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  1. broomloanjamie

    Robbie Savage

    Spit mutton 😷. That’s the fucking worst thing I’ve ever heard.
  2. broomloanjamie

    Strange shirt last night

    What do you mean get a grip? He’s not the only one wondering why it was. If we won 6-0 last night I’d still want to know what the deal with the strips was.
  3. broomloanjamie

    JJ Away to Morton

    Why is it this annoys you 😂
  4. broomloanjamie

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    So this will be why Wallace was left out the European squad then. Fucking shameful way to treat the guy in the same season we sign McGregor and Lafferty
  5. broomloanjamie

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Flanagan for tav would be a start
  6. broomloanjamie

    Harry Forrester

    The tweet I read said he was loaned to that mobs rivals 😂.
  7. broomloanjamie

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Hesgoal.com mate
  8. All our games are on it. It’s better than they two English cunts on YouTube talking shite over the game.
  9. what happened to good old fashioned honesty, sportsmanship and fucking class. It just shows these riddy teams up for what they really are. Let’s play football ya shower of Shitebags. I find it fucking crazy that if you kick or elbow somebody then you can be sent off for reacting to it but the initial wind up walks free.
  10. broomloanjamie

    Extra Motivation

    Eye teeth
  11. broomloanjamie

    *** The Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    They were saying before he game started they had other officials in the “truck” to help with decisions
  12. broomloanjamie

    Stevie g's tie

    She’s probably got a boaby
  13. broomloanjamie


    I’m 20 times the player of hodson
  14. broomloanjamie

    Nacho putting beast in his place

    Should’ve took the teeth out him at the first mention of it, wouldn’t have happened a second time.