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  1. i assume the first 2 out of the draw would be playing on saturday?
  2. Alendrin


    The way candeias took the ball and then fired passed the player...no one was keeping up with that, knew he couldn't have been offside!
  3. Alendrin

    Scouts in Africa

    Aids Mcgeady
  4. Alendrin

    Morelos called up to the Colombia squad

    least he wasn't offside 🙄
  5. Alendrin

    On this day, in 2006 we signed Sasa Papac

    Sorry Sasa
  6. Alendrin

    On this day, in 2006 we signed Sasa Papac

    The croation stuart munro
  7. Alendrin

    Apt Songs

    yeah hit your bed, that the people of this country fought and died for to give your opinion...sleep tight
  8. Alendrin

    Apt Songs

    you short sighted little man
  9. i just want them exposed for what they truly are!
  10. Alendrin

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Group D is defo the black sheepo the family!
  11. Alendrin

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Just back from work, unfortunately i'm able to check my phone basically whenever i like, can't remember the last time i was that fucking nervous didn't even realise flannagan had been sent off, i would have crumbled, must have been pain staking to watch! what a superb result, happiest i've been in a long time....weekend starts here for me, beers are cracked!!!
  12. Alendrin

    The Boxing News Thread

    cunt putting sponsorship t-shirt on....fuck this sport
  13. Alendrin

    The Boxing News Thread

    fucking yawn