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  1. Maurice Ross? Or have I made up a memory that does not exist, tbf I can’t remember anything else so I’m at least half certain.
  2. Is it still acceptable for a bird to spit on your cock though? 🤔
  3. stream has went to fuck, maybe no a bad thing, fuckin hell
  4. 6 minutes nae bother, wonder how many times we will get a luxury like that if we losing at home!
  5. Morelos took a sore one on the ankle on Thursday, might be bit of swelling
  6. Yeah Walker bending someone’s head back with your arm is totally acceptable haha greeting cunt!
  7. i pick and choose nowdays, mostly due to that experience i just had...i'm away to count the tiles on the roof to cheer myself up...sakes!
  8. i'd rather have watched other people playing chess!
  9. yeah next game i watch might be the final...fuckin yawn!
  10. fuck it...tunes on, ex coming for a pumpin, im sweet!
  11. these cunts are gonna try and crock him any chance they get!
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