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  1. watch new rules getting made up, brown envelopes
  2. pretty sure the dude will have something to say about his beloved celtic, and his source...haha fuck me, i have actually opened the back door, launched the big lebowski, he is so uttermost the opposite of that character!
  3. Yeah the scottish raping bbc pioneers are on this site, just scrolled through the Lennon thing....hahaha Despicable bastards every last one of yous
  4. So you're no longer allowed an opinion piece? Hahaha that's all the Scottish poor excuse for journalism has been for years, obsessed fans with agendas! Get a set of balls ya knob and write a piece that defends our position....or is it what I suspect that your uncle and da is still playing with them?
  5. Look at that, mostly well all negative stories, why don't you use your voice and fight for us or have you been told not? As a fan you should be reporting on how handing the title to celtic is abhorrent, not sitting on here shouting everyone down, no wonder people are thinking you're a fake!
  6. Honestly I've read this thread for the past couple of days, seems like weeks, you don't appear in the least bit disappointed if the title was handed to celtic, infact you are almost pushing that outcome on here, you have said in the past that you are not privy to inside information but wow you have the full inside info on this, how the fuck would a bit part scrambling journalist get his hands on this information?
  7. cause i think deep down, we lost hope but at the same time bigger turnarounds have happened in sport so they should not get it, already had brown, lennon greeting but not one journalist seeing it from the other perspective...what a surprise eh!
  8. I don't have a problem with them being handed the title but thats not the point, if the game was actually played this weekend and we won it, there would have been hope! they can get to fuck, how many tainted titles do they actually want? cause i tell you right now if we were their position NO fuckin way would they let us take it and yer usual media lapdog cunts would be telling you how unfair it was...FUCK THEM, deserve fuck all
  9. Alendrin


    hes been shaggin about and found out, home life = miserable and translatin on the pitch
  10. 2 Aberdeen fans in pub toilet in Pitlochry, discussing game, not even the slightest bit annoyed, they played well apparently and were happy with that, says it all really!
  11. Who the fuck let ajer run past him? Shambles, plus the left back getting dragged inside with no awareness, woeful but expected sadly
  12. its never gonna happen, even though they are now hurting, clearly hahahaha
  13. just spoke with a celtic man, is the msm starting to run this story? you can sweep child abuse under a carpet, but you can't hide the greatest fans in the worlds feelings,
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