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  1. 49 shite ones if Lewis holtby comes 🤣
  2. We don’t have time to wait on guys getting up to scratch mate. We need guys at their best just now and it’s looking like Halliday is the best in that position.
  3. £10 charity shop lawn mower. £5 of petrol and a couple of reserves to take shots cutting the grass. Must cost more replacing rubber pellets and paying a team of guys to spread them. No idea how something that grows out the ground is more expensive to have than big hand made plastic carpet.
  4. Need that motor valeted buddy? 🤣
  5. Naw I didn’t 😂. I said he’d scored the previous 13 before his miss, what did he do after his miss? Aw aye he nearly missed 😂 dick
  6. Almost isn’t good enough. He scored his last and he’s the main penalty taker why would we randomly change? I know you like a good bit of drama but changing your main penalty kick taker is madness. Throbber
  7. How can you say that when he’s buried the previous 13 or whatever it was. Whopper
  8. Did they not loan him back to they fuckers as well?
  9. The cunt cifti was Dundee Utd but I understand you point all the same.
  10. You can’t do anything about a slip Fucksake. He was solid and it should show Gerrard when Goldson is back he’s got his strongest centre backs.
  11. Surely there’s more than Findlay to take any cases, they be reliant on one man to take it all. I just can’t see how any right minded Rangers man could’ve stood by him in court weather it paid your mortgage or not. You’re right he’s represented far worse scummy fuckers but that doesn’t make it alright for him to take the whyte case on.
  12. Rangers men don’t represent Craig whyte in court against Rangers. I’m fully aware what he gets paid to do but he didn’t have to do that job, he could’ve been ill on that day, had a holiday booked, or just mentioned his old job at Rangers and that would’ve been that.
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