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  1. How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    horse drawn narrow boat.
  2. Martin Bain

  3. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    People are forgetting he already knows he won’t play for us again, so that’s not a punishment. He couldn’t give a fuck. Back to Pedro’s ways and have him in at 5.30am for minimum required time then back in the evening for the same. Training on his own not with the youths. His dads the youth manager across the road so he’d only undermine the youths. If watching your rivals isn’t a sackable offence then we’re fucked. Surely if you break the club rules they can fire you regardless of employment law.
  4. Kyle Bartley (Swansea)

    I’d hang on to Bruno for this exact reason, only thing that would make me doubt it is his wage.
  5. Vaporized

    😂 didn’t even notice that I’m getting used to my new phone haha.
  6. Rangers Pools

    Your not really. Your gambling, with profits going to house maintainance. You don’t put your coupon on then ask William hill why your paying for his renovation when the shop gets done up.
  7. Vaporized

    How? Money’s money who gives a fuck. If it was the manliest doing it and we never there would be people moaning that it’s another sign the board are pish. If a company wants to of us to put our badge on their oil then let them.
  8. Still won a medal in Seville wee Nuno fuck the rebels
  9. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Play then reserves then or a couple of "orange days" that's boost the coffers and steal the headlines.
  10. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    So what does this mean for people like me who only know actual football stuff ? The lot of this administration, application, appeal, share issue , big tax, wee tax. I've never understood a single fucking bit of it. What will this mean for us should they carry it through and what's the "punishment" for such a thing.
  11. Marco Negri

    What actually happened with him, his eye and Sergio porrini. I was 9 year old back then and have never heard the score with this story 😂
  12. All the fouls from Yesterday

    Steven Whittakers blatant handball in the box went in noticed as well 😂 The decisions this year have been comical. No fucksr at the club will challenge it so until that day we're going to have to expect these mad tackles and snide tactics from referees. Fenien bastards
  13. Players not caring.

    He drives taxis now so that worked out for him 😂
  14. That Scott Allan Tackle

    That wee rossiter looks like a cracking wee player if we can keep him fit and injury free. Pity the Scottish mentality is to crunch a player like that and try to end his career to be seen as some sort of hero amoung the likes of hibs and Motherwell fans for the rest of their days. Fucking cunts. Hope getrards first signing is a hard man that commands respect from his own team and the opposition. Sick to death of getting booted off the park and having no body to give some back. Shower of shitebags.
  15. Dallas

    It's not one bit unbelievable at all now.