the memo either. Their video launching next season’s Rangers kits was as cringeworthy as it gets. Ludicrously bombastic score that would have the makers of Game of Thrones saying, ‘Take it down a notch lads?’ Check. Very Serious Voice quoting lines from a Rangers song? Check. Scott Arfield looking down then lifting his head to stare solemnly into the camera with all the gravitas of Screech from Saved by the Bell? Check. Hummel said: “The 19-20 @RangersFC home kit by Hummel is dedicated to the followers of Rangers FC who are more loyal and passionate than most. That’s why we have integrated a line from the popular Rangers FC fan song ‘Follow Follow’ as a part of the jersey design. I know what you’re wondering. I wondered it too. It turns out the line they’ve chosen to integrate is “We will follow Rangers”. I guess whoever suggested the line from “Follow Follow” about the Pope and the Vatican got shouted down in the Hummel office. Either that or there was some kind of copyright issue. This is just one of many questions that arise during the video’s 72 seconds. Another is “What level of irony is the narrator operating on when he says ‘celtic know ALL about their troubles’ in reference to the club who are set to comfortably win their eighth league title in a row?”. They rounded things off with the hashtag “#sharethegame”, a classic example of the sports advertising trope wherein some words are chucked together that suggest drama, dynamism and teamwork but actually mean the square root of f*** all.
  11. @CoatbridgeBear this guys got the good stuff
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