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  1. its never gonna happen, even though they are now hurting, clearly hahahaha
  2. just spoke with a celtic man, is the msm starting to run this story? you can sweep child abuse under a carpet, but you can't hide the greatest fans in the worlds feelings,
  3. can someone please post a link to the abuse that morelos suffered walking off the pitch?
  4. not keen on VAR myself but we need it here, only for the point of we have an incredible amount of decisions going against us, which no one is answerable to, i know var has made a couple of mistakes but for the most part it gets it right, for our club to release a statement calling for it is all you really need to know, they can't keep claiming ref didn't have a clear view, game is too fast, for fucks sake a linesman missed 3 players in an offside position from a freekick?? thats his job, they wouldn't be able to hide it no more, even if they tried to
  5. suprised lennon didn't go down and roll around after the handshake...hahahaha, this is awesome, thank you Rangers and Mr Gerrard
  6. Haha yassss, didn't think a monday could get any better!
  7. omg, how are you allowed to work when you are clearly steaming? get to fuck ya jakey cunt
  8. he shouldn't get citied for anything, i think he was simply saying to the bench that he cut his own throat by diving like a throbber, doesn't know very good english 😋
  9. really looking forward to this, will they mention the aribo shirt tug, the two cunts that were already on a yellow getting to stay on the park when they should have been sent off, the clear red on morelos...naw probably not but ill enjoy their pain so so much
  10. It’s getting a tad scary now, simply because no matter how good a team you have, there will always be that day that it just doesn’t go in the net, I firmly believe and have done for a while that we have it harder, everyone wanted the Rangers scalp, now we are capable of winning against that mentality it might work for us, just gotta hope that the other teams in league can turn up against them
  11. Download Reddit app subscribe to r/gonewild sort by hot thank me later
  12. lol, almost forgot about game, thought check flashscores, score that popped into my head was 3 nil, wasn't far away, richard gough got stick for saying they only play 4 games a season, cowardly capitulating inbred fuckers!
  13. Maurice Ross? Or have I made up a memory that does not exist, tbf I can’t remember anything else so I’m at least half certain.
  14. Is it still acceptable for a bird to spit on your cock though? 🤔
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