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  1. broomloanjamie

    Anyone not quite seeing it with barasic

    Our fans are cringey as fuck at times
  2. broomloanjamie

    Did anybody else see this?

    Beat a man with a back heal to set Alfredo up after chasing and catching his own clearance.
  3. broomloanjamie

    Neds scratching cars

    Aye they still do that 😂. Had to use their “services” at the Spartak game. There was no set price so I gave her £3 and she headed for the shop before we even got out the car 😂
  4. broomloanjamie

    Morelos - How it happened

    Was in the record the day. Probs couldn’t find any sandcastle demolition jobs or ruined 80th’s to report on.
  5. broomloanjamie

    Make Us Dream

  6. broomloanjamie

    Make Us Dream

    I’ve managed to get two for tomorrow night at the showcase cinema in Coatbridg, there were plenty seats left. Hoping it turns into a sash bash for 10 mins after the end credits.
  7. broomloanjamie

    Missed ST payments

    It wouldn’t be full price if he’s already paid half. You’d be getting more games out of this if you took it just now than waiting till the half season tickets go on sale.
  8. broomloanjamie

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Just shown himself up for the absolute tit that he is. The whole “warbs” thing stinks as well. I’d never heard our players call the manager by name. Diddy club attitude and will never get to the height he was at with us again. Good riddance useless bastard.
  9. broomloanjamie

    Motherwell Highlights

    @CoatbridgeBear ?
  10. broomloanjamie

    The League

    If this is where he’s got us to with 6 months in charge I can’t wait to see ya this time next years. If we go out we can’t have any complaints, and the European games is taking its toll on our wee squad already.
  11. broomloanjamie

    Our crowds early 80's

    What’s the building where the old flats used to be mate? Cool pictures
  12. broomloanjamie

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Bargain at 1.5. I’d pay that for his left leg alone
  13. broomloanjamie

    Lassana Coulibaly

    The old guy who sits next to me keeps banging on about Angers wanting 6 million for him. Every week he’s saying it. Don’t know where he heard it but it seems a bit high for somebody they just loaned out.
  14. broomloanjamie

    Steven Naismith

    He was the fan living the dream and came out and done that press conference. The ring leader. All the newco sevco I don’t owe them fuck all stuff. Fuck him and his glass knees. It’s a fucking shame arfeild didn’t land that two footer on the cunt.