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  1. Sun scum

    😂 its headline stuff mate. Type Rangers into google and It will give you this shite before it tells you about lol any recent signings. You don't have to go looking for it.
  2. A bit of realism

    I thought he was shite in the championship to be fair. A lot of his goals were penalties or quite lucky. He's well worth this 6 month loan punt anyway.
  3. A bit of realism

    Not much if a difference when it's 10 behind the ball against us. He's a player to get exited about playing for us I think.
  4. A bit of realism

    Did he not score a couple in a relegation play off against Hamilton accies a few year ago.
  5. A bit of realism

    Aye he has
  6. Brown.

    He's in no way whatsoever like Ronaldo. He's similar to the Brazilian Ronaldo in that he's about 60 stone but that's where the Ronaldo comparisons end.
  7. Halliday

    Imagine the feeling signing for the club you love then scoring a few goals to help them back to the top flight only for your own kind to turn on you like that. Might not have the ability of a world class player but he's Rangers daft and that counts for a lot more in my book than the likes of niko and mo fucking h. It's time we all started sticking together. He hates the pope and the ira. Andy Halliday.
  8. How are the Taig fans seen as angels by our media

    Thats not how you stay in a press job up here. If your no publicly sticking a fucking fly boot in at Rangers no fucker wants to know.
  9. El Buffalo

    How is the top goal scorer in the league taking this kind of shite especially from his own kind? This time last year the leagues top scorer was being linked with Borrusia Dortmund and Man City's etc if the stories are to be believed. Do people forget he's only 21 and nowhere near the finished article. Fuck the pope
  10. Morelos Nutmeg on the Beast

    Could watch this all night 😂😂😂. Shame we haven't got somebody to take a good fucking kick at that cunt.
  11. There is a team there

    Hence the January window being massive for us. Three or four good quality players and what we'd have a good squad to go and fight for this title.
  12. Know what

    This feeling if disappointment at not getting the win today only shows up the need to go out in January and find some quality help up there for wee Alfredo. More often than not this season we are dominating teams for big spells and doing fuckall with the chances. This job isn't as hard as it's made out.
  13. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Think Morelos is always trying to get the shot off quickly. If he takes his time he scores 30+ goals a season. He's only 21 he's still learning but he's going to be some player if we can put good players round about him.
  14. Absent friends

    Thoughts are with you and your family. Rest in peace. 🌹
  15. Surely to fuck Glasgow Rangers is an excellent investment opportunity for one of these rich beyond belief guys who buy the likes of Brighton and give Albion. We're bigger than most clubs in England but can't seem to attract one of these billionaires. Our league might be utter pish but dominating it and having a good crack at Europe has to make more sense than buying Leeds Utd or Salford city.