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  1. Wes Foderingham

    @coatbridge bear 😂
  2. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    I should have read it all 😂
  3. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    Why? I'm sure he would jump at that, is he not a Rangers man?
  4. NI v Switzerland

    Homeworks for poofs
  5. NI v Switzerland

    😂😂. Still shite but
  6. NI v Switzerland

    Fuck really? Real Madrid job now then. Pedro didn't do great at that did he but he's still better than than the O'Neill fella. Don't try and tell me any fenian bastard on this earth is for enough to be our manager. Crack on and talk shite but Mick O'Neill is a shite manager and not Rangers standards. We've fell some fucking distance if you's arse lickers think he's good enough.
  7. NI v Switzerland

    Aye like this O'Neill cunt
  8. NI v Switzerland

    Obtuse 😂. Winning the Irish league is no achievement, Pedro has in fact won by more in n his career than this O'Neill chump. Didn't say mcinnes wouldn't be a gamble but Rangers don't need these lower league managers, who have spent their careers in worse leagues than ours. Thank fuck you don't do the hiring of managers.
  9. NI v Switzerland

    Fair point he's well more qualified than Pedro eh. Ex shamrock rovers and Brechin manager. Sign him up.
  10. NI v Switzerland

    Aye less than caixinha done, time for gambling is over. Ya lump a wood.
  11. NI v Switzerland

    That's it then, he's the man. Is that our aim now, anybody who can take a part time team and win a part time league with European access.
  12. Were we right to sell McKay?

    Warburtons tactics work down there where you can play a bit of football. No big hatchet bastards, teams trying to play you instead of you trying to break 11 men down. Forest aren't doing too bad at all.
  13. 😂😂. It doesn't offend me mate.I was just pointing out that slagging people's disabilities is nothing new to these cunts.
  14. Players out on loan

    The cunt doesn't want to kick a ball for us. He's happy enough just taking a wage. He's a rebel bastard and that's not to be forgotten.
  15. This isn't a new thing anyway. They took the cunt out of David Murray for having no legs, and Dave Kings eye ball alignment. They just keep showing their class time and time again. Scummy bastards.