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  1. 6 minutes nae bother, wonder how many times we will get a luxury like that if we losing at home!
  2. Morelos took a sore one on the ankle on Thursday, might be bit of swelling
  3. Yeah Walker bending someone’s head back with your arm is totally acceptable haha greeting cunt!
  4. i pick and choose nowdays, mostly due to that experience i just had...i'm away to count the tiles on the roof to cheer myself up...sakes!
  5. i'd rather have watched other people playing chess!
  6. yeah next game i watch might be the final...fuckin yawn!
  7. fuck it...tunes on, ex coming for a pumpin, im sweet!
  8. these cunts are gonna try and crock him any chance they get!
  9. Well it might be ignored by the msm but if they do and actually if we have a dossier of there blatant bias they will end up in shit eventually, never ever thought I would see the day when a football club has to question the supposed impartial public funded through government main media outlet in Scotland...was i naive when I was younger? Did I miss stuff in the way things were reported? It’s been clear now for such a longtime, just pisses me off it’s not taken so long to finally address it....but when only one side gets printed it’s gonna take a while!
  10. https://canlimacevi.com/Rangers-vs-kilmarnock/?fbclid=IwAR3RC2hM8qvuBc8fQxFHIKDqqs25-iMr0mcQsD3SYxOGhSF4A7rbmP0CRZA
  11. he won't get a run in the team with defoe here but whether you like him or not he can score, also good at winding up opponents, Morelos should take note
  12. Alendrin


    Well now just need a number 10 to supply the type of ball he needs!
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